Last updated: February 2010.

Both of these are courtesy of Nenko.

If you aren't familiar with what emulators and roms are, they essentially enable you to play console games on your computer. Emulators do just that--they emulate a video game console; in this case, Super Nintendo and Sega Genesis. The roms are the games themselves, and you open them within the emulators. Like video game cartridges and consoles, certain roms can only be played on certain emulators.

For the Sega rom files, you'll need WinRAR or another program that can piece together zipped/compressed parts of a whole file.


Super Nintendo

» - 452kb (emulator)

» - 658kb (rom)

Sega Genesis

» - 261kb (emulator)

» podw-sega-part1.rar - 781kb (rom, part 1)

» podw-sega-part2.rar - 380kb (rom, part 2)