Beautiful Backside

by Zunidoll

(warning: slightly mature content ahead.)

I've been looking
I've been gazing for quite some time
I stare at you
I always seem to get lost in your eyes
And I caress the cheeks of your fabulous face
Down and down
That chest
Down and down
That cute stomach that wines
Down and down
Should I mention?
Dare I mention?
I must mention
What lies there
Right below the waist
It brings forth feelings that grab me
Strangle my curiosity
And I know I want it inside
But I haven't mentioned
I didn't mention
I must mention
Your beautiful backside

It sounds so typical
Especially coming from me
That I admire such a thing
As your beautiful backside

I want to go there tonight
And make your fur and feathers fly
It has to happen tonight
So lift your tail up
I know you won't disagree
Clench the bedding tight
You're going to fly high
Higher than your wings could take you
Beautiful backside
You're in my sights
Beautiful backside
Here and now tonight
In love
Your beautiful backside

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