Information - Updates

» 27Nov02

This is the update that I told some of you who e-mailed me that I was going to put off till Christmas break. ;o) Perhaps it doesn't seem like much here, but it's taken me a few hours to work on. Let's see...

- changed some things "internally"
- edited and updated the credits page
- deleted a couple of dead links, added a few more, and reorganized the links page slightly
- edited some errors in the character profiles
- created a Video Games section, under downloads, where you can get the SNES emulator and rom
- added another official image, some fanart, some fan fiction, and a registry entry

(edit, 2:20 PM) The above I'd gotten up around 1 this morning, roughly. I just finished tweaking the PHP and typing up the comics pages--issue 1 is up! With any luck, I can start scanning and putting up another issue today, but we'll see. Click on the "Images" link to the left to view. :o)

Oh, and one more thing--there are some people who've been using images from this site for messageboard avatars and whatnot. That's not a problem, but please don't directly link them from my site! Put them up on your own webspace and link them from there! You're eating away at my bandwidth by doing so, which isn't cool. Thanks!

I hope everybody has a happy Thanksgiving!


» 15Oct02

The semester's starting to get pretty crazy...I'm behind on some things, like fanfiction (a story submitted today, and continuations of mine), but there's a new fan registry entry up. We're also hoping to rotate the episodes again this week--check back later in the week to see. :o)

Someone also suggested creating a section on merchandise, such as the toys--I don't know a whole lot about them, such as release dates or whatnot, since I only own some and bought them well after their initial release, but if you have information about any merchandise you own, most definitely let me know! (I'm fairly swamped doing research for school at the moment, or I'd use my free time researching these if I could... ^^; )

Off to the grindstone--er, library--with me now, though...


» 26Sep02

(my brother's birthday! ;o) ) We've finally rotated the episodes, and I'm currently hosting Andorus (*grin* it was DWF's suggestion, I swear!). Stop by the downloads/movies section for more information and to download this...hopefully we can rotate these a bit more rapidly this time around.

» 23Sep02

Updated the FAQ, with some more recently frequently asked questions. ;o) I also added another entry to the fan registry. And you should notice a little icon to the left, under the menu; Jenny's created her own fan listing. Go join!

(later in the day) ooops, I got the graphic's link wrong--fixed now, though. ^^; .nu, not .com. *grin*


» 18Sep02

Figures that after a week with 3 updates, I go over a month without another one. ^^; Fall semester kicked in--sorry about that! This update consists of 3 new pieces of fanart by Laura, a new fanfic by Stephen (crossover! Gargoyles and PoDW! Gargoyles ROCKS! Hehe...I actually ran across this years ago but he never got my e-mail asking if I could use it on my page, and he left a message at the board asking if I could put it up :o) )...and I took down Jenny's story by her request, because apparently people have been ripping her ideas and using them in their own stories. That's really NOT cool.

Oh, we may (finally!) rotate the PoDW episodes in the next couple of days, too, to episodes 4-6. ;o)

And now, back to the grindstone with me. *groans*


» 09Aug02

Episode 2, "Dishonor," is up for streaming on the Movies page. :o) I'm working with a couple of other people to rotate the episodes every 1-2 weeks to spread out bandwidth usage--check it out to see exactly what's going on.


» 07Aug02

Geez, 3rd update this week...I should get bored at work more often (but too bad it's my last week till January ^^; ). O:o) Finally updated credits, and made minor updates to multiple pages--the picture on the Bloth profile page is wrong, ooops--can't fix that till I get to my computer, which won't happen for a couple of weeks. Fixed the Joat profile picture, too (it was Mantus on accident). Fixed a broken fanart link (yesterday but forgot to mention it), added/updated several links, and changed something internally with the form for the fan registry (it uses a PHP script instead of regular formmail--thanks, Andy!). And I've been updating From A Fan's Perspective, too...a bit, anyway. I also added a SiteMeter counter...ExtremeTracking has been awful as of late, so I've completely lost track of my hits. :o/


» 06Aug02

(I accidentally deleted the blurb I had on the main page, so I've kind of lost track of this update...) I think I added official Hanna-Barbera art to the image gallery and changed the name of Concept Art to Conceptual and Official Art instead.


» 01Aug02

Three new pieces of fanart, one by Dalliann and two by Jules, and two new Unexplored entries.


» 08Jul02

Got the new site up as of 2 AM this morning (it's about 8:30 AM now). Here's a description of the changes:

- I converted the site from frames to no frames, so as to have one layout for all resolutions.
- The graphics are now a bit more polished and not so choppy.
- I totally reorganized the site--some of which you can see, much of which was more for me, to make it more organized to deal with. ^^; If you click on one of the links to the left, a sub-menu will "drop down" from that link, and you'll see descriptions of each subsite in the main section of the page.
- There's an "about" section, dealing with the site and the show.
- There are 9 character profiles/descriptions, for the 4 main heroes, 3 main villains, and 2 minor characters. I want to add little voice actor bios in the future to the respective profile pages.
- I reorganized the image gallery, separated by type as well as by the image's owner/creator, and within those, in the screenshots, separated by character. These are thumbnail pages, but each thumbnail is 1kb big so loading shouldn't be a problem. I'll get up non-thumbnail mirror versions at some point just in case.
- There are a few pictures I haven't put up yet--like the valentines and the comics. I hope to rescan those. There are also new pictures I need to add.
- I redid the fan art and made it a thumbnails page as well.
- There are NEW ENTRIES in the dictionary! A few, but...yeah! *grin* I hope to be more diligent about adding to that.
- Went through the links, took out older ones and added a few newer ones in.
- I added a fan registry under "Interact," taking the idea from Primus's old PoDW page and other fandoms. With any luck, this can grow so we can build more of a PoDW community. :o)
- There's a "contact" page, listing how you can get in touch with me, with a link to the FAQ if you had any questions about the show or site you wanted to ask.
- There's a copy of the Dark Water Series Bible up under "miscellaneous." I hope to have more information there, regarding the RPG and video games too.

And I think that's everything--if not, it's close enough. *grins* If you see any broken links or anything off, please let me know!