Images: Screen Shots - Good Characters

Screen captures of the major and minor protagonists from the series. 5 contributers and 209 images in all. Click the icon to go to that section. All images will open in a new window.

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Last update: November 2010 (installed "Lightbox" image gallery on all the subpages)

Group images: images containing 2 or more characters, major and minor. 5 contributors, 61 images.
Ren: the son of Primus, prince of Octopon, and the main character of the series. 3 contributors, 22 images.
Niddler: the monkey-bird that assumes the dual role of loyal sidekick and comic relief. 4 contributors, 66 images.
Tula: the strong-willed, mysterious ecomancer from Andorus. 4 contributors, 25 images.
Ioz: the brooding, short-tempered but fiercely loyal ex-pirate. 3 contributors, 11 images.
Other: minor characters--some recurring, some that only made a single appearance. 3 contributors, 24 images.
All: all the thumbnails on one page. Not recommended for those on slow connections. 5 contributors, 209 images.