Images: Conceptual and Official Art

Conceptual and design art from the series. Mouse over the thumbnails for a description.

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Last updated: November 2010 (installed "lightbox" image gallery, included link to storyboards from episode 5)

» Floro Dery

Floro maintains a blog on illustrations for comics and animation, where he features both his work on past shows and his insight on various aspects of the production process for both. In September/October of 2010, he posted 50 storyboards spanning the 2nd half of episode 5, "Victory." (He started with #50 in September and worked his way backward, so to read them sequentially, start with this post in mid-October and go backward.)

» Gil Kane

» Official Hanna-Barbera Releases

Photographs of storyboards from "The Quest" (episode 1) and photographs of conceptual art