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2021 October: The D&D RPG World Book and Creature Sheets are finally online, after MANY MANY MANY YEARS of you all asking me for them! Links below.

Be safe and be well, friends. And above all, thank you for still coming here.

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Official releases: streaming episodes and DVD

(All info is US-specific: if you have details for other countries, please let me know!) Purchases show that people still care about the show, so please buy and tell your friends.

Huge thanks to friendly Twitter sleuths for finding this!

iTunes Store: Cartoon Network edit (from 2021 May 3rd)

Amazon Prime Video: Cartoon Network edit (from 2021 May 3rd)

DVD (available since 2010):

RPG World Book and Character Sheets

2021 October 24

Many of you have asked, and I have FINALLY delivered. Complete, unabridged PDFs are available at last of the complete World Book and the Creature Sheets. Let me know if you found typos or have questions!