Welcome to Always The Quest, the oldest Pirates of Dark Water fan site on the web.

The site is still up! Start with the FAQ and navigate from there. The front-page blog broke years ago beyond my ability to fix, hence its current state.

Pirates of Dark Water is available for legal purchase.

This is the Cartoon Network edit. (All info is US-specific: if you have details for other countries, please let me know!) Purchases show that people still care about the show, so please buy and tell your friends. Huge thanks to friendly Twitter sleuths for finding this!

Amazon Prime Video (from 2021 May 3rd)

2021 May: I'd promised big updates in February, and those didn't happen. Adulting + CoViD Life, right? I'm still here, and still working behind-the-scenes.

In the meantime, you can email me* or find me on Twitter.

*A note on email: my inbox configuration was screwed up for a long time, and I am SEVERAL YEARS behind on emails — I literally thought nobody was emailing me for all that time — so I will get back to you ASAP.

Be safe and be well, friends. And above all, thank you for still coming here, all these years later.