Alone in Shadows

by Zunidoll

This is me
The me without you
Without the colors of you to fill my sight
There's just the darkness
Only blacks and blues
I'm above the waves
Yet I still drown

Reflections tend to tease
There you are
You're right there in front of me
A ripple and now you're gone

I could always let the shadows come
Let the dark consume me
Maybe when I wake up
I'll be with you again
I always wanted to fly with you
Possibly then I can

I'm seeing holes in the walls
They capture my attention
I'd like to crawl inside one
Stay in there and hide
Put my hands over my eyes
And spend all my time
Imagining I'm with you again

A feather was floating on the wind
It landed in my lap
I looked up and for a second
I thought for sure I'd see you
I added it to my collection
The one with all the other feathers and fur
That I found astray in our bedroom

It would be so easy to end it all
But I just know you'd disapprove
I've got to keep hanging on
And not give in
I just know this waiting will pay off
One day we'll be together again

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