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Last update: April 2010 (new cels: fan-submitted animation art; new concept art: storyboards/matte paintings seen on eBay)

» Cels:

The original animation artwork drawn on paper and transferred to cellulite as part of the animation process. Includes cels and original animation drawings, and sorted by seller. 57 images total.

- Justin's Collectibles (37)
- Van Eaton Galleries (10)
- Fan-submitted animation art (10)
- My animation art (won on eBay) (10)

» Conceptual and Official Art:

Art done as part of the design and planning of the show, before (and possibly during) the animating, to conceptualize and visualize the characters and locations. Sorted by artist. 20 images total.

- Floro Dery (4)
- Gil Kane (6)
- Hanna-Barbera (13)

» Screen shots:

Actual still images, and animated .gifs composed of stills from the show, captured by myself (a few) or by several people (the vast majority) who either offered me the pictures or gave me permission to use theirs. Sorted by contributor and character. 375 images total.

- Good characters (209)
- Evil characters (46)
- Landscapes (38)
- Miscellaneous (74)
- Animated .gifs (9)

» Episode Slideshows:

Screenshots that work as a summary of each episode, set up in slideshow format via DHTML and JavaScript.

- view (3 episodes, 422 images)