Images: Screen Shots

These are actual still images from the show, captured by several people who either offered me the pictures or gave me permission to use theirs. Sorted by character(s) and contributor. 375 images total.

Please note: You're welcome to link to these images in your weblog or messageboard posts, but don't directly link to them for use as messageboard avatars or on your webpage. Please save them and upload them to your own web space, or use an image hosting service, like Thanks.

» Good characters

The major and minor protagonists of the show. 5 contributers, 209 images.

» Evil characters

The major and minor villains of the show. 4 contributers, 46 images.

» Landscapes

The beautiful and mystical locales and landscapes that the characters journey to on this alien world. 4 contributers, 38 images.

» Miscellaneous

Everything else--mixed group images, ambiguous characters, alien creatures, the ships, and so on. 4 contributers, 74 images.

» Animated .gifs

Animated .gifs of several scenes from the show, as well as from the opening, by myself and others. Quality ranges from pretty bad to decent. 9 images.