Last updated: February 2010.


» Ren, son of Primus

The hero of the show. Prince of Octopon, leader of the quest, the dashing 17-year-old with flaxen hair and blue eyes and the golden-brown tan that all the girls are in love with. ;o) (All right, all right, almost all!)

» Niddler, the monkey-bird

The loyal, adorable alien sidekick with the notorious appetite for minga-melons, or just about anything, really. Cowardly, but he always comes through when they need him.

» Ioz, the ex-pirate

The burly, ruggedly handsome former pirate, with a fiery temper, a thirst for gold, and a rather chauvinistic streak that gets him into constant fights with Tula.

» Tula, the ecomancer

The girl. An ass-kicking, spunky, strong-willed young lady with the power to control nature, and ulterior motives for joining the Quest, but an intense loyalty to her friends.

» Zoolie, the gaming house owner

An old friend of Ioz's. A jolly, red-headed man who also turned from the pirate business and opened one of the finest gaming houses in Janda-town.



» Bloth, the villain

The captain of the Maelstrom. He lusts after the Treasures and would love nothing more than to see Octopon fall and to kill Ren with his bare hands for following his father's footsteps.

» Mantus, the commander of the Maelstrom

Bloth's subordinate. A seemingly frail-looking man with a deadly knack for swordplay, a cold, calculating mind, and a love for gold.

» Konk, the piglet

The comic relief villain. A piglet-type being, he's Bloth's scapegoat and is one of very few beings to have escaped being thrown to the Constrictus.

» Joat, "the laughingstock of the twenty seas"

Was slated to appear regularly, but only appeared once or twice. Ioz stole the Wraith from him, and he's awfully pissed off about it. He's known for his horse head and his huge claw in place of his hand.


Recurring Characters:

» Avagon

» Darkdweller

» Jargis

» Jenna

» Monkeybird Queen

» Morpho

» Obrik*

» Teron


Minor/"One-Shot" Characters:

» Baby

» Cray

» Game Players of Undaar

» Kangent

» Roulette

» Scorrion

» Solia


» Cressa

» Delpha Warriors

» Garren / Ratmore

» Kerroptus

» Onda

» Slaggon

» Yellow Wing

» Zena