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I am no longer linking to downloadable BitTorrent files of the series. If you're in the US, I would instead suggest purchasing the recent DVD release of the complete series; it would help show Warner Bros. what a strong following this show still has.


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Downloadable Movie Clips

17 total, in .avi, .mpg, or .wmv format, sorted by episode. Captured by Alomar and Dan.


» opening.mpg - 5.48 megs - 59 seconds

The opening sequence of The Pirates of Dark Water, the one with the Hector Elizondo/Ioz voiceover that most people are familiar with. All the scenes are taken from episodes 1-6, except for one original animation scene. The earlier Dark Water release has a completely different opening, with no voiceover but roughly the same music, and original animation just for it.

» endcredits.avi - 2.03 megs - 30 seconds

The ending credits from The Quest; for each of the 1st 5 episodes, there'll be a different background "seal," and then for episodes 6-13, all 5 will be present at each episode's end. (Those seals now make up the background for this website.) For 14-21, one of Octopon's run-down docks is the background image.

» sega-intro.wmv - 11.0 megs - 2:03 minutes

A good-quality movie clip of screenshots of the opening of the Sega Genesis PoDW video game. Captured by Dan.

» sega-overview.asf - 8.01 megs - 1:07 minutes

A movie of brief clips from almost every level of the Sega Genesis PoDW video game. Found at

The Quest

» lighthouse1.mpg - 1.75 megs - 20 seconds

Ren lighting the lighthouse flame and pointing out the raft battling the storm to Jenna.

» renprimus1.mpg - 2.03 megs - 21 seconds

Ren pulling the old man out of the sea and onto the beach, and assuring him he's a friend, while Bloth watches on from a distance and is most displeased, taking his anger out on the brigmaster. (This is the British version and they cut the "Blast his soul to the abyss!" out, which came before, "He's been helped!")

» renprimus2.avi - 2.37 megs - 30 seconds

The old man on the beach with Ren asks him to look to the city, and thus see his destiny. The image freezes about 7 seconds before the clip's end.

» renprimus3.mpg - 1.66 megs - 17 seconds

The old man reveals that he's Ren's father in his dying words, before his body is suddenly washed out to sea.

» sword1.avi - 1.80 megs - 24 seconds

One of my favorite scenes. Jenna confirm's the man's words, explaining his identity, and passes Primus's sword and legacy on to Ren in a few simple words. The image freezes about 7 seconds before the clip's end.

» renbloth1.mpg - 1.52 megs - 16 seconds

Ren and Bloth speaking aboard the Wraith, Bloth finally losing his patience with Ren's stubbornness/refusal to cooperate.

» meeting-alomar.avi - 1.71 megs - 23 seconds

Ren and Niddler arrive at the Abbey of Galdebar and meet Primus's priest/spiritual attendant, mistaking him for Alomar.

» runes.avi - 2.53 megs - 36 seconds

Alomar revealing runes (with a typo in them! I'm such a nerd), explaining the Quest in more detail to Ren and Niddler.

» meet-tula.mpg - 1.98 megs - 21 seconds

Tula's formal introduction to the others aboard the Wraith--she's leaping out of the way (doing the forward roll you see in the PoDW opening, actually) of a fireball that hits the trapdoor just past the end of the clip.

» scoutships1.mpg - 1.92 megs - 20 seconds

Bloth ordering Konk and his pirates to take the scout ships and pursue Ren to get the First Treasure of Rule.


» bloth-mantus1.avi - 2.30 megs - 29 seconds

Bloth bosses Teron around, talks to Mantus, and confers with his new brigmaster about new prisoners--Ren and Niddler, though none of the pirates recognize them.

» avagon-primus.mpg - 6.65 megs - 1 minute, 11 seconds

One of my favorite scenes; Avagon, a former aide of Primus and now a prisoner in Bloth's ship, tells Ren of Primus and his Quest, how it started, and how it ended.

A Drop of Darkness

» primuswife.avi - 1.62 megs - 46 seconds

Cray, an alchemist who has been obsessed with Primus all these years, tells her story of their brief courtship.
(In case the words are hard to hear, she's saying, "You should have seen us at the palace balls! He had to dance with all the ladies, of course, but I was his favorite. We had so much in common--music, travel, sailing! You couldn't imagine a more perfect match. I was sure he was learning to love me...when I found out I had a rival. It was your mother, Ren, and I did not take it well. I left Octopon soon after. There was no reason to stay.")

The Pandawa Plague

» pandawaplague1.avi - 1.79 megs - 25 seconds

Back in Octopon, Ren's standing on a jetty with a storm going overhead while the others are asleep, and the Compass goes off, firing a beam of light at the sea--and a hand emerges into the middle of the light. The image freezes about 7 seconds before the clip's end.

» pandawaplague2.avi - 2.65 megs - 30 seconds

Ren dives in and saves the drowning person--who ends up being the monkey-bird queen. He starts to swim back and the waves overtake them, and Niddler, who's watching, cries for help, waking Ioz, who grumbles about having to get up. Image freezes about 7 seconds from the end again, but at a hilariously opportune spot; we call it Ioz's "opera-singer pose."