The Continuing Saga of the Pirates of Dark Water: Part 1

by Angelamii

1 - 2

On a windy cold, wet morning Ren looked out of the stone lighthouse. He grew up in, and looked down at his friends; getting ready to set to leave to search for the remaining five "Treasures Of Rule;" and as he was watching his friends load up the boat, he thought about how long they had been together, especially Tula. Tula was the first woman he had ever gotten close to, "that is except for Jenna of course", said Ren to himself. Jenna, but she was like a mother to him, but Tula was almost the same age as him. But because of the Dark Dweller, who controlled the dark water; Ren wasnít able to do the things he wanted to do. Finding the lost treasures of Rule had taken up much of his time. He knew he was a prince, as well as the duties he was supposed to perform. He also knew that one day he would have to take over Octopon. But he was running out of time, because soon the whole planet would covered. And if he didnít find the last of the treasures, Octopon as well as all of Mer would be lost. Ren also suspected that the Dark Dweller was trying to prevent him from finding the other five treasures. He knew he had to be careful to, because the Dark Dweller could easily stop them. Ren knew this because of the last time, they had seen the Dark Dweller, he almost lost one of his crew; Tula. Even though he had gotten her back, it was getting to close for comfort.

"Ren?" When Ren didnít respond, Jenna gently touched his shoulder. "Ren!" she says to get his attention. He then turns around. "Yes, oh hi Jenna." "Ren are you alright? Is something wrong?" "Iím ok Jenna, I was just thinking, after we find the remaining five treasures of rule, I will have to take my rightful place on the throne, and become King of Octopon," said Ren. "Iíve been also thinking about the mission were have been on. Iíve been so busy looking for the "Treasures Of Rule", that I havenít even gotten to know my crew better. I know Ioz has a sister, and most of Niddlerís family is on Pandawa. But Tula is the only one I donít know," he sighs. " She has told me nothing of her past. When Jenna hears this s she smiles and says, "well you still have an hour or so before you leave, so why not find out now." "Youíre right Jenna, I think I will do that right now." Ren then goes down the staircase, to talk to his crew. He was halfway down the stairs, when he turns back to Jenna and says, "Jenna, you and Tula have become good friends?" "I suppose so," says Jenna. "Why do you ask?" "Does she ever talk about her family?" asks Ren. "Well, now that you mention it, she hasnít really talked at all about her family, all I have ever heard her talk about was Teron." "Teron hmm." Ren then scratches his chin. He had to find out more about her, because he was to ask her he would have to know more about her. When he finally reaches the boat, he sees Niddler waiting for him.

"Good Morning Niddler." "Ren good morning, Hah!" says Niddler, as he drops some fresh water into a barrel. " Ioz wants to see you, and watch out heís in a bad mood. Heís already yelled at Tula already." When Ren hears this he touches Niddlerís shoulder and says, "What happen Niddler?" Niddler looks up at Ren, and says, "All I know is Tula came out on the boat this morning, said hello to Ioz, and he yelled at her." He then goes and puts a lid on the barrel. After hearing this, Ren rubs his chin, and goes to find Ioz.

He finds Ioz raising the sail. "Ioz, whatís going on?" "Why did you yell at Tula?" Ioz doesnít even look up at him. He just continues as if Ren wasnít even there. "IOZ!" When Ren does this, Ioz then looks at him. "What! Oh itsí you." Ioz then rubs the leftside of his pants, and says, "What do you want." But before Ren could even say anything, Ioz says, "Donít start anything, Iím not in the mood for it. Tula did. And if you know whatís good for you, and help me get the Raf ready for sail!?" Renís stunned. "Fine Ioz, I wonít start with you, but I am still Captain of this ship, and I want to know, whatís going on with you and Tula!" Ioz then shrugs his shoulders, and says, "you really wanna know, ask her! She started it!" He then goes back to work.

"Al right I will." Ren then goes looking for Tula. When he find her, she is tying up one of the sails. She is concentrating so hard, that she doesnít even notice Ren coming up behind her. "Tula?" When she does not respond, he touches her shoulder, "Tula?" When he this, she jumps, turns around, and touches her heart. "Ren you startled me." "Tula you ok?" He then looks at her hands, theyíre shaking. "Tula whatís wrong?" "Iím fine really." Ren then takes one of her hands, and says, "no your not, look at your hands theyíre shaking." "No, Iím fine really." She then pulls her hands away from Ren, and turns around. "Did Ioz say something to you?" "Tula?" When Tula doesnít respond to him, Ren walks over and places his hands on Tulaís shoulders. "Tula weíre friends arenít we? You shouldnít be afraid to tell me something." She just shrugs her shoulders. Ren, I...oh I donít know anymore. I know Ioz has accepted me as a warrior, but sometimes I feel like Iím just you know.." She then turns and looks him. "Ren I just wish Ioz would." As she says this, she puts her head down. "Tula, I know itís been rough on you, but I want you to know I like you." He then pauses. "Tula I know we have been together on this boat for about a year now. I also know it can be quite stressful." He then lifts up Tulaís chin and says," Ioz may not care, but I do. I also donít like seeing you hurt like this." When he says this Tula suddenly looks up. "Ren what are you saying? Iím not sure if I understand." Ren then takes her hand and says, "I think its about time you and I had a long talk." Ren then turns to where Ioz is working and says, "Ioz, Tula and I are going to go for a walk. When we return weíll set sail. We shouldnít be to long." Ioz then turns and looks at Ren. "Uh...sure Ren." He then looks over and Tula, shrugs his shoulders and goes back to work. Ren then walks with Tula off the Raf.

After Ren and Tula leave the boat, Ioz calls Niddler. "Niddler do you know why Ren wanted to talk to Tula?" Niddler just shrugs his shoulders, and says, "sorry Ioz I have no idea." And then turns and walks away. But as he turns his back to Ioz he smiles. He has a pretty good idea, why Ren wanted to talk to Tula, but he wasnít going to tell Ioz that. Meanwhile, Tula and Ren are walking along the Lagoon of Octopon. "Tula you and I have known each other for about a year now. And we have become good friends havenít we." Tula smiles. "I believe so," says Tula. "Well I want us to be more then friends." When Ren says this, Tula stops. "Ren what are you trying to say?" "Tula what Iím saying is that I have become fond of you." "Ren I...uh." She then stops and looks down at the beach. "Ren I donít think thatís such a good idea. You really donít know me, and I donít think it would work between us. You need someone more, well Royal. And I donít think Iím it." Ren then places his arms on her shoulders, and says, "but I want to. I know you havenít told me everything. And whatever it is, it canít be that bad. Iím a good listener. "Ren you canít be serious." "Oh I am serious, Tula once we get the rest of the treasures, Iím taking my place on the throne, and I want you at my side." "Ren you canít mea.." She never gets to finish her sentence, because right at that moment, Ren kisses her.

He then steps back, takes her hand, and they walk over to a Puniceus Bush and sits down. He then turns around and plucks a rose from the bush and gives it to her, and says, "As I place this rose into your hand; I will place your heart into mine. So please, Tula tell me I want to know everything about you." "You may not like what you hear," says Tula. "You might even despise me after I tell you." She turns and begins to walk away. "Tula wait!" Ren catches up to her, turns her around. "Tula whatever you did or whatever happened to you, wonít change how I feel." He then takes the flower in her hand, and places it in her hair. "Please I want to know. You have nothing to be afraid of." She took a deep breath and began to tell her story.

When Teron disappeared, Andorus was starting to deteriorate. My father. He was a proud man." When Ren heard this he smiled, and said, "go on." She paused for a second. " I had one sister and one brother. My mother died when I really young. I donít think my father ever really recovered after that.. I think it was even hard for him to look at me, because I looked like her. My father wanted to send Artemus, my brother, to find Teron, but he was to sick. It seemed as the dark water had begun to deteriorate the our home, it also made some of the fruit poisonous to eat; and because of the fruit Artemus had ate he became deathly ill. We knew this because when my mother had gotten sick the same way, before she died. Artemus since he was the oldest said he would go look for Teron, but he to was sick and could not make the journey. I told my father I could go, but he wouldnít let me. I begged and I pleaded, but he wouldnít listen to me. He thought my brother would get better. He told me I should stay home and take care of my sister. Women were meant to stay home and take care of the family; not go on crusades looking for an ecomancer. We then got into a huge fight. I knew my brother wasnít going to get any better, so I left." "Tula," Ren said, "how old were you?" " I was only 17 when I left Andoris. She then puts her hands to her face and begins to cry. When Ren sees this, he reaches over and takes Tula into his arms and holds her. She stops and dries her tears. "Ren I loved my father. I wish I could go back and tell him that I loved him, but I canít. After I left, maybe a month had past. I had gotten a job at a tavern. The same tavern where you met me. One day I was taking an order when I heard to sailors talking. They were talking about Andorus, my home. I was shocked. I had to know if anyone was still alive. I went over to one of the sailors and asked him, if he saw anyone. He said no, all I saw were two graves. One was empty. We thought maybe grave robbers had dug up the body, but as we were looking around they found a body next to the grave. They told me when they the body they buried him. I wasnít sure if it was my father, so I described him to the sailors. They said yes.

Ren I know how you feel, and I care about you as well. But I donít think it would work. I have no family. "The House of Primus" needs a woman from a noble family. All I am is an ecomancer." Ren then rubs a tear from her cheek, and says, " I donít care about that. When I take over, things will be different. Please tell me you will think about it." "Ok, I will," says Tula. Ren was just about to put his arms around her again, when Niddler came flying towards them. "Ren you have to come right away!" Ren is surprised. "Niddler, whatís wrong?" "Ren! Itís the Maelstrom. You have to hurry! I think Bloth is going to attack the ship!" When Ren hears this, he grabs Tulaís hand and they rush back to the boat. When they get back to the boat, they see Ioz fighting two pirates. "We have to hurry, and get aboard. I donít think Ioz canít hold them off much longer," says Ren.

But as they get aboard the Raf, they hear a familiar voice. "Well hello Ren, Iím glad you could join us, and Tula its such a pleasure to see you again." Bloth! How did you get aboard so fast?" When Bloth hears this he begins to laugh. "You underestimated me boy, I have been following you for some time now. I am tired of this game. I want to end it. You have been a big pain, and now Iím going to get rid of you once for all. Just like I got rid of your father." As he says this, he begins to laugh. "Take Ren, and his friends to the maelstrom, but leave the woman. I want to talk to her for a moment. And before Ren and Tula can react, Ren is pulled from her, and is taken away. Bloth is about to take Tulaís arm, when he hears Ioz yell, "You wonít take me Bloth. I will fight you to the end." He is about to rush Bloth when he is jumped by two pirates. They grab both arms, while another knocks him out. "No!" yells Tula. But there is nothing she can do about it, as she watches Iozís body being dragged from the ship. Niddler tries to stop them, but a net is thrown over him, and he is brought down. And as he struggles to get out of the net, he is hit to on the head by a wooden club. She tries to pull away from Blothís grasp, but he does not release her. "You and I have a lot to discuss my dear, it seems a friend of mine wants to talk to you. You remember, Morpho donít you, the leader of the dark disciples. His master has more use for you." He then pushes her inside the cabin. "After I get your friend Ren, and the rest of the crew into their new quarters, you and I will go see Morpho." He then slams the door, and locks it. Bloth then calls two of his crew members over, and tells one of them to watch the cabin. "If she tries to escape, restrain her." The guard nods his head, and Bloth leaves the boat. As he is going off the ladder, he summons the other guard over to the ladder, and says, " I will have Montis bring Morpho here, but when he gets here donít let Morpho see her. I donít trust him. I want to keep an eye on him. He does work for the Dark Dweller, and since the Dark Dweller controls the dark water. He may want to turn against us, and we donít want that, now do we?" He the smiles and laughs as he goes down the ladder and paddles back to the Maelstrom.

When Bloth gets to the Maelstrom, he sees the same two men who had knocked out Ioz carrying him aboard the Maelstrom. "Take him down below." He then looks around for Montis, when he sees him he calls him over. " I have a job for you. I want you to take Morpho over to the Raf." When Montis hears this, he bows to Bloth and says, "Of course Lord Bloth, but donít you want to come with us." Bloth smiles. "Yes Montis I would, but before we go, I want to see our guests. Has the boy and that monkey-bird been brought aboard yet?" "Yes. Soon after you had custody of the wench, your men had brought Ren and the monkey bird aboard the Maelstrom. Theyíre already waiting for you chained in their new home." Montis smiles and laughs when he says this. Bloth then turns and goes down below where Ren and Ioz have been chained. When he gets down there, he sees Niddler, the monkey bird in a cage connected to the ceiling. He takes out his sword, and begins to push the cage. Niddler begins to scream. Bloth laughs, then turns to Ren. "Hello Ren, comfortable? Do you like your new quarters?" He then laughs. Ren begins to struggle against the chains, "you Dartha Eel what you done to Tula? Where is she?" "Donít worry about her boy. She is well taken care of." When Ren hears this, he tries to pull himself from the chains. "If you harm a hair on her, I will hunt you down and kill you myself!" Bloth laughs when he hears this and leaves the room.

As soon as Bloth gets back on deck, he sees Morpho loading up a small canoe. He suspects lot of the chemicals in a box in the canoe was for Tula. He also sees him putting a large chest in the canoe. Morpho then turns to one of Blothís crew. "Put the rest of my stuff into the boat, and be careful with them." He then turns to Bloth and says, "Are you ready? Do you have the woman?" hisses Morpho. "Yes Morpho I have the woman. I donít know what you want with her, but whatever you want with the wench you had better tell me now, or I will throw you and the rest of your belongings overboard! Do I make myself clear? Remember lot of the schemes you have planned in the past have back fired, and I will not waste any more time on any more of your pathetic schemes?" "Of course, Lord Bloth," says Morpho. He then smiles. "My master believes when the woman fell into the dark water, she became clairvoyant. He wants to use that power for himself to take over Mer." Bloth is surprised by this. He didnít know about Tula becoming clairvoyant. Maybe he could use her powers to. He might even be able to use her powers to find the rest of the treasures, as well as keeping Ren at bay. He then turns to Montis, and says, "letís get on our way, we canít keep the lady waiting.

Meanwhile Tula is pacing the cabin. She is afraid. What was going to happen to her? What did Bloth have in mind for her? And worse yet, what did that creature, Morpho have in store for her. She shivers thinking about it. And where was Ren. She hadnít seen him, since Bloth came aboard. "I have to find a way out of here, before Bloth returns." she says to herself. But to her worst fears, she never gets a chance, because Bloth has returned to the Raf.

When she hears his voice. She also hears two more voices. It was Montis and Morpho. She then puts her ear to the door, thinking she might be able to hear through the door, but she canít hear what theyíre saying. She might not be able to help friends, but she might be able to slow Bloth down. She knew she didnít have her sword Bloth had taken it away from her. She turns to the table. The legs. She could use the legs. She could turn them into sharp knives. She then starts to kick at the table, trying to free one of the legs. It works. She catches the table, and slowly puts down on the floor, making sure nobody can her it. She then by holding one leg against the table itself, and with the other, pulls the leg from the table. It works. She then looks for something sharp to scrape the wooden leg. At first she looks through the drawers, nothing. But then she sees a small knife. She then starts to scrap the leg against the table. It takes time, but she does it. She then turns the wooden knife to wrist, and begins to slice at her wrist. But she never gets anywhere, because Bloth barges into the cabin. "Oh no you donít." Bloth then snatches the sword from Tulaís hand. "I need you alive. He then drags Tula from the cabin. As Bloth drags Tula from the cabin, Morpho climbs up using his right tentacle-like arm and gets on deck. He then yells down to canoe, "bring me up the small black box, yes that one." The crewman who paddled for him brings up the small black box. Morpho then turns to Bloth, and says, "Bloth Iím having your crew bring up a mattress as well, as the other materials I will be using in my experiments on the girl." He then asks Montis to have the crew bring up the mattress, as well as a collapsible table onto the ship. As the crew is bringing up the supplies, Tula begins to struggle against Blothís grasp. "Oh no you donít." He then lifts her into of his arms. "Morpho hurry up! This woman is like a slippery eel." "Of course Bloth, bring her into the cabin. It wonít take me long to set up my laboratory." Morpho then goes inside the cabin, taking some of the supplies with him. He then instructs the crew to set up his laboratory, and where to put collapsible table and mattress. After the mattress is put on the table, Morpho pulls a syringe. He then injects some fluid out of a vile and into a syringe. "Morpho, whatís in that vile?" asks Montis. "Oh this, this is Barbitualizine. "Once the liquid is injected into the girlís arm we will be able find out her powers work." Morpho then walks up to Tula, "hold her Bloth, while I inject the drug in her arm." Tula tries to struggle, but fails, as the syringe is injected into her arm. She soon collapses into Blothís arms. "Now put her on the mattress. He then instructs Montis to open up the chest he had brought up on the ship earlier. Montis opens up the chest, to find three large leather straps inside. "There are hooks on the sides of the mattress. Hook the ends of the straps to the hooks. Once you do that place the girl on the mattress." They do so. Morpho then instructs them to strap her down. When Montis sees this, he says, "are you afraid she will wake up in the middle of your experiments?" "No she will stay asleep for a long period of time. A couple hours or so. When she does wake up, she will have a nasty headache."

As Tula is being strapped against the mattress, Ren and Ioz are trying to plan a way to get out of their chains and get off the Maelstrom. "Ioz we have to get out of these chains. Who knows what that animal Bloth is doing to Tula." "Easy Ren, we need to make an escape plan first. Once we get off the Maelstrom, weíll get Tula." "Your right Ioz, I need to calm down. Getting upset wonít help Tula." He is about to say something else, when they hear footsteps. Itís Konk. They can tell because of his peg leg. Konk is smiling when he comes in. When Ioz sees this, he winks at Ren, and whispers, "I think I have found our way out of here." He then looks at Konk. Ioz then begins to make fun of Konk. "Konk I was telling Ren before that whatever Bloth is doing to Tula. Itís got to be very big." "Yes it is." says, a smiling Konk. "Can you tell us, what it is? Or you donít know. Thatís got to be it. You donít know; Bloth would never confide in you. Youíre too stupid." Konk gets very angry when he hears this. "Iíll show you! Bloth wants to use the wench to keep the dark water at bay, ever since Teron escaped Bloth has complained that he needs another ecomancer." "What about that creature Morpho? Does Bloth trust him? I know I wouldnít" "Konk thinks your right, says Konk. " Bloth doesnít trust him. Morpho just wants to use the wench for her clairvoyant powers as well as her ecomancer abilities. He is experimenting on her as we speak." When Ren hears this, he gets very mad. Ren then tries to kick Konk but misses. Konk then turns and hobbles out of the room. "Ioz I understand about Tula being an ecomancer, but clairvoyant." Ioz and Ren are then silent for a moment when Ioz snaps his fingers and says, "Maybe she became clairvoyant when she fell into the dark water. Now it all makes sense, we need to get out of here and fast." They then begin to think of a plan to get off the Maelstrom.

As Ren and Ioz plan out their escape, Bloth is watching Morpho check Tulaís pulse. "Ok Morpho the wench is knocked out. Now what are you going to do?" "I want to see how her powers work. I can see this by placing this sponge on her head. I believe you told me, when she uses her powers it comes from her head." Bloth says yes. But he still doesnít understand. "Wait, before you place that thing on her head, you and I have to have a little talk. I never agreed for you to use her powers for your master. You want to see how her powers work, thatís fine. But that is all your going to do." Bloth then leaves the cabin. As he is leaving he calls Montis over. " I want you to go inside and watch him. I donít trust him. He does work for the Dark Dweller. When he is done seeing how ecomancerís powers work. Tell him to wait. I canít use her against Ren if she is dead." Montis nods his head and goes inside the cabin. When he walks into the cabin, he sees Morpho placing the sponge on her head. At first nothing happens, but suddenly to his horror the sponge begins to move. She is also moving, as if trying to fight it. Morpho looks up at Montis, and says, "are you afraid of my little friend. (Name creature later.) He is simply making her use her powers. She canít fight it. She may try but it wonít work. It will control her thoughts, and make her do as I ask." Montis is stunned. "Do you wish to watch?" "Yes, do you mind. Iím interested in what you are doing." "You donít like Bloth do you, Montis. I could use someone like you. My master would reward you kindly." When Montis hears this, he smiles. "Can I get back to you on this. I suspect you know that Lord Bloth wants me to watch you. He doesnít trust you. And I have to be honest, neither do I. When you get done seeing how her power works. Let the girl rest. Lord Bloth wants her alive. If she is dead she is no use to him. He wants to use her against the boy." Morpho smiles. "Of course. Iím done with her at the moment anyway. But I will want to do this again. Next time, she wonít fight and Iíll be able to get the rest of her ecomantic secrets." He then laughs and takes off the sponge and puts into some yellow-like jelly substance. After the sponge is put away, Morpho watches Montis leave the cabin. He then leans down to her and says, " Iím not done with you yet my dear." He also then leaves the cabin. As he comes out, he sees Bloth. He walks over to him, and says, "have someone take the girl back to your boat. Donít worry, it will be while before she wakes. And she wonít be able to she use her powers for a while. If she tries, she will get dizzy and pass out. Bloth nods his heads and calls one of his crew over. "Take the wench back to the Maelstrom. "Yes captain." As Bloth watches the large pirate go into the cabin, he looks up into the sky, itís getting dark out. He will get rid of Morpho in the morning. He then watches as his loyal pirate carries Tula out of the cabin. The pirate then throws her over his shoulder and carries her down the ladder. He then puts her in the canoe and paddles back to the Maelstrom.

When he gets back to the Maelstrom, he carries her aboard the ship. He meets conk when he gets aboard. "Iím taking the wench down to where the two prisoners are." Konk smiles, but when the pirate is about to go inside, he stops him. "Donít put her in the same cell. Put her down the hall. I donít think Bloth wants the boy to know she is here." The fat pirate and Konk go inside the cabin to go down the hall, as they are walking, the pirate asks Konk, "Do you think Bloth will let the creature continue his experiments on the wench." Konk laughs. He says, "no. "Once we get on our way, he will throw Morpho overboard. He is no longer needed, and I donít think Lord Bloth trusts that creature anyway." Since it is late, Konk assumes the prisoners are asleep. But he is wrong. Niddler is not asleep yet. Konk doesnít notice Niddler opening up on of his eyes, and watching him and the pirate carry Tula down the corridor.

"Ren wake up. Tulaís here." When Ren hears this, he immediately wakes up. "Did you see her." "Yeah. Konk and a large guard just carried her down the call. She looks like she is a deep sleep." "I donít like this." As Ren is about to wake up Ioz, Niddler hears the two pirates coming back. "Ren theyíre coming back." "Pretend your asleep Niddler. When theyíre gone, weíll wake up Ioz". Niddler nods his and pretends to sleep. When Konk and the guard are gone and out of the cabin. Ren wakes up Ioz. "We have to move now. They brought Tula back. We have to get her and us out of here. "We have to get the guard with the key. Once we knock him out. We will get the key, and go find Tula." They then begin to make their plan of escape. As they are thinking, Ioz suddenly points to his head, "I have an idea Ren, Iíll call Konk back into the cell. Iíll ask him some stupid questions. While you distract him, Iíll put my legs around his; heíll probably have the keys. Once we are free, weíll chain Konk to the wall, and gag him to make sure he doesnít call for help." "But what about the guards, wonít they notice Konk missing?" "Nah." Ioz then calls Konk into the room. When Konk comes in, he is eating a piece of chicken. "You interrupt Konkís dinner. What do you want?" "Whereís Tula. Has Bloth back her to the Maelstrom?" When Konk hears this, he drops his chicken, and says, "where did you hear that, you were sleep when we brought her in here." Ren then looks at Ioz as if to give him a signal. Ioz then grabs Konk by the neck with his legs. "Ok piglet, your going to give us that key, or Iím going to break your neck like a walnut." When Konk hears this, he hands Ren the key. Ren then unlocks the chain, while Ioz holds Konk. After Ren releases Niddler from the cage, he gets Ioz to let Konk go. Niddler then unlocks Iozís chains. As Ioz is rubbing his wrist, he sees Ren grab Konk by the collar, and says, "ok Konk where is Tula?" Konk says nothing. "If you donít tell me, Iíll have Ioz chain you up and let Niddler poke out your eyes." When Konk hears this, he gulps, and points down the hall. "She is two doors down. Now you let Konk go, right?" "Wrong". He then chains Konk up, while Niddler and Ioz watch the door. "You wonít get away." says Konk. "Oh yes we will," says Ren. "See ya later piglet," Ioz chuckles. Then Ren, along with Ioz and Niddler leave the room, and go search for Tula.

They then start looking through all of the rooms, searching for Tula, when Ren sees her lying in the cell. He unlocks the doors and rushes to her side.

"Tula wake up!" No response. Niddler tries to tickler her with his wings. Nothing. Ren is about to trying something else, when they hear voices. "We donít have time Ren, we need to get out of here. Grab Tula and letís go. When we get back to The Raf, weíll try to wake her up." Ren doesnít like this, but agrees. They then close the door, and hide. The voices are getting louder. "Where is that piglet Konk? Montis I told you not to leave him in charge." Ren whispers to Ioz, "itís Bloth." " Ren. . . .", but he never finishes his sentence because Ren puts his hand over his Iozís mouth. He then says to Ioz, "Sh. Be quiet Ioz! Konk bound to hear Blothís calling him, so he will probably want to get his attention. When Bloth and Montis go to investigate, weíll sneak behind them and lock the door behind them." The plan sounds good to Niddler, but Ioz is shaking his head, he then looks at Ren and says "Ren, Bloth is very strong. He could easily kick open the cell door." "Donít worry I have that part covered to. As your holding the door closed, Iíll put my sword against the lock of the door so it braces shut." "But Ren youíll need your sword, anyway when we get back on deck," says Niddler. "Niddler I canít use my sword, since I will be the one carrying Tula. Unless Ioz wants to do it." Ioz grunts when he hears Ren says that. They then wait for Bloth and Montis to arrive. And they donít wait long, because a short time later, they can hear Bloth and Montis coming down the corridor. And Bloth is mad to. He doesnít like it when he finds out that Montis let Konk be in charge of the cells. Konk can hear them to. He wants to get out of his chains, but he is afraid that if he calls for help Lord Bloth will kill him when he is free. But he calls for help anyway, "Lord Bloth, get me out!" "Konk! You fool! Montis get him out of there." "Yes Lord Bloth," says Montis. They then go inside the cell. As Montis and Bloth go inside the cell, Ioz rushes the door, closing it shut. "Now Ren!" Ren then puts Tula down, and places his sword into the lock of the door, bracing it shut. He then picks up Tula, and goes down the corridor. As they are walking down the corridor they can hear Bloth yelling, "Iíll get you boy! I promise youíll pay for this!"

When they get to the door, they see a couple crewmen standing outside. "Ioz we need someone to distract those guards. Someone has to go out there," but Ren didnít know who to pick. He knew he couldnít go because he had to be the one to carry Tula. He then looks at Ioz and then at Niddler. Ren doesnít know if he can ask Niddler, for all he knows Niddler probably would chicken out anyway. Maybe Ioz could do it. He is about to ask Ioz to distract the guards, when Niddler touches his arm and says, "Iíll distract the guards Ren, while you and Ioz escape. When you see them chase me, you and Ioz get to one of the escape boats. Iíll meet you at the Raf later on." Ren and Ioz are both surprised by this. "Niddler I donít understand. I appreciate what your doing but why?" "Ren I like Tula to." Niddler then flies out onto the deck yelling at the guards. They wait a couple minutes, then Ioz goes outside. "Ren Iíll see if the coast is clear. When I think itís safe Iíll wave to you." "Ok Ioz." He then waits for Ioz to make his move. Ioz then goes outside, looks around then waves to Ren to come out.

As they escape to the life boats, they can hear Niddler yelling at the pirates; making them chase him. They canít help but laugh when they hear what he is saying. "You Dartha Eels couldnít find a treasure if it snuck on up on you and bit you!" When they get to the lifeboat, Ioz tells Ren that he will go first. Ren agrees. After Ioz gets down to the boat, he calls to Ren and says, "Ren hand Tula down to me." Ren nods, and says, "Ioz be careful, because her being unconscious, sheís dead weight." He agrees. Ren then hands her down to him, then he comes down the ladder. They then begin to paddle back to the Raf. When they get back to the Raf, Ioz climbs up the ladder, and gets on deck. Ren follows, with Tula on his shoulder. When he gets to the top, Ioz takes Tula off Renís shoulders, so Ren can get on the deck. He then tells Ioz to keep an out of for Niddler. He then goes inside the cabin, carrying Tula in his arms. Ren then places her on the small bed inside the cabin, gets a seat and sits down next to her. What did Bloth and that creature Morpho do to her? Ren is still watching Tula, when Ioz comes into the cabin. "Ren, Niddler has returned. We should get back to Octopon. Maybe Jenna can get a doctor to look at her." When Ren hears this, he looks up at Ioz, and says, "maybe your right. Iíll be right there. He then bends down and kisses Tula on her forehead and leaves the cabin.

Meanwhile, after Bloth gets Konk out of the cell, he has one of his men tie Konk to the crowís nest pole. He then looks down at Konk, and says, "I should let my pets have you, but I donít want to do that just yet. I want you to suffer for the problems you have caused me. And giving you to my pets would be to easy anyway." He then walks away from him, as he does, he yells to Konk, " I hope the (get name of birds from comic book or tape) donít make you their dinner." He then laughs and goes inside his cabin. As he is going inside his cabin, Montis calls to him, "Lord Bloth, what about Morpho?" Bloth turns to Montis, and says, "come inside, weíll discuss it." They then go inside the cabin, and close the door. After they are inside, Bloth tells Montis to sit down. "Now Montis what did you learn about what Morpho has in plan for the wench." Montis sits back in his chair, and says, "I believe he wants to use the girl for his master. He kept talking about her abilities as a clairvoyant. I donít trust him Lord Bloth. Heís up to something, I donít think heís telling us everything." "I agree Montis, put a guard on him.

And as Bloth and Montis are talking, meanwhile on the Raf, Ren is back watching Tula. He is getting tired and stiff, so he gets up and stretches. As he is stretching, he looks up into the sky. Itís getting late, and she still hasnít come to. This is not good. He turns to her, and says, "Tula please wake up. I donít want to lose you. I almost lost you once, and that was painful enough, Iím not sure if I can go through that again." He then sits on the chair that he was using to keep a vigil on her and leans down on her chest. He then takes her hand in his, and says, "please come back to me." At first nothing happens, but suddenly Tula squeezes Renís hand. She doesnít open her eyes, but instead says, "Ren?" When Ren hears this, he looks up and says, "Iím here Tula." He is going to say something else, but she stops him. "Ren Iím so tired. Ren donít say anything, just listen to me." He nods. "Morpho gave me some kind of drug. Barbitual-something. I canít even open my eyes. Iím so tired. So far the only way I could communicate with you, was by will power." "Ok Tula, I understand. Can I do anything? Name it and itís done. Maybe I should Niddler and Ioz." "No. If you want to do anything for me. Just stay by my side. I donít want to be alone. I feel so weak. I donít like feeling this way. If Ioz saw me like this, he probably would say that I was no good." He wanted to say she was wrong, but he wasnít sure himself. Ioz had always been against Tula being aboard anyway. He felt women were worthless on a boat, even bad luck. He didnít agree with that. He liked Tula being on board. "If you want me to stay with you, I will. I promise. He then bends down and kisses her on the lips.

He is still watching Tula, when Ioz comes inside. "Ren weíre at Octoponís harbor. We should get the boat ready for shore entry." But Ren doesnít get up. "Iím not leaving her Ioz, she came to for a minute. She asked me to stay with her, and not to leave her side. And thatís exactly what Iím going to do." Ioz wants to argue, but when he sees Renís face. He knows there is no arguing with him. His mind was made up. "Al right Ren Iíll have Niddler help me." He doesnít like this. He doesnít like this at all. He then goes out on deck and calls Niddler over. "Youíre going to have to help me get the boat ready for land. Ren is in no condition to do it." Niddler doesnít like it, but agrees. He can hear Ioz groaning about Tula. He is about to take care of the sails, when he stops, and says, "Ioz come here a minute, I want to talk to you." Ioz looks at Niddler and says, "this better be important monkey bird." "Ioz I know you like the idea of Tula being on this ship, but this isnít your ship. Itís Renís. And he does care for her. You know that much as I do. Maybe after we get her on land. And she is taken care of. Ren will get better focused. Heís just worried about her, thatís all." Ioz doesnít like it, when Niddler is right, but he was. "Your right monkey-bird. Ok weíll do it your way." he then walks away, and they get the boat ready for coming to shore.

When they get to shore, Jenna is waiting for them by the lighthouse. After they tie up the Raf to the harbor, Ren and Ioz climb off the Raf and onto the harbor. When they walk up to Jenna, she asks Ren where Tula is. Ren puts his head down, and says, "Jenna, something happened to Tula. Morpho did something to her. Somehow heís put her to sleep. And I donít know how to wake her up." Jenna then puts her hand on Renís shoulder. She then says to Ren in a calm sweet voice, "donít worry Ren, Iíll have the Royal Doctor take a look at her. Your father wanted to keep one around to help with the casualties from the dark water." "But I thought once you touch the dark water, there is no hope for you." "That is true, but he might be able to help the person rest, and let them die in a place where their last moments on this earth they would be cared for until that time had come." Ren nods his head when he hears this. "Ren why donít you take her inside, and place her on one of the beds." He nods his head. He then goes back on the boat, and brings Tula from the ship. He then carries her inside. As he is carrying her, Ioz takes Jenna aside and says, " I donít like this. Renís not thinking clearly. We still need to get the rest of the treasures, and if he is to worried about her, he will be no use to us in finding them. Jenna agrees. "I will talk to him. I made you boys some lunch, after I get her settled, and have the royal doctor look at her. I will talk to Ren. I promise.

After Ren tucks her into bed, Jenna comes in with the Royal Doctor. Ren doesnít even notice him, that is until the doctor touches his shoulder. When the doctor touches him, Ren turns around and says, " itís you. I remember you. You worked for my father, didnít you. I remember looking out of the lighthouse and seeing you on the ship. I never saw my father, but I always saw you talking to the crew." "Yes, Son of Primus. That is true. Your father would always have me around to check the crew after their search for the treasures of Rule." They are still talking when Ioz comes in, "Ren?" "Oh hi Ioz, Ioz this is a doctor that used to work for my father." They shake hands. After acknowledging Ioz, he turns to Ren. As the doctor is about to examine Tula, Ren stops him and says, " I donít understand. Where you been all this time?" "Jenna hid me after you father didnít return. Jenna wanted to hide me from the others. When the Dark Disciples arrived she kept me hidden." "I didnít want them to find him," says Jenna. Your father trusted him. We didnít want to lose him to the Dark Disciples." The doctor says, " I promise I will do the best I can to take care of your friend. Do you have any idea what Morpho gave her?" Ren puts his head down, and says, "no. I wish I did. She might know. She only came to for a minute, then she would pass out again. Iím not sure if she has the will power or the strength to do that now." When the doctor hears this, he rubs his chin and says, "hmm, that might give me an idea, on what he gave her." He then asks Jenna to get his bag. " I want to try something, trust me ok?" Ren nods his head and says, "If my father trusted you. I trust you as well. I want you to know one thing before you proceed. The lady sleeping on this bed, is to be the new queen of Octopon." He then walks out of the room, with Ioz staring him. He is shocked. When did Ren propose to her. Was it before the attack on the ship? He then looks at Jenna, and says, " I will be right back. I want to ask Ren something." He is about to walk out of the door, when he stops and says, "Jenna I may not always speak highly of Tula, but I respect her. Do what you can for her. And if she comes out this, and you tell what I said, I will deny it." He then smiles and leaves the room.

After he leaves (name of doctor) looks at Jenna, and says, "what was all that about?" Jenna then begins to laugh. "Oh Ioz has never been fond of women on boats, he had to accept Tula because Ren liked her. He respects Ren, and doesnít want to hurt his feelings." She then turns back to Tula, and says, "do you have any idea, what was given to her." "I might." He then points to a vile in his bag, "give me that." He then takes it from her, and places it under Tulaís nose. She stirs. "Sheís coming around." "No, itís just a reaction the drug. I think I know what Morpho gave her." "Can you stop it?" "No. There is no drug that can wake her up. She has to wake up on her own. Keep an eye on her. It may take a couple hours or even 24 hours, before she wakes. When she does, get me. Oh and when she wakes, donít leave her alone, she will be incoherent for a while. As well as being a little dizzy." She nods her head. "Of course." He then turns and leaves the room.

After leaving Jenna in the room to keep an eye on Tula, the doctor goes down to where the Raf is tied up. He sees Ioz, Ren, and Niddler setting up sail. He can also tell that this must be hard on Ren, seeing Tula like this, and not being able to do anything about it. He then walks over to the boat, and calls to Ren, "Son of Primus, I need to see you for a minute," the doctor says. "Of course." Ren then comes down the ramp and meets the doctor on the dock. "Yes?" "Ren, there isnít much I can do to help your friend. I have left Jenna to keep an eye on her. I do know that she will come around on her own, but it may take some time." Ren nods his head. "But I would like to borrow your monkey-bird. The one Ioz calls Niddler." Of course," says I donít that would be a problem. Anyway I think Niddler wonít mind, helping Jenna anyway. Whenever we come back to the lighthouse, she is always giving him some of the scraps we donít eat for lunch anyway?" Ren then calls Niddler, whom flies down from the boat. When Ren sees Niddler flying towards him, he smiles. "Niddler I have a job for you. Come here a minute. The doctor canít help Tula, but he has said that sheíll probably come out of it on her own. Itíll just take some time." Niddler smiles when he hears this. "But here is the problem. If Jenna is needed elsewhere, someone still has to keep an eye on Tula. I told the doctor that you would do it. Would you mind?" At first Niddler doesnít say anything, but then smiles and says, "sure, I can do that. Especially whenever I help Jenna she gives free rein over the kitchen." When Ren hears this he smiles. "Thank you Niddler." Niddler then smiles and waits for the doctor by the entrance of the lighthouse. The doctor then puts his hand on Renís shoulder and says, "Ren I know youíre worried about Tula, but sheís in good hands. Right now, you have to focus on finding the rest of the five treasures." Ren then nods his head, shakes hands with the doctor and walks back to the Raf. As he gets aboard he walks over to Ioz and says, "It will be just the two of us, Niddler will be staying with Jenna to help keep an eye on Tula." When Ioz hears this, at first he doesnít say anything, and just acknowledges Ren, by nodding his head; but after Ren walks away, Ioz mumbles, "good." Now he doesnít have to deal with Tula or that silly monkey-bird.

After they reach open sea, Ren takes out his compass. He points it to the sea, suddenly, a blue beam of light shoots out of the compass. "Follow the beam Ioz, it will lead us to our next treasure." At first, all they see is empty see, but suddenly they see a mountain-like arch. "Do we stir around the arch?" "No Ioz, we sail through it." Ren then takes the wheel, and they go through the arch. After going through the arch, they soon see an island. Ren takes out his telescope, and points it at the island. As he searches the island for life, he sees and old man. Ren is shocked, at this. At first he thinks heís seeing things. He checks again, he still sees the old man. Ren then turns to Ioz, and says, "head for that land Ioz, I want to check something." At first Ioz doesnít say anything, he asks Ren for the telescope, looks into it, but doesnít see anything. He then looks at Ren and says, "What did you see Ren? Is the compass pointing at something?" Ren doesnít understand. Couldnít Ioz see the old man? "Donít you see him?" "See who?" asks Ioz. "I donít see anyone." When Ren hears this, he pounds his fist onto the ledge of the boat. "Al right lad, you want to land on that island. We will land on the land, just calm down." When they reach the island, and get off the boat, Ren takes out the telescope and again searches the island, but this time he doesnít see anyone. Where did he go? He then tells Ioz that theyíre going to search the island. He tells Ioz to search one side, while he searches the other. And as Ioz goes on his way, Ren suddenly hears his name being called.

"Ren! Ren..." Ren looks around. He sees no one. He even thinks that maybe he is hearing things, but again he hears his voice being called. He turns around thinking it might be Ioz, but Ioz is to far away. Ren is about to give up, and keep looking, when he feels someone tap his shoulder. Ren immediately turns around, and to his shock he sees the old man that he had seen on the Raf. He wants to call Ioz, but the old man holds his finger to his lips, and says, "Ssh, Son of Primus. You and I need to talk first. I know you are looking for the remaining treasures of Rule. And you have found one of the five you are searching for." Ren is astounded! "Who are you? And how did you know my name?" he asks. "My name is Allistair. I was a friend of your fathers, as well as a member of your fatherís crew. He was a good man, your father. I trusted him, with my life. You look so much like your father. When Ren hears this, he doesnít know what to say, but he does want to get Ioz. But before he can ask Allistair about Ioz, Allistair says to him, "Go get him, Son of Primus. I will wait for you." "How did you know what I was going to say", asks Ren. "Oh," laughs Allistair. "I can read minds. I scanned you even before you landed on this island. Now hurry my son, you and I must talk. There is a lot you donít know. And I donít just mean about the dark water, or Bloth. Hurry!" After Ren gets Ioz, they follow Allistair to a cave. Inside the cave, they see a small lantern. Allistair picks up the lantern, and waves to them to follow him. They walk through the cave, saying nothing, the lantern lighting there through the dark cave. And at the end of the cave, they see a bright light. And inside this lighted room, they see a small table, four chairs, and bright shining globe sitting on the table. And inside the globe are two objects. Ren then turns to Ioz, and shrugs his shoulders. He then walks over to the table so he can get a better look at the globeís occupancy. And to his surprise, one of the objects begins to move. At first the object looks like a small ball, but then it shapes itself into a worm. "Amazing," says Ren. "What is it?" Allistair laughs, and says, "oh that, that is my own creation. Itís called an energy worm. Amazing isnít it." "Allistair I donít understand. Ioz and I have seen worms like this before. And from what I remember they are quite dangerous." "Yes Ren, that is true, but this one is different. This one wonít attack anyone from the House of Primus." Ren is about to put his hand into the globe, when Ioz grabs his arm. "Wait Ren." Ren pats Ioz on the arm, its ok Ioz. I trust Allistair." Ren then puts his hand into the jar, and pulls out a small stone. Suddenly the stone begins to change. It turns purple, and begins to glow.

"Allistair, itís beautiful." Allistair smiles, "yes my boy, it is. And look at your compass, see how it responds to the stone; that is one of five remaining treasures you are looking for." Ren is overwhelmed with amazement. "Thank you Allistair." He wants to ask Allistair more questions but itís getting late. He wants to check on Tula. "Youíre worried about your friend, arenít you?" says Allistair. "She means a great deal to you, doesnít she?" Ren nods his head, and says, "yes she does." When Ioz hears this, he rolls his eyes. Allistair then goes over to one of the chairs, and pulls it out. He then turns to Ren, and says, "you and I still have to talk. I must tell you about Dimitri." Ren then takes one seat, while Ioz takes the other. After Ren and Ioz sit down, Allistair then turns around and leaves the cave. He comes back a minute or two later, carrying a pink rose in his hand. When Allistair comes over to the table, Ren can tell that roseís thorns have been cut off. Allistair then gives Ren the rose. "Place this rose under your friendís nose. The scent of the rose will awaken her." Ren then takes out a small pouch and places the rose into it, making sure he doesnít crush it. After doing so, Ren asks Allistair, "why did you cut off the thorns? I would have been careful not to stick myself." "Oh I know that, but that is not why I did it. This particular rose has two functions. The rose itself is quite harmless. Itís the thorns that make it dangerous. The rose itself cures sleeping, or other ailments. The thorns themselves are poisonous. One prick of the thorn can make a person or animal very sick."

Ren and Ioz are astounded by this. "Now that out of the way, now we need to discuss, Dimitri. This creature is very dangerous. "What kind of creature, is he? Is he like the dark disciples?" "Not exactly", says Allistair. "I donít know where he came from Ren, but I do know he is evil. He calls and describes himself as a vampire. Now, please understand, Iím not entirely sure what a vampire is. I have never even seen one. So to my knowledge this creature is very dangerous." The more Ren hears, the more intrigued he becomes. "How did you meet Dimitri, anyway." "Oh your father and I met him a long time ago. From what your father and I could find out Dimitri steals souls, mainly from women." Ioz laughs a little when he hears this, and says to Allistair, "if that is the case, wouldnít this creature be dead by now?" "A normal creature yes, but this vampire, as Dimitri, calls himself; can live for a thousand years or more. I know this doesnít make sense to the two of you, so I shall explain." Allistair then takes a deep breath, and begins. "While you father was alive, and searching for the thirteen Treasures of Rule, the compass began pointing to dark island. We thought at first, maybe the compass had picked up a treasure, but now I think maybe this creature was somehow controlling it with black magic.

"When your father, myself and the rest of the crew landed on this strange island. We saw things that made our hair on the backs of our neck stand on end. We saw flying creatures flying through the air, that might swoop down and grab at you. And creepy little spiders and snakes crawling around on the land. We suspected they were poisonous. After we landed and began searching the island, we saw two creatures coming towards us. They looked like demons. One of Primusís crew, a woman. Actually Primus had two women aboard his ship: Avagon and Chantel. Chantel and I were quite close. Close as I suspect you and friend are, Ren." At first Allistair is silent, but then he continues. Ren suspects that something had happened to Chantel, something bad. " As we were looking around, we heard someone calling to us. It was a man. At first we could only see a silhouette of him, but then he got closer. When he came up to us, your father introduced himself to him. They shook hands, then he turned to Chantel. He put his hand to his heart, and said, "my name is Dimitri. It is a pleasure to meet you all, especially you my dear." "He then kissed her hand. Your father told him, about our quest. At first, Dimitri didnít say anything. He was pretty quiet at first. But then he said to us, that he might be able to help us. I didnít trust him. I begged your father not go inside but your father kept telling me that I shouldnít worry. He didnít trust either, but he still had to investigate why the compass was pointing to this island, and to this castle. But what surprised me even more, was that Chantel wanted to go in. It was if she was under some kind of spell. We then went inside. It was extravagant! Dimitri must have had about from what we could see were a dozen or more bedrooms. As well as a large living room, dining room, and a study. And more that I couldnít even describe. He then called for someone. I donít remember the name well, but the creature I saw, that I do remember. It was some kind of demon. It was horrible looking. Chantel and Avagon couldnít even look at it. Dimitri had this creature show us to our rooms. Your father and I in one, Avagon and Chantel in another. He put us two by two into the bedrooms. After we were settled in our rooms, he showed us the rest of the castle. When we got to the study, we saw a huge library. It must have had almost a hundred or more books in it.

We stayed in the room, for maybe an hour or so, until a servant came in. At least I thought she was a servant, but she wasnít. And the way she looked. It was strange. She was completely pale. Almost as white as a sheet. She wore a long white shroud. Dimitri was very nice to her. As if they were related or married. I couldnít tell. I thought he was going to introduce us, but he didnít. She whispered something in his ear. He then got up, and said that dinner was ready. After he announced dinner, I went to where Chantel was sitting, I was going to escort her to dinner, but Dimitri beat me to it. He took her hand and looked into her eyes. She smiled at him. It was strange." Ren and Ioz are both fascinated by this story. They canít believe theyíre ears. They then wait for the rest of the story, but Allistair does not continue. When Ren sees this, he touches Allistairís arm and asks, "can you continue?" Allistair smiles, and says, "yes I can, itís just hard sometimes, thatís all. After we turned in, everything seemed quiet. That was until around 3 or 4 oí clock in the morning. Around that time, Primus and I heard a blood-curdling scream. It was Chantel. We jumped up, and ran to her quarters. When we got to her room, Avagon was waiting for us, but we didnít see Chantel. I asked Avagon where Chantel was. She didnít know, she heard the scream to, but when she lit the candle by her bed Chantel was gone. Some of Primusí men wanted to search the castle, but Primus stopped them. It was no use. It would take too long, and what was walking around inside and outside of the castle, it wouldnít be safe. We were about to go back to our rooms, but suddenly there appeared Dimitri. He was calm and relaxed. As if nothing had ever happened.

I asked him if he knew where Chantel was. He said he did, but not to worry. She was safe. He told us, that he had also heard her scream. And that he had gone to ladies room to see what was wrong. Dimitri told us that when he got there, Chantel was waiting for him. He saw how she was shaking, so he took her back to his room so she could calm down. I thought that was strange. I told him, I didnít believe him. Dimitri laughed at me. He said, " I donít care what you believe, tomorrow you will see for yourself. That I promise. Now go back to your rooms, and everything will be explained in the morning. And when I was about to ask him something else, suddenly the candle in my hand blew out. And when Primus lit a match, Dimitri was gone."

Allistair is silent for a minute, but then he continues. "Your father, myself, some of the crew look inside some of the rooms, thinking that maybe Dimitri might have snuck in one of them. But he wasnít in any of the rooms. After we searched the rooms, your father suggested that tomorrow morning that we would confront Dimitri into tell us where Chantel was. And if we saw her, we would ask her what happen. I didnít like it, but I agreed to it. The next morning, we went to the study to wait for Dimitri to arrive, he did so. And Chantel was not with him. I asked him where she was. He just laughed, and said, which to this day does not make sense. "She was not the one. She wasnít the key." I then asked him, if he knew where she was, he said he did. He told us to go outside. She was out in the garden. Your father and I rushed outside, and to our horror. We saw her. She was lying in the garden. Some creatures were crawling all over her. Your father and I brushed them off. And when we touched her, she was stone cold. As we were looking over Chantelís body, Dimitri came outside. At first he said nothing. I wanted to kill him. I knew he was responsible for what happened to Chantel. But your father stopped me. He grabbed my arm and held me back. He told me it wasnít worth it, and that there was nothing he could do. There was no proof that Dimitri did anything to Chantel. Dimitri then smiled and went back into the castle. As we were going back to the boat, I thought I heard him laughing. This creature is evil, and I think it prays on women." Ren nods his head and says, " I understand what youíre saying, weíll steer clear from the island. I promise." He then shakes Allistairís hand. Ren then turns to Ioz, and says, "we better be getting back. Letís hurry, this rose might help Tula wake up." Ioz then shakes Allistairís hand. After Ren and Ioz get on board the Raf, Ioz asks Ren, "Ren, do you really believe that old man? I mean about that creature. " Ren doesnít say anything at first, but then puts his hand to his chin, and says, "Iím not sure. But what thing for sure I want to get to back to Octopon as soon as possible. I want to get this rose to Tula." They then set sail, and head back to Octopon. As Ren is steering the wheel, he asks Ioz, "after we get back why donít you go see (Iozís friend), maybe he knows where this island is." When Ioz hears this he asks Ren, "why, you said that we were going to stay away from the island." "I know what I said Ioz," says Ren. "I just want to see if itís on a map. If we know exactly where it is, maybe there is a way around it or a way not to go past it." Ioz smiles when he hears this. "Iíll do that," says Ioz as they sail back to Octopon.

Meanwhile, Bloth and Morpho are talking about Ren and Tula. After Montis got them out of the cell, Bloth goes to see Morpho. He still has some questions about why the sudden interest in the girl, and he still thinks Morpho is holding back on him. He thought about having Montis do it, but Montis was ambitious (may change ambitious to something else). Bloth knew that Montis could easily take over the ship. He had to be careful. When he goes inside his cabin, he sees Morpho pouring some chemicals in a beaker. "What are you up to Morpho?" Morpho says nothing. When Bloth doesnít get an answer, he hits the table. " Iím tired of your games Morpho. I want some answers, and I want them now!" But still Morpho says nothing. But then he turns to Bloth and says, "in due time Bloth. Now Please Bloth leave, I promise I will answer all your questions later on. Trust me. Now please go." "Alright, but.." He never gets to answer, because Morpho turns his back to him to suggest that the conversation was over. Bloth then turns and leaves the cabin.

And as Bloth leaves the cabin, Ren and Ioz have reached Octopon. They dock at the harbor, and go inside the lighthouse. Ren canít wait to tell Jenna the news about the old man named Allistair. He wonders if she knows him. As he walks into the lighthouse, he looks down at his pouch. He gently touches the pouch, the cure for his dear friend Tula. He couldnít wait for her to open her eyes. As he goes into the room, where she is sleeping, he hears Jenna and the Royal Doctor talking. It didnít sound good. And it sounded like it was about Tula. When he gets to where the voices are coming from, he sees Jenna, but not the doctor. Where did he go? Jenna then turns and sees him. She looks, at Ren, something was wrong. "What is it Jenna? Is it Tula?" "Yes Ren, the doctor has given up hope. There is not much he can do. He has gone to get a priest." "But Jenna, I have great news! I found a cure. I met this old man named Allistair." When Jenna hears this, she drops the glass she is holding in her hand. "Where did you see him?" "We saw him on this island. It wasnít even on the map. And he gave me this special rose. He told me when the rose is placed under a personís nose, it will wake them up." Jenna wants to stop him, but then she sees Ioz. He nods to her no. Ren has to do this, Ioz knows this.

Ren goes into the room where Tula is sleeping. Ren then walks over to the bed and bends down to where Tula is sleeping, he pulls out the rose and places it under her nose. At first nothing happens, but then suddenly he sees a response. He looks up to see her eyes begin to flutter. He then calls Jenna. "Jenna! Come her quick! I think sheís waking up. Tula can you hear me?" Tula then opens up her eyes and says, "Ren?" Ren then places his hand near her cheek and gently brushes his fingers against it. "Iím so glad youíre al right." She tries to sit, but she gets dizzy. "Take it easy. You have been out for a long time," says Ren and as he pushes her back down on the bed. "Ren where am I?" "Youíre inside the lighthouse on Octopon. Ioz, Niddler, and I brought you here. After we escaped from the Maelstrom, we brought you here." At first Ren thinks she is trying to remember. She then looks around the room and smiles. She does remember. Ren then takes her into his arms and hugs her. "Iím so glad you alright. Itís so good to have you back!" He then puts his lips to her and kisses her.

As Ren and Tula embrace Jenna watches from the doorway. She smiles as she watches them hold each other. But as Jenna watches Ren and Tula embrace Niddler and Ioz are loading up the boat. And as they are loading up the Raf Ioz suspects that Bloth will soon be on their trail, and they still havenít found the last four treasures. He then asks Niddler to get Ren.

"But Ioz Iím not done eating my Minga Melon yet." When Ioz hears this, he lifts up the monkey-bird by his neck and says, "Now Monkey-Bird!" But as Niddler is trying to free himself from Iozís grasp they hear Jennaís voice. "Ioz, could I see you for a minute." Ioz then drops Niddler and says, "Come aboard Jenna." But she doesnít come up. "I rather you come down here." Ioz doesnít like the sound of this, but comes down anyway. As Ioz walks over to where she is standing, he can see she is smiling. When he sees this, he stops and says, "What is it?" At first, Jenna doesnít say anything, but then says "I really donít know how to say this Ioz, but Ren and Tula are upstairs. And all I am saying is that it might be a while before they come downstairs." When Ioz hears this he isnít happy. He wants to get going. The longer Ren took the harder it might be to find the last four treasures of Rule. He then begins to walk towards the lighthouse. Jenna tries to stop him, but when she sees Iozís face she stops not sure if she tried to stop him, would he listen. But then he shrugs his shoulders, shaking his head and returns to the Raf. As he walks towards the Raf, he turns to Jenna and says, " I guess I can give Ren a few minutes to catch up." He then winks at her and walks up the plank to get back aboard the Raf. She then looks up at Ioz on the Wraith, and says to herself, "you have a dirty mind pirate." She then laughs and returns to the lighthouse.

After Ioz returns to the Raf, Jenna goes into the lighthouse. She goes up the stairs towards the room where she had Ren and Tula last, but when she reaches the room, she stops at the door. Ren was still in there with Tula. He was so happy to see her wake up. For a while, she stands there, not sure what to do, but then she thinks about Bloth, the Dark Dweller, and the last remaining treasures of Rule Ren would have to wait. She then knocks on the door. For a while, all she hears is silence. She is about to knock again, when she hears footsteps. "Jenna?" He then opens the door. "Iím sorry. I guess I forgot about the time." He then turns to Tula and says, "I have to get going. I donít want to leave just yet, but we need to continue on with the search for the last remaining treasures." "But I want to go with you," said Tula. "No, you need to rest a while, the doctor thinks that the drug that was used on you might still be in your system. We should be back by tomorrow morning anyway." "But I still might be able to help." "I know, but you need to rest, when we get back tomorrow weíll see how you are; and if the doctor says you can travel you can come with us, ok?" Ren turns to Jenna, and says, "could you give me a minute, I want to talk to Tula." "Of course Ren." Jenna then turns and leaves the room. Ren then came over to where Tula was lying on the bed. He then placed his hands on Tulaís shoulders and says, " I wonít be gone long." He then gets up from the bed and walks over to the window. "Tula do you remember when you were captured by the Dark Dweller?" "Yes. Ren what are you saying?" asks Tula. "I just donít want to lose you again. Remember what we talked about on the beach, and what I said to you. How I had become fond of you. I meant it." He then kisses her softly then turns and walks out the door. As he walks out he can hear her crying. He wants to go back, but he canít. He then asks Jenna to sit with her. He knows it may not help, but it might make things easier, and at least she wouldnít be alone. "Of course I will." She then goes into the room and closes the door. Ren then goes down the stairs. But when he reaches the Raf, he stops and looks up to the window. He then gets on the boat he tells Ioz, "al right letís get going." They then set sail, and begin leaving the lagoon.

Meanwhile as they leave the lagoon Jenna is inside talking to Tula. "Tula whatís wrong?" "Oh Iím sorry Jenna, I guess Iím not used to well you know, Ren wanting to take care of me. Heís so different from the men I have known." She then pats on the mattress, gesturing Jenna to sit down. After Jenna sits down, she puts her arm around Tulaís shoulders, and says, " heíll be back soon. Anyway your still weak." " I know. I just donít like, you know." She then smiles and gets off of the bed. At first, she doesnít say anything, but then turns to Jenna and says, "I appreciate you coming in here, and keeping me company. It made me feel better, but right now I just want to be alone. There is a lot I have to think about. She then walks over to the window. She leans out the window, allowing the breeze to blow through her hair.

As Tula is looking out the window, Ren is looking towards the lighthouse. When he sees her, he smiles. He then waves to her. When Tula sees him, she smiles and waves back. Tula then watches the Raf leave the harbor.

Meanwhile as Tula is watching Ren leave the lagoon, a mysterious stranger is also watching the Raf. But he is watching his crystal ball. He waves his hand around the crystal ball, commanding it so he can see the woman leaning out the window. As he watches, Tula begins to sense his presence. When the mysterious stranger sees this he smiles. He then begins to speak to it to her, as if she can hear him. And as he is does so, Tula begins to hear a voice. A male voice. She tries to ignore it, but it gets louder. "I know you can me hear my dear Tula. That is your name, isnít it? My name is Dimitri, and soon you and I will meet... Please donít try to fight, itís not worth it. I now cast upon you this sleeping spell." He then begins to chant, "Shadows of Darkness that controls the night, sprinkle your dust of sleep, upon this girl", soon Tulaís eyes begin to flutter, and as if by slow motion falls to the floor.

Suddenly, Jenna hears a large thump, around the same time as Tula falls to the floor. When Jenna reaches the room she sees Tula lying on the floor. She rushes to her side, but as she does Dimitri is already summing in one of his creatures to retrieve her.

And as Jenna is trying to awaken a sleeping Tula, Dimitri is walking down the hall, until he reaches a fenced in area. And in this fence, Dimitri owns his pride and joy: Gargoyles! He then calls over one of his gargoyles. "Come here. He then summons his assistant Darius, his wolfman. When Darius comes into the room, he bows before his master. "Yes master?" "Darius, I think I have a found a way for us to open the door to our world. Soon creatures from our time weíll come into this world. Once this is done, I will become ruler of this world!" He then put his hands on Dariusís shoulder. "I have even found the key to opening the doorway to our world. This woman I have found I believe has the gift to open our doorway, and once we do this I will become ruler and she will become my queen! He then smiles at the outside world. This place weíre in reminds me of Transylvania. You remember Transylvania donít you, Darius?" "Yes master I do." I think even Lord Dracula would be proud of me!" "Master? Not to be mean, but where is this girl? You seek?" Dimitri then smiles. "Your right. I want you to take that gargoyle and fetch this woman. Take my crystal, I have another in my quarters. When you reach your destination, contact me through the crystal. I will then put the woman as well the doctor under a spell, so you can take the woman without any distraction. Darius then gets on the gargoyle. He then turns to his master and says, "your wish is my command." he then turns and leaves the castle. And as Dimitri watches Darius leave the castle he smiles to himself and says quietly, "this place is perfect! Soon I will be master of this world and nothing is going to stop me, not even that fool vampire hunter can stop me this time!" He then watches Darius fly away knowing soon Tula would in his clutches. He leaves the room and goes back to his quarters so he can keep in touch with Darius.

Meanwhile, as Darius flies to retrieve Tula, Ren and Ioz are sailing away from Octopon, Renís compass begins to shoot out a blue beam. When Ren sees he yells, to Ioz, "Follow the compass Ioz, itís pointing East." "Alright Ren." Ioz then steers the Raf towards where compass is pointing. As they sail, they see strange mountains. When they get closer to these mountains, the mountains soon become an arch. When they reach the Arch, Ioz stops the boat and says, "I donít think we should go through. I donít like the way it looks."" Not to worry Ioz, I think I know where we are going. Remember when Allistair told us about the skull island with the castle on top?" "Yes. Why?" "I believe that is where the compass is pointing." "But I thought Allistair warned us not to go there." "He did, but where there is a treasure of Rule, that is where we must go." They soon reach a circle of islands. At first, they donít see the island with the skull and castle on top. But when they get near one of the islands, Ren sees through his telescope an island in the middle. He then turns to Ioz and says, " we must make a path through these islands, I think I can see skull island. Letís grab the canoe and paddle towards that island," says Ren pointing towards the island. They then begin to paddle through the islands trying not to get caught up in the coral reefs of the islands. And as Ren and Ioz paddle towards the island, Niddler, Jenna, and the doctor are still trying to figure what happened to Tula. And no matter what they do; they still canít wake her up. Jenna then turns to Niddler and says, "Niddler, you must get Ren. Fly as long as you can. You must find him. He must know about Tula." Niddler then nods his head, and flies out of the lighthouse. And as he flies out of the lighthouse, he sees through the corner of his eye, a large creature flying towards the lighthouse. Not wanting to run into it, he flies away, not noticing the creature on top.

Once Darius reaches the lighthouse, he has the gargoyle hover behind it, making sure Jenna and the doctor cannot see him. He instructs the gargoyle to wait for him. He then picks up the crystal ball and creeps inside, making sure no one can hear him. He then looks for the room where his master said the woman would be. When he reaches the room, he can see a man and a woman leaning over a bed. He then backs into room. He can hear them talking. His master was right. Hen then places the crystal ball down on the floor moving his hands around it. "Master, can you me. I am inside." When Dimitri hears this he is already in his room. He picks up his crystal ball and says, "excellent! Now I want you to place the crystal ball outside of the room where the man and woman are. After I place the spell on them, go inside and pick up the woman." "Yes master." Darious then places the crystal ball as he master had instructed and then goes back into the room waiting for his master to do the spell. Suddenly a fog like substance fills the room. And as if by magic Jenna and the doctor are frozen in place. "Now Darius! Get the woman! They can do nothing!" Darius then calmly walks into the room. He then picks up Tula and carries her outside. "Hurry Darius! The spell wonít last! Hurry you fool!" Darious then runs down the corridor to where the gargoyle is waiting. But before he reaches it he picks up the crystal ball that Dimitri had given him. He then throws Tula over his shoulder. He then places Tula on the creatureís back, gets on himself and commands the gargoyle to leave. They then fly away from the castle. And as they away Jenna and the doctor are released from the spell. They then rush to the ledge, watching in horror as they watch the creature fly away. Jenna then turns to the doctor and says, "I hope Niddler has reached Ren by now."

"Wait! Get me a telescope!" Jenna then hands him a telescope. He then points towards the creature. "I can see two people on that creature. Itís a man and a woman. The woman seems to be lying on the creature. It must be Tula! The other being, I donít know what it is. It looks half-human and half-dog.". He then turns to Jenna and says, I donít know what that creature is, and whatever he is; he has Tula with him.". He then places his arm around Jenna, as they watch helplessly Tula being carried away.

Meanwhile as Tula is being carried away Dimitri is watching through his crystal ball. He smiles as he watches Darius carry her away from the castle. But as Darius is flying towards the castle, he also flies over the Maelstrom. And since he is so high in the air, he doesnít hear one of the pirates yelling, "What (put word in later) is that? Get Lord Bloth or Montis and hurry!" The pirates then scramble, when one of them sees Morpho and Bloth coming out of Blothís cabin. "Lord Bloth, You must see this! The creature thatís flying in the air!" At first Bloth doesnít see anything, and thinks the crewman has lost his mind, but suddenly he sees a glimpse of the gargoyle. "What is that? Get me a telescope and hurry! I want to see what it is! It can be a Dagron. Itís too big." One of the crew then gives him a telescope and Bloth focuses in on it. He is shocked when he sees the wolfman, but when he sees Tulaís unconscious body he smiles and laughs. "Follow that creature! I want to see where itís headed!" "Yes Lord Bloth!" says Montis and he gives the order for them to follow the gargoyle.

But unknown to Bloth Dimitri is still watching through his crystal ball. When he sees Bloth he smiles. "Interesting." But then he sees Morpho, and Morpho was the one he had seen communicating to the dark one. "What did they call it?" he says to himself. "Oh yes! The Dark Dweller. I wonder if that is the same creature that captured the woman that I have chosen to open the doorway." He then smiles to himself. "I must bring this creature Morpho to my castle." He then waves his hands over the crystal ball, so he can get a closer look at Morpho. He then commands the crystal ball to bring Morpho to him, but something goes wrong. Instead of getting Morpho he also gets Bloth. "This wasnít supposed to happen." says Dimitri to himself. He didnít want this fat creature, he just wanted Morpho. What was he going to do with Bloth? He had to get rid of him.

"Hello gentleman, welcome to my castle." he says Morpho. But when he turns to Bloth he laughs and says, " Iím not sure what Iím going to do with you, Bloth. But Iím sure I will find something." He then smiles, showing his fangs. When Bloth sees this, his mouth drops open in horror. "What was this horrible creature?" he thinks to himself. And what did he mean by that." Dimitri then laughs. "Come gentlemen. We have much to discuss. I know I have use for Morpho, but you Bloth, well will come to that later." He then turns towards the door and asks them to follow him. They do so.

And as Bloth and Morpho are escorted down the hall, they see strange pictures of a man on the wall. "Who is that?" asks Bloth. When Dimitri hears this he turns to Bloth and says, "oh that is my Master Dracula." Finally they reach two very large bedrooms. "Bloth, I have something I want to discuss with Morpho then I will talk to you. Please wait here and I will come get you when Iím done" But Bloth shakes his head. "No! Iím not going in there. I donít have to obey you!" But as he says this, he sees Dimitriís eyes, and suddenly Blothís eyes begin to droop. He is soon under Dimitriís spell. "Go into the room and wait for me." Bloth then nods his head and goes into the room, when he is inside Dimitri slams it shut. And as the door closes he releases Bloth from the spell. He then puts a large wooden board on the door, to keep Bloth inside the room. "There, now where were we? Oh yes." He smiles to himself. "Come Morpho, you and I have a lot to discuss. And please donít say no, as you can see I can easily control anyone I want to." When Morpho hears this, he stops and says, "Of course, but I will not be easily controlled like the pirate." When Dimitri hears this he smiles. "Oh I know about him already. The people here call him the Dark Dweller. I wish to hear more about him. He interests me. He is also the one that made the woman called Tula clairvoyant. "Morpho is shocked by this. "How could you know?" he asks. Dimitri laughs. "In do time. Letís get you settled first. My apprentice will be here soon with the woman." They then go to an another room, which is bigger then where Bloth had put in. At first when Morpho comes in, he doesnít see anything, but then when he is completely inside he sees the laboratory. He runs over towards it. He is amazed. "How did you. . .?" He never gets to finish because Dimitri puts his hand up and says, "later. I have to go welcome Tula. Weíll talk more later." He then leaves the room, locking it behind him.

After Dimitri leaves Morpho in the room, he goes towards a large window as if it was a small doorway. He soon sees the gargoyle returning with Darius. And from what he can see Tula is still unconscious. When the gargoyle gets close enough to the castle, he hovers near it, so Darius can hand Tula over to Dimitri. After Dimitri is given Tula, he tells Darius to go check on the one called Bloth. "I will take care of her. After you make sure the pirate is still inside his cell take the crystal ball you took with you and wait for me in my quarters." "Yes master." Darius then gets off the gargoyle and goes to where Bloth is being kept.

After Darius leaves Dimitri carries Tula down the hall He watches as she sleeps in his arms. He smiles as he watches her. She was perfect. He then carries her into a small room where there is a bed. This wasnít his quarters, just a place to keep her so he can prepare the ceremony.

Meanwhile as Dimitri is placing Tula on the bed, Ren and Ioz are finally getting closer to the island where Dimitri lives. After putting down his paddle, Ren takes out his telescope and points it towards the island. And to his shock, he see flying a castle on top of a skull. This had to be the island. "Ren what is it?" asks Ioz. "Here see for yourself." Ren then gives the telescope to Ioz. Ioz is astounded as he looks through the telescope at the castle. But as he looks through he sees movement. He tries to focus on it, but no matter how hard he tries he canít focus in on it. "Ren look at this." He then hands the telescope back to Ren. But when Ren looks through he doesnít see what Ioz saw. He sees large creatures. He is amazed how big they were. They werenít dagrons. Dagrons were much smaller. But as their about to reach the island, they suddenly a voice calling their names. "Ren! Ioz! Stop! Ren, I need to speak to you!" When Ren hears his name being called, he turns around to see Niddler flying above them. "Niddler! Whatís wrong?" "Itís Tula, said Niddler. "Sheís been kidnapped by some kind of creature!" "Kidnapped! But how?" "Iím not sure. Jenna said that she and the doctor were watching Tula, when they suddenly became frozen. Thatís when they saw this creature. It was half-dog and half-man. They tried to move, but they couldnít." He then told Ren how Jenna and the doctor watched helplessly as the creature carried Tula away on this large beast. "Was it a dagron?" "No. They said it was bigger." Ren then turns back to the castle. He then hands Niddler the telescope and has him point it to the island where he and Ioz seen the flying creatures. "Was it one of them?" Niddler then looks through telescope and sees the flying creatures. "Yes! I think that might be what they saw. But what are they?" "I donít know, but weíre going to find out!"

And as Ren and Ioz step on the island, they suddenly hear large wings over them. "Ren look! Theyíre coming right at us!" And as Ioz points to the gargoyles, the creatures begin to dive bomb them, swooping down on their heads. They try to fight them off their swords, but it doesnít work. And as they are fighting off the gargoyles Dimitri is looking down at Tula. But as he watches her, he suddenly senses something else was on the island. He then gets his crystal ball. Dimitri then commands the crystal ball into showing what was on the island. And to his shock he sees a young man and another man. "It couldnít be." He says to himself. "It can be Primus. But how?" He then telepathically summons Darius. Suddenly a voice begins to speak in his mind. "Yes master?" "I want you to come to my quarters." "Yes master." Darius then soon appears at Dimitriís door. He then knocks on the door, "master?" "Ah. Good youíre here. Come over here. They then walk over to the crystal ball. "Look inside the crystal and tell me what you see." Darius then does so. "Master from what I can see are two men and a weird looking bird." "Good," says Dimitri. "I want you to bring me the young man. I donít care about the other one or the bird creature you saw. Just the young man bring to me." "Yes master." Darius then leaves the room to get the gargoyle so he can retrieve the young man.

He then pulls out the crystal ball and places it on a mantel in the room. "I think it is about time for you wake up from your sleep my dear." Dimitri then begins to chant, "Carmen de Obscuritas; Animus Sic Altus; Somno De Somonus!" and as if she could hear them, Tula begins to open her eyes. "Where am I?" She then turns her to Dimitri, who is smiling at her. "Who are you?" Dimitri then bows his head and says to her, "my name is Lord Dimitri. And you my dear are my guest. I have been searching for someone like you for a long time." He then smiles. "Iím confused. I donít understand. Where is Ren and my friends?" "Oh you mean the boy. You will be seeing him shortly." When Tula hears this, she is shocked. "See him? Heís coming here." "Yes, I want him to see you one last time, that is before you become my bride." "Bride! Iím not marrying you!" She then tries run to get past him, but he grabs her. "I donít think you understand my dear. You are staying here. I have searched for one like you, for so long. It may take a while, but you will soon begin to like it here." He then smiles at her. When Tula hears this, she tries to pull away from him.

She then finally pulls herself away from him and walks over to the window. She wants to warn Ren on what he is to face, but Dimitri reads her mind. "Do you like what you see?" At first Tula doesnít say anything, but then turns to Dimitri and says, "I was looking at some kind of creature. Is that the creature that will be bringing Ren to you?" "Yes." He then looks at her. But then Tula does something that surprises him; she places her hands on the sides of her head, and begins to use her ecomancer abilities. Dimitri is shocked by this. He couldnít let her do this. He had to stop her. He then uses his telepathic powers to block her. She still tries to continue, but at every try she gets weaker and weaker. She then turns to look at him, hoping that maybe looking at him might do something, but that is a mistake; because soon she begins to feel weak. Her eyes begin to flutter. She then falls to the floor, out, but before she hits the ground he catches her. He has made a good judgement in picking his bride. His master would be pleased.

Meanwhile Ren, Ioz, and Niddler are fighting the gargoyles Ren sees a larger gargoyle flying towards them. At first he tries to get a glimpse, but he then asks Ioz for the telescope. He points it at the large creature, and to his shock he sees someone sitting on it. He then turns to Niddler, " I want you to take this telescope and look at the creature coming towards us." Niddler does this. "Yes Ren, I think thatís the same creature Jenna and the doctor saw take away Tula." Suddenly the large gargoyle swoops down and grabs Ren. Ioz and Niddler try to pull Ren away, but it is no use. They then watch in horror as Ren is flown away. And as Ren is being carried away, Darius telepathically tells the other gargoyles to attack the monkey-bird and the pirate. Ren then watches in horror as his friends are bombarded by the creatures. Fearing that if he doesnít get free from this creature and help his friends, they would surely die he pulls out his sword, and starts to beat the creature. But unknown to Ren, Darius has turned around. When he sees Ren beating at the gargoyleís feet he laughs and bends down and grabs the sword. "No! I canít let you do that. If you do that my friend will surely drop you and my master wishes to see you. And I wonít displease my master. Now cooperate. Who knows maybe you might be allowed to see your ladyfriend." When Ren hears he stops struggling. "Good." Darius then turns back, and pats the gargoyle, "hurry my friend, master awaits." The gargoyle then flies faster carrying its prisoner back to the castle.

While Ren is being carried away by the gargoyle, Niddler and Ioz are still fighting the creatures. "Ioz! What do we do?! How do we escape these creatures and free Ren?" But unknown to them Dimitri is watching them through his crystal ball. He laughs as the creatures attack the pirate and bird. "Such fools." But he stops for a moment, because suddenly he sees something strange happen. A shield of light appears around Ioz and Niddler. He then watches in disgust as the gargoyles are stunned every time they touch the light. "Ioz whatís happening?" "I donít know monkey-bird, but whatever it is, Iím glad its here. If it wasnít weíd be those creatures dinner," says Ioz. When Dimitri sees this he bangs on the mantel. "Damn! How is it possible?" He is still banging on the mantel, when he hears Tula stir. He then turns around to watch as she begins to come around. "Enough! It doesnít matter anyway. I got what I wanted, and after I get rid of the boy she will become mine!" He then laughs as he watches her awaken. He then waits until she wakes up. He then walks over to the bed and waits until her eyes open. It takes a moment or to, but she soon awakens. "Hello my dear, Iím glad to see you awake." She tries to push herself from him, so he couldnít touch her again. "You still have fire. I like that!" Dimitri then reaches over and grabs her, and says in a seductive voice "look into my eyes." She tries to turn her face, but he holds her still. "You will look at me." She tries to fight, but with no avail, she soon falls under his spell. "Excellent! My dear, can you hear me?" "Yes master." "Good, now open your eyes and look at me." She does so. "Iím going to get you a dress. When I come back you will put it on. Understand." "Yes." He then sits her up on the bed, and leaves the room. He then goes down the hall, and into another room. When he gets inside the room, he pulls out a large chest, and inside the chest are a pile of dresses. Dimitri then looks at the dresses, "which one should I pick for her." He then starts to pull out the dresses one by a time. "Suddenly as he is looking through the dresses, he spots three. (Describe later.) "Perfect!" He then goes back into the room, where Tula is waiting. When he comes in, sheís still sitting on the bed. "Aah my dear, I have brought you three dresses." He then places the dresses on the bed. Now which one should he pick? He then has her stand up. After she stands up, he then picks up one of the dresses and puts up to her chest. "Perfect! This dress will do nicely! Now put it on. Then after you get dressed, come see me." She then nods her head, and begins to take off her clothes. Dimitri then smiles to himself, as he leaves the room. As he leaves the room he hears Tulaís voice. "Master?!" Dimitri then goes back into the room.

When he gets inside, he sees her wearing the dress. "You look beautiful! Come here!" She does so, but she walks towards him she sees herself in the mirror. And as she walks by the mirror she sees herself in the dress. She then stops and looks in the mirror. Suddenly as if someone had snapped their fingers, Dimitriís spell begins to wear off. She then blinks her eyes, and looks around the room. But when she looks back into the mirror she is shocked. What happened to the clothes she was wearing? Now she was wearing a long pink gown. After she thinks she is dreaming, and touches the mirror. But to shock and amazement when she touches the mirror everything comes back. The lighthouse. The voice she heard, everything. But where was she now? "This isnít right," she says to herself. "Why am I here?" But as she looks into the mirror she suddenly hears a voice behind her. "You look beautiful! The dress fits you like a glove." When Tula hears this she turns around to see a man looking at her. And thatís when it hits her. "Dimitri!" She then pushes him away! "What? How?" He then smiles at her and snaps his fingers. "It must have been the reflection! That is what did it! But it does not matter, I can still take back control." He then grabs her by the arms. "So my spell was not strong enough, no matter." He then wraps one arm around her, holding her still. He then places the arm around her head, making her face him. "Look into my eyes. You are mine. Your thoughts are mine. My wishes are your wishes." She tries to fight, but soon her eyes begin to close. He then places a stronger hypnotic suggestion on her, knowing this time she wonít be able to break it.

Meanwhile Darius has returned with Ren. And after getting off of the gargoyle he takes Ren and chains him to a wall. He then contacts Dimitri. "Master, I have the boy." Excellent," says Dimitri. Bring the boy to my quarters. I want him to see her." After Darius receives this message, he turns back to Ren and says, " my master wishes to see you. He has someone he wants you to meet." He then unlocks the chains that are connected to the wall, and drags Ren to where his master awaits. When they reach Dimitriís quarters, Darius stops. He then knocks on the door. Suddenly the door opens, and to Renís horror, he sees a man and standing next him; Tula.

"Tula? What have you done to her!" He tries to free himself from the chains, but it is no use. Dimitri laughs when he sees this. "You are not pleased to see your friend? I am surprised. How about you my dear, arenít you happy to see him." Tula then turns to Dimitri, taking his arm and says, "yes master. I am pleased to see him." Dimitri then walks towards Ren, but before he does so, he turns to Tula and says, "my dear wait for me inside. I want to talk to the young man in private." He then removes his hand. He then turns to Darius and says, "leave us Darius." He then waits for Darius to leave, then turns to Ren and says, "I have been searching for a key to open a gateway to my world. Iím not saying I donít like your world. I do in fact. Even your creature, the Dark Dweller interests me. There is just one problem, I have been here so long; I miss human companionship. I admit I had someone in my world, but she was nothing like your Tula." At first Ren doesnít say anything, he just stands there. "I confuse you. I will explain. I am a vampire." "A vampire?" Ren is astounded. "I donít understand. How did you get here then?" He is about to say something else, when Dimitri stops him. "So many questions, so little time. And even though there is a lot to be done, I will explain to you what a vampire is. A vampire is a being male or female that can live for thousands of years. Of which you should be grateful, because when I marry Tula, she will become a vampire just like me." When Ren hears this, he tries to charge him, but Dimitri by lifting his hand Ren is thrown across the hall.

"Such a fool. True, I donít have her soul yet, but I will. She has a strong will. I admit she has a strong will, but that that wonít last." He then walks into another room beckoning Ren to follow him. At first Ren just stands there, but soon as if he to was under some kind of trance follows Dimitri inside. But when he gets inside he stops and says, "Iím not to sure what to think. But why Tula? What can she give you?" Dimitri laughs when he hears this. "Your ladyfriend is what my people call a medium or a clairvoyant. I can use her powers to open the doorway. After the doorway is open, my master, Count Draculaís spirit will appear and marry us. Then I will make her mine." "You canít have her I wonít let you!" He then tries to again attack Dimitri, but he fails. "Such a fool. There is nothing you can do to stop me. I admit there was one man. A vampire hunter, but he is in my world." And as Dimitri says this, Allistair is listening through his crystal ball. "Interesting. That is how I will stop you." But as Allistairís thinks of a plan to get this person Dimitri continues to explain, knowing Ren cannot stop him.

"For that last two-hundred years I have failed in my attempts to open the doorway to my world. I have tried everything, even black magic. And I almost had it, but then I discovered something, I needed a woman. A woman with a will like fire, that could burn a manís soul. Beauty that could make a man stop in his tracks. And the last but least was that she had to have the gift. Since she can sense the dead, I can use her to open the doorway to my world."

When Ren hears this he begins to struggle, but as he struggles, a long chain attaches itself to him with his chains, and he is pulled against a wall. "You have a lot of fight in your boy! But that wonít last. Trust me." He then laughs as Ren tries to reach for him. And as Ren struggles against his chains, Dimitri places his hands behind his shoulders and says, "fight all you want. There is nothing you can do about it." "No! I wonít let you!" "Such foolishness. Things would have been easier if you had just given, but since you wonít, I guess Iíll have to do the same thing I did to Tula; but there will one difference." Dimitri then laughs and begins to chant some words. Carmen de Obscurare; Animus Sic Altus; Etenimsempter Plus Dormire"! Suddenly Renís eyes begin to droop. He tries to fight, but he fails. After Dimitri is sure Ren is under his hypnotic suggestion, he walks over to Ren and lifts up his chin. "Such a pity." He then leaves the room, and goes to where Tula is being kept. When he reaches the room and opens the door, he sees Darius watching Tula. "Leave us Darius." Darius then bows and says, "yes master." He then leaves the room.

After Darius leaves the room, Dimitri walks over to Tula and lifts her chin with his hand and says, " Soon I will be ruler of this planet and you will be my queen." He then laughs. Dimitri then laughs, but as he does so Tula pulls away from his him and says, " I know Iím included in your plan, your grace," she says sarcastically. "But I donít understand, why you need Ren. He is no use to you. And even if your plan works, I will not please you." She then walks over to the window, and as she looks down, at the sea; she soon begins to speak. "No matter how many times you put me under, I will not succumb to your will. I will be your bride." "You wonít. Iím sorry my dear, you will." He then grabs her and turns her around. "I have tried to be easy, you leave me no choice." He then still holding her with one arm takes out some powder. He then gently places it on his lips. He then pulls Tula into his arms and kisses her. And as he kisses her, the powder is absorbed in her skin. Dimitri then pulls back and waits. Suddenly Tulaís eyes begin to flutter. "I feel dizzy. What did you do to me?" "Oh that," says Dimitri. "When you and I kissed, there was powder on my lips. Once the powder is absorbed into the skin, the person will fall into a deep slumber. I admit you will not rest long, but when you awake, the hypnotic suggestion that I used before will return, and this time you will stay mine." And hearing this, she falls to the floor. Dimitri then walks over, picks her up and places her back on the bed. He then summons Darius back to his room. When Darius returns, "stay with her. She wonít sleep long, when she awakes call me." "Yes master." Dimitri then leaves the room.

He smiles when he returns to where Ren is sleeping. When he gets inside Ren is still sleeping. He then shuts his eyes, waving his arms over Renís head and says, "Vigilans, Vigilans!" Suddenly Ren wakes up. But when he wakes up and sees Dimitri he again tries to free himself. "You! You.." But he never gets to finish, because Dimitri raises his hand in front of him and says, "wait before you yell, I wish to speak to you." At first when Ren hears this, he is unsure. "Al right Iíll listen. But talk fast dartha eel, my patience is failing. (Change word later.) Dimitri then walks up to Ren and says, "I have no quarrel with you boy. But you are in the way. But before I give you my terms, I have to ask you a question. Are you related to the man called Primus?" When Ren hears this, he is shocked, but nods his head acknowledging him. "Yes I am his son, but that does not matter now because I wonít let you have her. You have to fight me first." Dimitri laughs when he hears this. "You fight me boy!" He then laughs even harder when he hears this. "We shall see, but before you," laughing as he says this, "remember one thing, I am a vampire. That means Iím stronger then you. And you cannot stop me. I will at least let you say goodbye to your friend. Once the door opens and my people can come in, I will need you." But thatís all he says to him, leaving Ren wondering what he meant.


After Dimitri leaves Renís cell, he returns to find Darius waiting for him. "Master she has awaken. And as you expected, fully under your control." He then leaves, allowing Dimitri to go and see Tula. As he opens the door, he sees Tula on the bed. She then turns to face him, and says, "master?" At first, he just stands there, looking at her. A few minutes go by, with Tula staring at him, and him staring at her. Finally Dimitri approaches her. "You are so beautiful. You will make a perfect queen." He then lifts up her chin and caresses her cheek. "Stay here, I will return for you later." He then instructs her to act normal, but no so, that she can think disobey him. She does so. After leaving his quarters, he returns to where Morpho is. He had to find out more about this Dark Dweller.

When Dimitri enters the room, he sees Morpho pouring a blue liquid into a beaker. At first Dimitri just stands there. He doesnít want to disturb Morpho. As he watches Morpho, he wonders how such a creature like him could exist. He wasnít a demon. After Morpho was done pouring the blue liquid into the beaker, Dimitri approached him and said, "Morpho." Morhpo then turns around. At first when he sees Dimitri, he at first smiles, but then stops. "I am grateful for the laboratory Lord Dimitri, but I suspect you didnít just give me this laboratory out of the goodness of your heart. What is that you want from me. I would be more then happy to repay you." "Good," said Dimitri, "because I have a favor as well as a question to ask of you. First off, how did you become this like this." Morpho laughs when hears this. "I became this way, says Morpho; "by my master The Dark Dweller. From what you see now, was done by my master. He turned me into this, so I could serve him. I originally was a scientist, but my interest in science as well as making a name for myself. I sought the Dark Dweller, thinking I could make this creature tell me his secrets, but instead, I became this. The deal was by becoming like this, I could live on. And as long as I obeyed my master, I could do as I wished." Dimitri is intrigued when he hears this. "I want to hear more about your master, and in return everything here is yours." The more Dimitri hears, about this creature, the more he wants to know. "What is it that you want to know?" Dimitri smiles, "I want you to know how you communicate with your master. And why his interest in Tula." When Morpho hears this, he is shocked. " I admit her powers interest my master, but that is all I know." "And Bloth," asks Dimitri. "Bloth is a fool. He wants to use her to keep away my master as well as keep the boy away. See Bloth and this boy Ren are mortal enemies." Dimitri smiles when he hears this. "Interesting. I like this. Thank you Morpho. We will talk again later."

After Dimitri leaves Morpho puts his hand to his chin, "what was he up to. Why did he want Tula? And why the interest in his master? Interesting." He would have to find Bloth and tell him of his thoughts. He had to contact his master, but he didnít know how. Ever since he lost the crystal ball he used to communicate had been broken; it was hard for him to contact his master. Maybe Dimitri had a crystal ball, he could use. And as he tries to think of a way to convince Dimitri into getting him this device, he suddenly hears a voice calling him. "Morpho! Morpho! Come! Come to the window." "Master!" Morpho then runs to the window. When he reaches the window he sees a small mass of dark water under his window. "Master?" Suddenly a silhouette of a face appears. "Morpho, listen to me. I donít know what this creature is, but I donít trust him. We have to find a way of stopping him. I am to be the rule of this planet, not some outsider." "What do you want me to do, master?" asks Morpho. " Make friends with him, so much so, that he will trust you. And when the time is right kill him," sneers the Dark Dweller. "But what about the girl?" "I will deal with that later. Just deal with this creature now." "Yes master." says Morpho. He then watches his masterís silhouette disappear into the dark water.

After Dimitri leaves the room, he returns to the room where Tula sleeping. When he gets to the room, where she is, he sees Darius waiting outside. "Master, she awaits you." "Excellent Darius." replies Dimitri. When he goes into the room, Tula is sitting on the bed waiting for him. "You are so beautiful my dear. Get up and turn around so I can see you in it." And as she does so, Dimitri is impressed. "Perfect"! exclaims Dimitri. He then brings her towards him by taking her hand and pulling her to him.

He then lifts her chin, and looks into her eyes. "You are almost mine." And as Dimitri speaks, a tear falls from Tulaís eye. "Awe, a tear. Do not cry my dear. Soon you will have everlasting life. You will live forever." He then steps back and begins to laugh. Dimitri then turns to where there is a dresser and a chair sitting in front of it. He then turns back to Tula, and says, "my dear, go over to the chair and sit down." She does as she is told. "Now sit nicely, spread out your dress. Excellent!"

And as Dimitri is laughs watching Tula, Ioz are paddling away from the island, with Niddler flying along side the canoe, when Niddler stops flying and says, "how are we going to get back on the island, with all those creatures on it." "Thatís a good question", how was he and the monkey-bird going to get back on the island. The island looked heavily guarded. They needed a plan, and as Ioz is trying to think of one, when he hears a voice, calling to him in his mind. "Ioz! Ioz, can you hear me?" Ioz turns around, but he doesnít see anyone. At first he thinks itís Niddler playing a joke, but it wasnít. "Someone was calling him, but who?" The voice then begins again. "Donít you remember Pirate, Allistair. The old man you met on the island. I am summoning you through my crystal ball. Iím going to try to transport you from where you are to my island. We need to talk. Your friends are in great danger!" Ioz is stunned when he hears but nods his head. "Ok, old man, Iím not sure if I understand, but go ahead," Ioz says.

After a couple of failed attempts, Allistair finally summons Ioz and Niddler to his island and then inside his cave. At first Ioz and Niddler donít say anything. "Allistair did it! They were really there"! says Ioz to himself. He then looks over where Allistair is standing and says, "ok, weíre here, now what?" "Iím not sure, but I think I can help you get Ren here but time is running out! I saw through my crystal ball that Dimitri plans to use Tulaís powers to open the doorway to his world, marry her, and make her his queen. This is not good. If we donít act soon, Mer will be in terrible danger!" Allistair then goes back to his crystal ball, and begins to chant some mysterious words. As he does this, Ioz and Niddler watch in amazement. Soon the crystal begins to glow, he then begins to say the same words louder and louder, until a bright light shape begins to glow in the room. And as he chants the words, Niddler and Ioz notice Allistairís hands move around the globe, as if barely touching it. Soon the bright shape begins to take form. And as they watch in awe, the form soon begins to take shape of a man. Suddenly Ren appears. He looks around, and is stunned to see Ioz and Niddler staring at him. "Ioz! Niddler! How!" Ioz then points towards Allistair, whom of which turns around to look at Ren. "Aah, my son, you have returned! Iím glad my spell worked, but we donít have much time. Tula is in great danger. I think Dimitri plans to use her powers to open the door to his world, and we have to stop him!"

He then directs Ren, Ioz, and Niddler to four chairs around a table. He then insists they sit down. "I will explain everything, first..," but he never gets to finish, because Ren jumps up from the table. It finally sunk in. "Ren calm down! Please come back and sit down. I have a plan to save your friend." At first Ren does just stands there, but then finally comes back to the table and sits down. "Iím listening Allistair. What is your plan to stop Dimitri and save Tula from that Dartha Eel!" Allistair then gets one of his spell books out; he puts it on the table. He then opens it to a certain page, and gives it to Ren. "Look at this. I want you to study this. The only way to stop Dimitri is to kill him. I know you donít want to do this. It isnít in your nature, but we have no other choice, and anyway Dimitri is already dead!" "Dead! How?" says Ren. "He looks al right to me." "Vampires are creatures of the undead. They suck the life or blood out of the living to survive. That is why they are so dangerous! The only problem is that, we donít have the proper equipment to do it!" Ren then hits his hand on the table, and says, "do you know how to get the equipment we need?" "Yes, but we also need someone to do the deed, or knows how to do it, and that means we have to get a vampire hunter!"

"A vampire hunter? I donít understand," asks Ren. Allistair smiles and says, "A vampire hunter is a being that can hunt down and kill a vampire. I might even be able to fight the vampire that is out to kill Dimitri. " When Ren, Ioz, and Niddler a hear this, they are dumbfounded.. "Al right I understand that, but what about this vampire hunter. And how do we find one?" "Iím getting to that," says Allistair. Iím going to try to use my crystal ball to open a door way to his world, and transport a vampire hunter from that world to ours." "I understand Allistair, do whatever you have to," Ren says.

Allistair then begins to rub his hands around the crystal ball, chanting words to it, suddenly, as before a bright light shaped like a man appears. It takes a while to transform, but suddenly a man appears. Ren, Ioz, and Niddler are shocked when they see him. The clothes were so strange. The man looked liked like nothing they had ever seen before. He wore a black top hat, a short black cape, and what looked like a suit. "Good day sir", and as he says this, he bows, and takes off his hat. "My name is Lance Van Helsing, I am the great-grand son of Abraham Van Helsing. How may I help you." At first Ren and Ioz donít know what to say. It takes them a while, to catch their breaths and greet the stranger. Ren then finally takes a step forward and says, "my name is Ren, and I am the prince of Octopon; Son of Primus. And I need your help". At first Claude says nothing, but then clears his throat and says, "Son of Primus. I am honored to meet you. How may I assist you?" He then points to the table, where Ioz and Niddler are sitting and says, "please your highness sit, and tell me. I suspect the reason why you summoned me here, is not for an easy task." He then goes over to one of the two chairs that are empty and sits down, waiting for Lance Van Helsing; The Vampire Hunter to sit in one. But he doesnít. He goes over to where Ioz is sitting and says in an firm but polite voice, "Sir, please get up. I would like to sit in that chair." Ioz laughs when he hears this, then points towards the chair empty and says, "what about that one. Afraid to get your precious suit dirty." He then begins to laugh. Suddenly, Lance grabs Ioz by the throat, picks him up and throws across the room. When Ren sees this, he is shocked. He couldnít believe how strong this man was. Lance then bows towards Ioz and says, "my apologies sir, Iím not used to people refusing me. I usually get what I want." He then turns back to Ren, apologizes and sits down. "Please, son of Primus, continue. What is the name of the creature you wish me to slay?" Ren then tells the vampire hunter Dimitriís name. Suddenly Lance stands up, and punches the table. "What did you say? Dimitri! I have been searching for this creature for a long time. It would give me great pleasure to kill this creature. He has been a pain in my back side for a long time." "I know what you mean, he has taken a friend of mine, and plans to use her to open the door to your world. And Iím also sad to say, he also plans to marry her. Can you help me stop him? Allistair has said the only way to stop Dimitri is to have a vampire hunter kill him, that is why you are here. Will you help me?"

At first Lance just sits back down in his chair, folds his arms over his chest and says nothing. He knew that he had to stop Dimitri from opening that doorway, but the woman, he couldnít do that. The son of Primus would have to do that. He also knew if Dimitri bit her, she wouldnít be able to be saved, she would have to be killed. He then looks around the room. He then calls over Allistair and whispers in his ear, "Allistair, does the boy know the risks involving the woman?" "Iím sad to say", says Allistair, "no he does not. Iím havenít had the chance to tell him, and Iím not sure if I can tell him." Lance then nods his head, turns to Ioz and Niddler and says, " Pirate, bird-creature, leave this room! This concerns you no longer! Allistair, the boy and I will be handling this. I will not be needing your assistance. Now go!"

At first Ioz and Niddler are shocked, they then turn to Ren, and Ioz says, "weíll go, but only if you ask Ren. Remember Bloth and Morpho are also there, and Lance here, doesnít them as much as we do." Ren nods his head in agreement, but then also says, " I know, but heís right. Ioz I have never asked you to walk away from a fight, especially when it includes Bloth. But Tulaís life is at stake, as well as the fate of Mer. Please do as he says." Ren then goes over to his friends, places his hands on their shoulders, and says, "go, please. I donít want to lose the two of you as well. He seems to know what he is doing. I trust him," says Niddler. "Al right Ren, if thatís what you want", says Ioz. "We will go, címon Monkey-bird." They then leave the room. "Do you think they will do it? Follow you orders I mean?" says the Vampire Hunter. "I donít know, but if they show up while weíre fighting Bloth and Morpho, I wonít be sad to see them." When Lance hears this, he stops and says, "who is this Bloth and Morpho you speak of?" Ren laughs when he hears this. "Bloth is my enemy as Dimitri is yours. He is also responsible for the death of my father," says Ren. Ren then also explains about treasures of Rule and how he is trying to find the last five treasures so all of Mer can be free of the dark water. He then also explains about Morpho. And as he talks, Lance begins to smile. "This Morpho you speak of sounds like a demon." "He is a demon!" says Ren. "Because of him, I almost lost Tula." "Ren, my boy. Easy, we will stop Bloth as well as Morpho. But first things first, we need to get you there first, and without Dimitri knowing about it. Remember what I told you about him being able to read minds." Allistair says. Ren nods his head, and says, "yes." "Good," says Allistair. "Now let me think of a spell to get you into Dimitriís castle without being seen." He then begins scratching his beard, trying to think of a spell.

Suddenly he snaps his fingers and says, "thatís it!" He then goes over to his crystal ball, and begins to chant. Suddenly a small vortex appears. And as Allistair speaks, the vortex gets bigger. "Hurry! Go into the vortex. When you reach the end of the vortex, you will be inside Dimitriís castle! Be careful!" Ren and Lance then walk into the vortex and begin their journey towards the castle. And as they are going through the vortex Dimitri is beginning to work his evil magic as well.

After successfully putting Tula under his spell, Dimitri goes down to the bottom of the castle, goes into a room where there is large cave that is connected to the castle. And in front of the cave is a statue, shaped like a vampire. Dimitri then begins to bow in front of the statue, mumbling words to it. "Master! I have found her. She is the one that will open the door to our world. Soon your children will invade this world, and I will take over this planet in your name, Dracula!" Suddenly the eyes of the statue begin to glow a bright red light. And as the eyes begin to glow, Dimitri hears a voice inside his head, "Dimitri! Prepare this woman for the ceremony. After you prepare her, I will give you the rest of my directions." Dimitri then bows to the statue and leaves the room. After he leaves the room, he meets Darius down the hall. "Darius, bring the girl. We must prepare her for the ceremony to open the door." Darius smiles and says, "Yes master." Darius then rushes off to where Tula is being kept. And as he goes down the hall, unknown to him, a vortex appears; and out of the vortex comes out Ren and Lance Van Helsing; The Vampire Hunter. And as Darius goes to get Tula, Ren and the vampire hunter are walking down the hall, when they start hear a voice calling out for someone. "Morpho! Dimitri! Let me out of here! If you donít let me out I will break down the door!" Ren laughs quietly as he hears this threat. "Itís Bloth, he must be in that room." "So we must let him out; son of Primus. He may be some use to us." "No!" yells Ren. "You donít know this man! He is dangerous, untrustworthy! Heíll turn on us!" Lance then puts his hands on Renís shoulders and says, "Ren, sometimes our worst enemy is our best friend. Trust me on this." He then opens the door. And as the door opens, Ren and the vampire hunter see Bloth chained to a wall. Lance then walks over and pulls the chains from Blothís wrists, and as he does so, he holds Blothís neck and says, "Pirate, I am releasing you on one condition; you tell me where this creature Morpho is and I will let you go. But if you donít do this, I will have no other choice but to kill you! Understand." At first Bloth laughs, but as he laughs he begins to choke, because the vampire hunter suddenly begins to squeeze tightly on his throat! "If you do as I ask, I will stop, al right". Bloth then nods his head and whispers through a gaspy voice, " al right Dartha Eel! Iíll do as you ask."

He then helps up the fat pirate and says, "al right pirate; letís go find your comrade, but I advise you; donít give me any trouble. The one called Ioz did, and I threw him against a wall. Now caímon!" He then pushes Bloth forward. And as Bloth is going through the door he stops and turns. "Should I take that as a threat. Ioz is weak compared to me. You canít do to me what you did to Ioz." He then laughs. "Oh, but I think I have already proved that to you. I did pick you up by one hand, didnít I? Now letís go. No more stalling. The longer you stall, the less time we have. If Dimitri gets what he wants; your world wonít stand a chance." He then again pushes Bloth down the hall. And as they walking to where Morphoís room, Bloth turns to Lance and says, "what did you mean by, "your world doesnít stand a chance." Lance laughs. "Oh you think Dimitri have use for you. I doubt it. Iím sure even now he has thought of a way of disposing of you as well as this creature Morpho. Remember your use to him, is no longer needed. You were probably something that was conveniently brought to this castle, when Dimitri summoned the woman called Tula," says the vampire hunter.

Meanwhile as Lance, Ren, and Bloth are on their way to get Morpho, Dimitri has begun the ceremony to open the door to his world.

As Darius goes down the hall to get Tula, Dimitri summons his pets; the gargoyles to come to him. When the gargoyles come inside the room, Dimitri counts them. And from what he could see, theyíre were six. "Excellent!" he thinks to himself. He orders three of the gargoyles to get a cement altar from the dungeon. "Take off the chains, and bring it up here! Hurry go!" The three gargoyles then bow, and leave the room. After they leave, Dimitri orders the other three to stand near the statue. He had special orders for them. He then takes out his crystal ball, holds it in one hand and says, "Oriri! Oriri!" Suddenly the crystal ball begins to levitate. It rises off Dimitriís hand. Then it begins to glow a bright light. As the crystal glows in front of Dimitri, he then commands the crystal ball to bring pilon structures to him. Suddenly tall shapes of light appear. Then they begin to take shape. And after they take shape, each of the three gargoyles takes each pilon and stacks side by side of the cave where the vortex will appear. And as the work continues soon the cave begins to look like a sacrificial chamber. After the pilons are set up, the other three gargoyles come back with the altar. They carry it inside. Dimitri then orders them to place in the middle of the cave. After the gargoyles place the altar in the middle of the room, Dimitri sends them back to where the other three gargoyles are standing.

Dimitri then stands over the altar smiling; soon the door will open. Dimitri then walks over to the statue of his master Dracula and kneels before it. "Ascribere de Improbus! Dominus de Animus, your mission of conquering other worlds has come!" Suddenly the eyes of the statue begin to glow. As the eyes glow, Dimitri hears again, a manís voice in his mind. "My son, you have done well. This world is exactly what I need to gather our forces so when we go back to our world, we will have more warriors to dominate it! Now prepare the girl for the ceremony. But before you do, I wish to see her! Bring her before me, so I may see the sacrifice." "Yes Master!" He then turns to one of the three gargoyles and says, "Find Darius! Now! My master wishes to see my bride!" The gargoyle bows its head, and leaves the room.

As the gargoyle goes to search for Darius and Tula, Ren, Lance and Bloth, "The Vampire Hunter have found Morpho. He then turns to Bloth and says, "I know longer need you pirate, you may go! Leave me!" Bloth laughs when he hears this. "Leave here! How!" He then laughs even harder. "Like this!" Suddenly Lance raises his hands, and begins to speak in a strange tongue, "Grandis Dominus! Mittere hic Modo ab depro hic terra, ita ille possenon interfari nostri caperes!" Suddenly Bloth begins to disappear. "You Dartha Eel! You Cannot Do This To Me! The Boy And I Have Something To End!" The vampire hunter laughs when he hears this. "That does not matter to me Pirate. And at the moment you should be more worried about this planet, then your silly feud with this boy! But as Bloth is about to say something else, he disappears into thin air, but as he disappears, Morpho has heard him. "What is this?" Lance, then turns to where Morpho is standing. "Creature I wish to speak to you. We have donít have much time, and we need to talk. At first Morpho just stares, but then comes over to where the vampire hunter is standing. He then sees Ren, "ahh. I see heís here. I know why the boyís here, but why you?" "That does not concern you creature! Soon Dimitri will open the door to his world, and he will no longer need your services. Leave now! I give you this chance, but before you go, I have a warning. If you try to stop, I will have no other choice, but to kill you!" Morpho then smiles, "kill me,Hah! You cannot kill me, I am already dead!" And as Morpho laughs, Ren whispers to Lance about the dark dweller. And as Ren tells him Lance then begins to nod. "I understand, prince Ren. This creature created this being, you say. Interesting. Now mind you, I may not be able to fully stop it, but I can suspend it for a while." He then points his finger at Morpho and says, "Creature before me, Begone From My Sight! And those who follow and control your steps; you shall freeze in your footsteps. From The Cores of Hell, I command that the ground wherest your master resides." Suddenly Morhpoís figure suddenly stands still. He is frozen solid!

After Morphoís figure turned to ice, Ren and the Vampire Hunter continue their search for Dimitri and as they are searching the hall, they see Darius carrying a young woman in his arms. It was Tula, and she looked like she was sleeping. When Ren sees her, he starts towards Darius but Lance stops him. "No son of Primus! Look!" Lance then points towards a gargoyle coming towards Darius. After the creature has met up with Darius, it looks like theyíre having a conversation, except they canít understand what Darius and the gargoyle were saying. And it sounded like they were talking as if they were wild animals. Suddenly the voices stopped, and Darius began to follow the gargoyle.

After they walk past Morphoís quarterís, Ren and the Vampire hunter see a gargoyle go down the hall. After seeing this, Lance then turns to Ren and says, "now is our chance, we will follow them, but letís keep a far distance, if Darius or that creature see us, we could be in serious trouble." "I understand," says Ren. They then begin to follow Darius and the gargoyle.

As they follow, from what they could tell the hallway was getting darker by the minute, all that was lighting the way, was torches; held by stone hands. And as they walk, Ren watches the hands, and to his shock he sees them moving. "How is it possible?" he says to Lance. "Oh, they may be some of Dimitriís servants or victims that crossed him, and all that remains of them is their hands." Ren is stunned when he hears this; but he continues on knowing he was the only hope Tula had. When Darius and the gargoyle reach the sanctum where Dimitri is preparing the altar. "Lord Dimitri, I have brought the girl" Dimitri then turns and looks at them. "Place her, as if she was standing on her own." Darius does so. "Good, now step away." After Darius does this, Dimitri points to Tula and says, "come my dear, come to your master. I wish something of you! Now come!" And to Renís surprise as they watch hidden from view, Tula walks towards Dimitri. When she reaches him, she says to him, "what is it you wish, master?" Dimitri then puts his arm around her and points her towards the statue. Suddenly a voice speaks into the room, "my dear. I am your master. My son Dimitri has chosen you to do open the doorway to my world. As well as he has chosen you to be his bride." But before we start the ritual, something must be done," and as by magic, a slim gown appears in Tulaís arms. "Put this on, and return. Darius go with her. I want no interruptions.

"Yes master." He then escorts Tula out of the room.

"Excellent Dimitri," says the statue. "After Darius returns with the girl, we shall start the ceremony." After Darius leaves the room, the statueís eyes suddenly begin to glow; and as glow brightens throughout the room, Dimitri suddenly hears a voice in his mind. It is the statue speaking telepathically. " You have trained Darius well, my son. And everything for the ritual for my children to come in, is perfect.

After Darius brings Tula into a small room. He then orders her to put on the dress that she had in her hand. "Hurry! Put this on. When your done, come out, and we will return so Master Dimitri can begin the spell." She nods her head. He then closes the door and leaves the room.

After Tula gets dressed she opens the door and meets Darius outside. Darius then takes her hand and places it on his arm; and escorts her back to the chamber where the ritual is to take place. When Darius and Tula return, Ren and Lance are still hiding, and watching Dimitri prepare the altar for the ritual. By now he has on a black robe, and an amulet around his neck. "Master, we have returned." Dimitri then turns. He then beckons Tula to come towards him. "Excellent. Darius come here. Stand behind her." After Darius gets behind her, Dimitri then looks into her eyes and says, "Sleep, Sleep my love sleep! Youíll need your rest, because soon it will be time for you to help my master." Suddenly her eyes begin to flutter. She then falls backwards into Dariusís arms. Dimitri then commands Darius to lay Tula on the altar, so her head is facing the statue. Dimitri then goes over to the altar to double check, to make sure that she was in the right place on the altar; that her gown wasnít wrinkled. He then turns back to the statue and kneels before it, chanting a spell. Suddenly the statue of Dracula moves sideways; an entrance appears. Dimitri then walks over to it, raises his hands above his head and begins to chant: "Viola Violae! Tinctus Animae! Custos Lachtitae! Leno Amonis!" And as if the words he had chanted, a vortex appears. Dimitri then walks over to it and points to the altar and says, "Children of the dark, I give this girl to you! Use her soul for your means!" Suddenly out of the vortex appeared spirits. And as they came out, Dimitri greeted them, by allowing them to flow through him and around his body. "Come my children, meet my bride, as well as the soon to be queen of the underworld." And as if the spirits could understand him, they flew over to where Tula was lying on the altar. When they reached her, they lifted her up in the air; circulating around her, soon she was eight feet in the air. After the spirits levitated her, Dimitri then says to them, "My children the door to our world has opened. We must welcome the others. Tula, my bride, come to me. We must begin the ritual to allow the others to enter from the vortex."

And as Dimitri awaits for Tula to reach him, Ren and Lance watch in silence. "Lance I donít understand. I thought he had already used her." "He has Ren," said Lance. "But Dimitri only has the door to his world slightly opened. He needs to make the vortex bigger so the rest of his people can enter." I know you want to rescue your friend, and we will; just be patient. Heís saying something, and I want to hear what it is." "Great Master Dracula, everything you wished for has begun! I found a new world for our people, and the girl is ready to do your bidding! What is it you command?!" At first nothing happens, but suddenly the eyes of the statue begin a fiery red glow. "Tula! Come to me! Walk to the statue, and touch my hand!" she does so. "My dear, release your clairvoyance, as well as your ecomantic abilities so we can become one!" She then touches his hand. "Yes master". Suddenly a blue flashly light comes out of Tulaís hand. It then flows all around her, making her levitate. "You are mine. You will do exactly as I say! Walk to the vortex and touch it, and repeat after me!" When she reaches the vortex, and touches it, the voice then continues. Tula repeats these words. Suddenly the vortex becomes larger and larger; and then a bright lighter begins to come out of the vortex. It surrounds her, and to Ren and Lanceís horror; it begins to choke her. She then falls to the ground. Dimitri suddenly hears a voice inside his mind, "Dimitri do it now! Bite her, so she will become one with us!" Dimitri then nods his head and walks over to where Tula is lying on the ground. He then kneels down over her and moves her hair to the side so he can see her neck. And as he lowers his head so he can bite her, he hears an angry voice behind him. "No!"

"I wonít let you have her!" it was Ren. He then turns to Lance and says, "we have to strike now!" "Al right, son of Primus"; says Lance, " if that is what you wish so be it. But before we strike, take this." He then hands Ren a small silver tipped dagger, as well as a small pistol. "Take these two thing with you. Use the dagger on Dimitri and the pistol on the werewolf. It has silver bullets in it. And what ever you do, donít miss! Iím sure when Darius sees you, he will charge. I will go after Dimitri. We have an old score to settle! Now go!" The vampire hunter then turns to Dimitri and yells, "Dimitri before you take this girlís honor as well as her soul, I challenge you to a fight. That is unless you are two afraid to fight me!" Dimitri then snarls and says, "Lance, is that you? I thought I got rid of you the last time." Dimitri then charges towards Lance and jumps on top of him. "You were a fool to come back, vampire hunter! The last time we fought, you escaped my wrath, but this time, I wonít fail!" And as Dimitri and the vampire hunter struggle, Ren runs to Tulaís side; he then picks her up and begins to carry her away. But just as Ren is about to reach the hallway, he hears a voice behind him. "You canít have her! My master has chosen her! She is the one he has been searching for!" When Ren hears this, he then turns around so he could he see who was is threatening him. It was Darius.

At first Ren doesnít answer him. He just stares at him. "I wonít let your master have her! And if saving her means killing you, so be it!" He then puts Tula on the ground, and takes out the pistol that the vampire hunter had given him. He then points it at Darius. He then fires the pistol at Darius. "BANG!" But it doesnít work. Darius keeps coming. Ren continues to fire, but nothing happens. Suddenly Darius leaps into the air; to pounce on Ren; but before he can do so Ren pulls out the dagger that the vampire hunter had given him. But as Darius is about to land on him, Ren plunges the dagger into his chest. Ren then watches as Darius falls backwards. He tries to pull the dagger, screaming in pain. "Aah! Master!" But Dimitri doesnít hear him, because while Darius and Ren had been fighting, Dimitri and the vampire hunter were to busy fighting themselves.

Suddenly the vampire hunter turns his head to Ren, but still keeping Dimitri at bay, "Son of Primus! Use the pistol I gave you! Finish it! Darius is a werewolf! He might still be able to fight you if he gets that dagger out!" Ren then nods his head and shoots two more shots into the werewolf. Darius then falls into to the ground, but as he falls, Dimitri sees him. "No! You will pay for this boy! Once Iím through with this vampire hunter, I will tear you apart!" He then shoves himself onto the vampire hunter, trying to sink his teeth into his neck. But before he can do so, Lance shoves a dagger into his chest. And as Ren lifts Tula into his arms, he sees Dimitri scream out in pain. "You may have won this battle vampire hunter, but you wonít leave this castle alive!" And with all the strength he has left; he shoves Lance backwards into a wall. And as the vampire hunter is about to hit the wall, Dimitri telepathically opens up a small hole in the wall.

Suddenly a spike comes out. Ren then watches in horror as the vampire hunter hits the spike. When Ren sees this he shuts his eyes, so he doesnít have to see the spike being shoved into the vampire hunterís chest. Ren then puts Tula down on the floor, and races towards Lance. He tries to pull him off of the spike, but every times he tries to pull the vampire hunter screams out in pain. "Stop! Itís no use, Iím done for. Take your lady out and leave this place. Take one of the gargoyles, now that Dimitri is near death he wonít be able to control them. Also when he dies, your friend, Tula will awaken from his spell." Lance then collapses. And he watches his comrade die before him; he doesnít notice Dimitri sitting up. He then raises his hand. If he canít have this woman, then neither will this boy. He then summons Tula to get up from the floor. "Get up my child, Good. Come over to me, now take out the dagger, wipe off my blood." Dimitri says. She does so. "Now take the dagger and go over to the boy and kill him!" Dimitiri then lies back down on the floor, watching her as she approaches Ren. When she reaches him, Ren is still mourning the death of the vampire hunter when he sees Tulaís shadow. He then quickly turns around to see Tula hovering over him with the dagger. "TULA! No!" Ren then quickly gets up and grabs her wrists. "What are you doing?!" yells Ren. He tries to push her away, but nothing seems to stop, but then Ren stops and thinks. He knew Dimitri was controlling her, but since Dimitri was dying, maybe the control wasnít as strong. He then still holding the wrist that held the knife, lifts it up over her head; making sure she canít bring it down and kill him with it. He then with one arm around her waist and kisses her. And as he kisses her, he hears Dimitri yelling, "No!"

Suddenly he hears something hit the floor, itís the dagger. "Tula?" He then pushes her away. He then watches as Tulaís eyes begin to open. "Ren?" "Yes Tula, itís me. Your ok now." She then looks down at the floor. When she sees the dagger on the floor, it all comes back to her, "I was trying to kill you, wasnít I?" She then pulls away from him, and puts her hands over her face. "OH My God, I was trying to kill you! Iím so sorry Ren. I cou...couldnít stop." "I know. Itís alright now." Hen then pulls her hands from her face, and wipes away her tears gently with his fingers. He then pulls her into his arms, and gently rubs her on the back. "Itís over now." And as he comforts her, the castle suddenly begins to shake. "Ren!" At first Ren thinks heís hearing things, but then he hears the voice again. "Ren! Itís Allistair. You must get out of there! Now that Dimitri is dead, his castle is dying to. It will soon fall into the ocean. I still have the vortex open from my cave, hurry!" Ren then lifts Tula into his arms and runs out of the dungeon. And as he runs, he can feel Tula tighting her arms around his neck. "Hang on Tula, weíre almost through!" Ren then sees the vortex, he jumps through it.

When he reaches the cave, Ioz takes Tula out of his arms. But when Ioz takes her, he sees she has fainted. Allistair then points towards a small bed. "Place her on the bed. It has been too much for her to bear. For all we know, she can hear the gargoyles, as well the rest of the creatures dying on the island. It seems when Dimitri is dead, the castle as well as its occupants are now dying with him. She can probably hear their screams in her mind, that is probably what made her faint. Give her time, sheíll come around soon." After Ioz places her on the bed, Ren then comes over and sits down next to her. He then takes her hand into his, and whispers in her ear, "I love you." He then kisses her on the forehead. But as he does so, Allistair, Niddler, and Ioz are watching the castle fall. And even though the castle was so far away, they could still hear the castle crumbling into the ocean. After the last piece of the castle falls into the ocean, they hear a loud blood curdling scream; and it sounded like it was coming from a man. But just as Ioz and Allistair hear the scream, Tula awakens from her sleep as if someone had shoved from behind. When Ren sees this, he grabs both her arms and pushes her back down on the bed. "Itís ok Tula, relax," says Ren as he gently brushes the hair from her face. But she pushes herself away from him, and gets out of the bed. When she gets out of the bed, at first she seems to stagger as if she was in a daze. Ren tries to stop her, but she stops him. "I have to see! Please you must let me!" "Alright my child," says Allistair. "Come here." Allistair then leads her to the entrance of the cave so she can see. He then hands her a telescope so she can get a better look at the last of the castle; but when she looks through, she drops the telescope, giving Ioz barely enough time to grab it before it falls to the ground.

"Tula what is it? What did you see?" asks Ren as he walks towards her. "Dimitri. The Dark Water it has him. I can hear him in my mind screaming." She then puts her hands to head as if trying to block the sound. When Ren sees this, he comes over to her and puts her hands down. He then puts his arms around her from behind, and gives her a gentle squeeze and says, "he canít hurt you now. Itís over now. I doubt even that creature can survive the dark water. Now why donít you go back bed and rest awhile. We wonít be leaving until tomorrow morning. Allistair has told me there is an island where we can pick up some supplies. Weíll stop by there on our way back to Octopon." He then brings her back to the bed. "Get some rest. You and I will talk later."

At first she doesnít say anything, but then nods her head and gets back into the bed. But as she is about to shuts her eyes, she grabs Renís hand. "Could you stay with me for, just a while." He then nods his head, then turns to Allistair and Ioz and says, "give us a couple minutes, and I will be right with you." At first Ioz doesnít want to leave, but Allistair gives him a gentle push. "Letís go son. I know what youíre going to say, so donít bother. She has been through a lot. You have to give her that much?" Ioz then nods and allows Allistair to escort him out of the room with Niddler following him.

After Ioz, Niddler, and Allistair leave the room, Ren continues to gently stroke Tulaís cheek, hoping that it will help her sleep; but it doesnít work, because after he gets off the bed, Tula would wake up and grab his hand. He would then have to start all over again. "Ren," says Tula. "I know itís ok, as well as the fact that Dimitri can no longer get me. I also know that creature, Darius whom Dimitri called a werewolf is canít is dead; I would just feel a lot better if I knew someone was here with me." He then smiles and gestures her to move over. He then gets into the bed next to her.

After Ren gets a pillow so he lay against the headboard, he gestures to Tula to lay her head on his chest. "Better?" asks Ren. "Ummhm." Ren then puts his arm over and back rubbing it softly to help her relax. After a while Renís eyes begin to droop. Heís tired to, and with all everything that had been happening he to needed some sleep. He then pulled the covers over him and Tula. He then tucks the blanket around Tula, places his arm over her back; and goes to sleep. And as Ren and Tula sleep, Ioz and Allistair are going over a map to see which way was quicker to get back to Octopon.

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