Sleep Upon The Waves

by Zunidoll

The water beneath
It gently rocks us to sleep
Paired with our heartbeats
The time to dream is drawing nearer

A dream of you
Dreaming of me
How good to think
You really dream of me

My dear sweet angel
We must say goodnight
For now you're out of sight
But I'll dream of you tonight

We sleep upon the water
Go where the waves take us
Listen to the instruments of nature
Symphonies of soothing sound
The breathing
The beating
And the rhythm of the waves
After we've made love
They'll take us away

This lullaby
Guiding our way
Putting you inside my head
Me inside your mind
Can't get any closer than being inside

To sleep upon the waves
To sleep with you in my arms
Protecting you from harm
Its time to sleep tonight

And to the world outside
We say goodbye

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