Our Bed

by Zunidoll

We're like the ocean that surrounds us
Moving with rhythm
Motions and movements collide
We follow love's tide

When I arrived
I saw your bed
It wasn't a bed at all
Just a place to rest
A place to sleep
Just some hay and nothing more

I talked of my dreams
Then I told you of my schemes
The thoughts you spawned within me
It's now a love nest
You've never slept so comfortably
I've never slept so comfortably

Our bed
Our sweat
Our breath
These moves
This dance

Every night our bed rocks
This boat shakes
It's just the feelings stemming from our hearts
And there's the lullaby
A lullaby of emotion at its peak
One made by you and me

Pleasure once more
Make love
Hold me through the night
Stay here
Forever I'm yours
Sleep tight

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