Information: International

The show was aired in many countries around the world--I specifically know of countries in North and South America, Europe, and Asia where people were able to watch PoDW. As far as I know, the international versions were almost direct translations of the English version, but some names and other things were translated in ways that gave them a very interesting meaning.

Title Pirates of Dark Water (Piratite na tumnite vodi)

Ioz Pronounced differently: the I is an "ee" sound, like the Spanish or Japanese "i," and not an "ai" sound.
Monkeybird Monkeybird
(flying monkey)
Noy Jitat Noy Jitat
(plural form of "dark water")

Title Pirati mračnih voda (mracnih = dark, voda = waters)

note: there were 2 different dubs of the show. The first version aired on the Filmkanalen channel, and the second, produced in ~1995, was aired on TV3. The second had better translations of the names but worse voice actors.
Title Piraterne fra det mørke hav
("Piraterne" = pirates, "mørke" = dark/murk, "hav" = sea)
The Quest (episode 1 title) Jagten
Niddler Niffor
Bloth Blod

(The Netherlands, various countries)
Video Title The Pirates of Dark Water - Het Begin Van De Sage
(The Saga Begins)

(France, various countries)
Title Le Tourbillon Noir
(The Black Vortex/Whirlpool)
Ren Ran
King Primus Le Roi Primus
Ioz Ioz
Tula Tulu
Bloth Blos
Octopon Octopone
13 Treasures of Rule 13 Pierres de la Loi

Die dreizehn Schätze von Rule The Thirteen Treasures of Rule
(the name of the German version of the show)

Title Dark Water ("da-ku uo-ta")
Ren Ren ("ren")
Tula Tula ("tyura")
Bloth Bloth ("burosu")

(Portugal, Brazil, various African and Asian countries/locations)
Title Os Piratas das Águas Sombrias
(Pirates of the Shadowy/Tenebrous Waters)
Treasures of Rule Os Tesouros do Reinado
(the Treasures of the Kingdom)
Wraith Aparição
Maelstrom Maelstron
Dagron Dragão
Bloth pronounced "Blot," due to the lack of the "th" sound in Portuguese (this is the only name with a different pronunciation)

(Russia, some former Soviet nations)

** many thanks to Rodder and Magemerlin, and to Rodder for also providing the unicode for the Cyrillic characters!

Also check out the movie download page for Russian BitTorrent download links.
Title Pirates of Dark Water - Piraty Temn Vody
(not completely sure if the Cyrillic's correct, but it means "Dark Water Pirates")

The Saga Begins Сказание начинается / Skazanie nachinaetsya
(the saga begins)
Andorus Андорус / Andorus
A Drop of Darkness Капля тьмы / Kaplya t'my, Колодец мрака / Kolodec mraka
(A Drop of Darkness, Well of Darkness)
The Beast and the Bell Монстр и колокол / Monstr I kolokol
(the beast and the bell)
Panacea Панацея / Panacaya
King Niddler Король Ниддлер / Korol' Niddler
(king Niddler)
The Collection Коллекция / Kollekciya
The Little Leviathan Маленький левиафан / Malen'kiy leviafan
(little leviathan)
The Darkdweller Хранитель Тьмы / Hranitel' t'my
(Mexico, most of South America)
note: some of the names were changed ~3/4 of the way through the show, hence some terms having multiple names.
Title Los Piratas de las Aguas Negras
(The Pirates of Black Waters)
Minga Melon Melón Minga
Dark Dweller La Amenaza Negra (The Black Menace)
El Señor de Las Tinieblas (The Lord of Darkness)
Dark Water Agua Negra (Black Water)
Agua Tenebrosa (Tenebrous/Gloomy/Creepy Water)
Treasures of Rule Las Tesoros De Rul (The Treasures of "Rul")
Las Tesoros de la Regla (The Treasures of the Rule/Law)
Dagrons Dragones (changed to this - it means "dragons")

note: Ren, Ioz, Tula, Niddler, Bloth, and Konk all had the same names in the Swedish version. All the islands had the same names as the English version as well.
Title Pirater i mörka vatten
(Pirates of/in Dark Water)
Title Mörkt vatten
(Dark Water)