The Stars And Thee

by Zunidoll

So this was the scene
No you
Just me
I was feeling so lonely

I told my troubles to the sea
To the night sky:
My wishes and dreams
I wished they'd send someone special to me

It was my first day on deck
I almost melted when we met
When your beauty hit my eyes
Within myself I began to cry

So there I was that night
Sitting alone
Getting some air
Staring up as usual
And there was a chill in the air

I looked down for a bit
Into the bottomless abyss
I wondered
What were the chances of a you and me

You came up from behind
I kinda jumped when I felt your hand
You put your arm 'round my shoulders
Your wing covered my back
And then you asked:

"What are you doing out here?
It's so late in the night
And I see that tear in your eye
Please tell me
Is everything alright?"

Your green eyes looked so inviting
Like they even had my same feelings inside
So I replied:

"I'm tired of sleeping
Without someone by my side
Within empty beds lie only sorrow
That's why I cry
I can't help but ask
Can we at least act
Like we're more than friends tonight?"

You seemed lost within the words I said
I began to tense
Thinking I may have even lost you as a friend
But now I know that fear deserves a laugh
Because now and forever
We share the same bed

I used to wish upon the stars
But now I thank them
My wish came true
They gave me something special
They gave me you

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