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Last updated: April 2010 (added "The Mirror of Truth" by Son of Dangermouse)

Links to fanfic around the web

Min_Sora: Fanfic100 challenge
A set of darker, more serious vignettes exploring what would have happened if Tula accepted Bloth's offer to be commander of the Maelstrom. Some vignettes are adult-themed in nature.

Tazzy: Dude Looks Like A Lady
We all know Ren has a reputation for kind of being a "pretty boy", and it can be assumed that some pirates lead very lonely lives, nursed only by copious amounts of liquor. What happens if both were to cross paths?


» The Continuing Saga of The Pirates of Dark Water [ 1 | 2 ]

The end of the Quest, and the introduction of a new and more powerful villain.

Avagon and Solia

» The Convergence Trilogy [ Intro | 1 | 2 | 3 ]

22 - Divided We Fall: In search of the ninth treasure, the heroes enter uncharted territories where both old and new enemies await. Together they survive one deadly encounter, but one among them will not escape another?

23 - Confrontations: Ioz must race against time to make a daring rescue, but before he can confront his oldest foe he must come to terms with inner demons. Meanwhile, the other companions face struggles of their own?

24 - United We Stand: The heroes find themselves in desperate circumstances, where some startling discoveries are made. Will these secrets tear them apart, or will they forge new bonds between the companions?


» Untitled [ 1 ]

The first chapter of an extended-timeline series dealing with a new mercenary addition to the Quest, and a secretive group known as the Guardians of Mer, and their search for the "chosen one" to rid Mer of the Dark Water--and they don't believe it's Ren.


» The Net, The Shell, And The Sword [ 1 ]

The first (and possibly only?) part of a story detailing Ioz's childhood and early adolescence, including his reasons for leaving home and the start of his "career" as a pirate.


» Pirates of Dark Water: The Origins/The Future [ 1 ]

Michael created a Dark Water RPG years ago, and the gameplay spanned three years. Here's the introduction he wrote that spans Mer's past as well as its future.

Red Pickle Duck

» The Dark Journals [ Intro | Ioz | Niddler | Tula | Konk | Ren ]

A parody fic, in the style of Cassandra Claire's LOTR Very Secret Diaries.


» Quest [ 1 ]

Ioz runs into an old acquaintance, Niddler reveals something to Tula about her past, and an adventure ensues, as usual.

Son of Dangermouse

» The Mirror of Truth [ 1 ]

The crew returns to Andorus, restored thanks to Teron, but the threat of the Blight is not over yet.

This is written by the son of a Pirates of Dark Water fan (who goes by Dangermouse), who himself has become a huge fan. Way to pass it on to the next generation! :D

Stephen R. Sobotka, Jr

» Seven Seas of Myrr [ 1 ]

It's part 1 of an unfinished Gargoyles/PoDW crossover he wrote quite some time ago, possibly one of the first pieces of PoDW-related fanfiction online. :o)

Vin Diakuw

» The Pirates of Dark Water Role-Playing Game [ pdf | html ]

(It's not technically fanfiction, but it's by a fan, and it's written, so... ;o) ) An actual full-fledged RPG system, done for younger players, but specifically for Vin's niece and nephew--it still may requires an adult to assist, and it's really nicely done. (And I'm in the credits! *beams*) It may be revised after playtesting/read-throughs. In .pdf format. It's listed here as well as under Miscellaneous.


» The Stars And Thee [ 1 ]

A nicely-written love poem about Niddler and the author.

» Sleep Upon The Waves [ 1 ]

An open-ended love poem, written specifically for the series.

» Our Bed [ 1 ]

Like the above, an open-ended love poem, but with more emphasis on the physical aspect.

» Beautiful Backside [ 1 ]

A slightly more mature/adult-themed poem about Niddler.

» Alone In Shadows [ 1 ]

A "loss" poem, about Niddler (or the lack thereof).

» Greater Than A storm [ 1 ]

Another open-ended love poem, with a more adult/mature theme to it.


» Desperate Times [ 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6 | 7 ]

The story takes place some time after episode 21, and is darker and more mature, and what I felt the show could've been if it were aimed at an older audience.

» Fun with Fangirls [ 1 | 2 ]

Ren. And fangirls. And a rather pissy Tula. 'Nuff said. (This is a comedy/parody, if you couldn't tell.)