Images: Screen Shots - Animated .gifs

Animated .gifs that other people and I have created of various scenes throughout the series.

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» opening.gif

The five "exotic" locales seen at the very beginning of the PoDW opening. (The zooming down of the sky to the ocean and the Wraith, Primus's ships in the unexplored sea fields of Aymara, the Wraith sailing into Janda-Town, the Abbey of Galdebar, and the hidden Pandawa Rebel huts in the trees.) **/*****. 1.29 MB.

» original.gif

The one bit of original animation in the opening that's never seen in the series--the scene of Ren being held by Bloth's pirates as Bloth grabs the Compass from him. ****/*****. 1.33 MB.

» logo.gif

The logo swooping onto the screen and doing its glowing/color-changing thing. **.5/*****. 616 KB.


Episode 1 - The Quest:

» ren-lighthouse-jump.gif

When Ren goes running/leaping/swinging from the top level of the lighthouse to the ground, so he can run to save the old man from drowning. I totally dig the really precise, lively character animation in this scene. :D *****/*****. 6.21 MB (I haven't compressed it at all--I may soon, though).

» jenna-ren1.gif

"And that which was his is now yours." One of the most symbolic scenes in the series--Jenna bequeathing Primus's sword, as well as his legacy and his Quest, unto Ren. ***/*****. 621 KB.

» bloth-elbowing-konk's-head.gif

When Bloth's trying to get Ren to join him at the end of episode 1, he pretty much smacks Konk in the face (the first time of many...). :) ***/*****. 621 KB.


Episode 2 - Dishonor:

» kooshmeister_dishonor_headsmack.gif

From the opening as well as near the end of this episode. This is that scene where the brothers have noticed the Wraith is in pursuit, and Konk gets bounced back into them, making their heads collide. Their expressions are priceless. (Thanks to Kooshmeister for this clip!) ***.5/*****.


Episode 5 - Victory:

» ren-destiny.gif

At the end of the episode, as Ren's coming to realize his destiny, and declaring it openly. *.5/*****. 146 KB (I'll be re-capturing this).


Episode 14 - The Dark Disciples:

» kickass-tula.gif

We don't need proof that Tula rocks, but I keep geeking out over how awesome she is right here. This is when she breaks through the wall of the rotting ship to save Ioz. **/*****. 1.26 MB.


Episode 18 - The Pandawa Plague:

» ioz-opera.gif

Just some silliness. Inspired by a movie clip of Ioz that freezes right as he's stretching and yawning/speaking, so it looks like he's making some powerful statement or singing--my friends and I now refer to it as his "opera pose." ;o) **/*****. 181 KB.