Downloads: Audio Clips

Audio clips, including opening and closing music and even international clips. I made the Little Leviathan clips, and I don't have the best microphone in the world, so the sound quality's pretty bad...I was going to scrap these but realized that I totally love these lines. If I ever get around to ripping audio from the movie files, I'll try to make better-quality sound clips.


» darkwater-opening.mp3 - 233kb - 59 seconds

The opening theme of the original Dark Water miniseries, the 5-episode precursor to what would become the full 21-episode Pirates of Dark Water series. Taken from Génériques Dessins Animés...unfortunately, I don't speak French (je no parles-pais francais), so I'm not sure what the site's copyright policy is--if I should take this down, please let me know.

» podw-open.wav - 150kb - 1:01 minutes

The opening theme of PoDW, with Hector Elizondo's voiceover.

» podw-close.wav - 71.4kb - 29 seconds

The closing theme of the show, played during the credits.


Video game music

» - Sega MegaDrive/Genesis themes

A website devoted to archiving the music from many Sega games. You have to download a plug-in to listen to these .vgz files, but Iit's small.

International sound clips

» danish-ep1-opening.mp3 - 3.08MB - 3:22 minutes

A Danish-language clip of the opening (with voiceover) and the first part of episode 1, "Jagten" (which translates directly to "The Quest"), up to the first commercial break. This is from the first dub of the show; there were two different dubs made (the second evidently with better translations of the names but worse voice acting).


The Little Leviathan

» leviathan1.wav - 104 kb - 4 seconds

(The crew sees/hears something lurking in the shadows.)
"What kind of monster is it?" - Ren
"Not the kind that likes monkey-birds, I hope!" - Niddler

» leviathan2.wav - 282 kb - 13 seconds

"Only a leviathan's skin can withstand Dark Water." - Tula
"But not for long, especially one this young!" - Ren
"Well, we could always use its skin for the sail." - Ioz
"Ioz!" - Ren
"You're right! We could sell its hide for a dozen sails!" - Ioz

» leviathan3.wav - 238 kb - 11 seconds

(The baby leviathan is licking Ren's face.)
"Hey, it likes me! It likes me a lot! It's kind of cute, isn't it?" - Ren
*Ioz and Niddler exchange a look.*
"I think you've been out to sea too long, my friend!" - Ioz

» leviathan4.wav - 295 kb - 13 seconds

(Konk is scouting around and sees Baby with its head in some leaves, but doesn't quite get it.)
"Kajinga! This is very strange!" - Konk
"What, Konk? What do you see??" - Bloth
"When Konk looks at tree, tree looks back at Konk!" - Konk

» leviathan5.wav - 249 kb - 11 seconds

"I say let's dump it in the ocean." - Ioz (about Baby)
"...I thought we could take Baby with us, Ioz." - Ren
"Baby?? Pirates don't have pets! Especially ones that are worth more dead than alive!" - Ioz

» leviathan6.wav - 307 kb - 14 seconds

(Ioz is trying to pull vines away from Baby.)
"Let go, you brinebreathfishfaceseaweasel!" - Ioz
*The vine snaps, and Ioz cries out in surprise as he falls backward*
"Now it's eating the vines!" - Ioz, dismayed
"Just so long as it lays off the melons." - Niddler
"The beast finished those an hour ago." - Ioz

» leviathan7.wav - 97.7 kb - 4 seconds

(about Baby) "It ate the Compass!" - Ioz
"And everyone complains about my appetite!" - Niddler

» leviathan8.wav - 236k - 10 seconds

(Konk sees Baby swimming with the Compass in its mouth.)
"Noy Jitat! Konk see swimming lighthouse!" - Konk
"What was that?" Bloth
"Duh--uh--nothing, Great Sea Ears. Nothing at all." - Konk