Characters: Niddler

Name: Niddler

Address: Island of Pandawa, planet of Mer

Sex: male

Age: 20 (in human years)

Feathers: multi-colored

Height: 3' 4"

Weight: 60

Eyes: green

Occupation: ex-slave

Boss: originally Bloth, now a free agent

Friends: Ren, Ioz, and Tula

Likes: food - any kind, any time, anywhere!

Dislikes: danger, slave traders, hunger

Vehicle description: The Wraith

Remarks: Niddler, the multi-hued monkey bird, is one of Ren's closest friends. Just over half Ren's size, Niddler has flown Ren out of many a tight spot. Niddler thinks of himself as an aide, confidante, and a trusted ally in Ren's Quest. His judgment is often influenced by his bottomless stomach and his fear of danger.

Source: Hanna-Barbera character profile sheets


Niddler saves Ren's life, becoming a loyal friend.

This comical Merian creature is a cross between a spider monkey and a parrot. He kidnaps Ren to Bloth's ship, but then helps him escape, becoming Ren's best friend. Though cowardly when the chips are down, Niddler comes through in a pinch...and the way he does it is always good for some comic relief in this high action series.

Niddler is forever preoccupied with creature comforts from bedding, food, and shelter, to just staying out of the sun or slightest rain. He is the child of our group with child-like impulses. He involves himself in treasure-hunting most reluctantly, but point the way to a bag o' mango, and this simpering simian will brave lava pits and ice sharks to fill his rumbling belly.

Niddler mixes normal-sounding speech with animal sounding grunts and growls. He has a knack for being able to speak bastardized versions of the many Merian dialects our heroes encounter...often to comically incorrect results.

Niddler has a great loyalty to Ren and has flown him out of many a tight situation. Even so, his judgment can be influenced by fear of danger or his bottomless stomach.

source: Dark Water series bible, by Sean Roche