Greater Than A Storm

by Zunidoll

The waves are crashing
As our bodies start clashing
We flow with the waves tonight

Thunder and lightning
Our hearts are pounding
We're like the weather tonight

Maybe this ship will go down
Together we'd be as we drown
And a death with you is one I adore
Because hand in hand
We'd cross into that fabulous land
And be together forevermore

The wind's pushing and pulling
Our own storm is pulsing
We move like the wind tonight

The rain clouds overhead
They're like the sweaty sheets now over our heads
We're safe underneath tonight

Maybe the storm will end
But we'll keep on writhing in bed
And our true love will never be spent
Because heart to heart
We know we never will part
And remain together forevermore

Our words
Our actions
Our love
They're greater than a storm

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