Images: Episode Slideshows

Something a little different...a summary of each episode, done in screencaps that are displayed in a rotating slideshow format. Each new image will appear after several seconds automatically.

These are 480x500 pop-up windows, coded in DHTML and JavaScript. You'll need to enable JavaScript and disable any pop-up blockers to view them. If you're warned about there being active content, just click through the warnings and continue--I promise that these are harmless.

Also, all the images for each slideshow are preloaded when the window opens, so please wait for a few moments if it doesn't start immediately.

Please note: You're welcome to link to these images in your weblog or messageboard posts, but don't directly link to them for use as messageboard avatars or on your webpage. Please save them and upload them to your own web space, or use an image hosting service, like Thanks.


» Episode 1 - The Quest - 147 screencaps

» Episode 2 - Dishonor - 124 screencaps, by Kooshmeister

» Episode 3 - Break-Up - 151 screencaps, by Kooshmeister (with 1 or 2 by me)