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» » 19Dec03

The folks at the forums came up with the idea of a PoDW "caption this!" contest. Check it out (and participate!) here. :o)


» 11Dec03

Not a content update, but PoDW is back on Boomerang! This weekend's episode is "The Beast and the Bell." I guess they'd just taken it off for November to devote the weekends to Looney Toons/Tunes (however you spell that :P) for some promo or other.


» 02Dec03

Issues 6 and 7 are up. (I'll eventually get around to updating more than just the comics...probably after I finish the comics themselves. *sheepish grin* Considering how quickly these have been going, maybe there's still some flickering hope that I'll keep working on the episode summaries? And I hope I didn't just jinx myself. *grin*)


» 01Dec03

December already? Holy crap.

Issue 5 of the comic is up. I actually scanned issues 6 and 7 and half of 8 this weekend too, but I'm exhausted (that's what I get for going from getting 10 hours of sleep nightly for the long weekend to 5 hours of sleep last night *groan*) and feeling a little bewildered that the year's gone by so quickly and I have 2 final exams next week and so many of my close friends are graduating in 2 weeks, and feeling a bit sad that I lost NaNoWriMo yet again (I got caught up in quality instead of quantity *facepalm*), so I'm leaving work in 15 minutes to go home and take a nap. So yeah.

And I unwittingly turned that into a mini-weblog-ish post. Ooops. ^^;


» 21Nov03

*grits teeth* NEED to redo site in server-side includes...Christmas break, or spring term, depending on online access. *groans*

Anyway! Issue 4 of the comics is fully up, there's a new German-language link on the links page, and you've probably noticed that the body of each page has a bigger font. I figured I'd give upping the font size a try--please tell me what you think, or if it doesn't work or if something's messed up somewhere.

And now, to duck out of work early so I can tape "Clone Wars" 1-5. Whee! ;o)


» 19Nov03

I got the rest of comic issue 3--and ALL of comic issue 4--scanned, and they're all up, except for the last 6 pages of #4. (Sheesh, my hands hurt. ^^; ) I think I've got a bit more to put up (a couple of foreign-language links and some other stuff), but it's after 8 and I need to go home.

Also, Heidi Bosch, an artist who used to work for Hanna-Barbera (and assisted with PoDW), is interested in selling a special line-up of the main characters made during the show's production. This is her description of it:

"I have a color character line-up of the main characters from the Dark Water series. Many of my friends worked on that show (Davis Doi, Victoria McCollum, etc.), and I helped out a bit in the (character) model department. The character line-up was made by the Xerography Dept (Star Wirth, now retired) to be used as a production tool. It is a laser color copy glued onto foam core and has a clear cell taped over it. It's in its original condition--the colors were reproduced to accurately match the values used in the series--this can be a difficult task depending on the colors used in the original. It has a few bends and a tiny bit of puckering at the bends. The edges have push pins holes because it was displayed on the walls of Hanna-Barbera for years before I left. Considering its age, it's in excellent condition."

Heidi wanted to give interested PoDW fans and animation art collectors the opportunity to jump on this before she posts it on eBay. (Preview it here. Keep in mind that this is a HUGE piece, measuring 36" long, and only one line-up like this was EVER produced, so therefore, this is extremely valuable, and won't come cheap.) If you're an avid collector, looking for rare pieces and willing to pay more for unique ones such as this, then check out her post at the forum to contact her. :o) 04Dec03 - she let me know it's been sold.

And on a side note...someone sent me an e-mail complaining that the font size across the site is too small. Is anyone else having problems with it? It's Verdana size 1, so a fairly typical's small on bigger resolutions (i.e., anything above 1024x768), but I don't have any problems...if a lot of you have been having issues, let me know and I'll try and make it bigger.

And on a much more personal and shameless note (I know a few Georgia Tech students have found this site, and others in the Atlanta area have too, and this is my most popular site, so... *grin*)--if you're into classical music and jazz and are free this Monday night, please check out the Georgia Tech Symphony Orchestra and Georgia Tech Jazz Ensemble concert! The theme is "Invitation to the Dance." The concert's Monday at 8, and is free for GT students (with the new BuzzCard) and $5 for the general public--a very reasonable price for quality music. Read the article on the GT website if you're interested, and let me know if you'll be there! I'm 2nd violin 4th chair in the GTSO (my real name is Smitha), so if you do come, look for me in that portion of the programme. ;o)


» 10Nov03

Pages 1-12 and the cover of comic issue #3 are up. Someone suggested a long time ago that I also include bigger, higher-resolution scans of the pages in a .zip file--and I'm thinking about doing that, but we'll see; each of those images is about 700k, compared to the 150k of each comic page. But more later, got to go so I can catch Clone Wars episode 2 on Cartoon Network... *grin*


» 07Nov03

I've added the last 8 pages of comic issue 2 to the comics page. I've got a big research paper to write this weekend (and catching up on my NaNoWriMo novel to do, as well as a meeting of the Georgia Tech NaNoWriMo authors--Sunday at 4 PM at the Tech Square Starbucks, if any GT students may see this and are interested *grin*), but I'll see if I can get started on issue 3. ;o) There's also a new fan registry entry, and a new fanfic by Frank.

Also, thanks to William for the news--British viewers, PoDW is now on your Toonami lineup! Check your local listings, and check the news site for more info. :o)


» 03Nov03

Actually, I (finally) discovered the wonderful option known as "what to do with unrouted e-mail," and it turns out that every single piece of spam I got was being sent to ___(at), and andorus(at)ecomancer being my default, it was all getting bounced there. So that one's still operational after all--but whatever. ;o)

In other news, pages 8-14 from comic #2 are up (I'd usually say something about how this is becoming part of my routine, but I really don't want to jinx myself)--and I realized that the comics shouldn't just be "relegated" to the image gallery, so they've got their own subsection now, which you can get to from the menu on each page. :o)


» 27Oct03

The first 6 pages of PoDW comic #2 are up! That's all I was able to scan in last night--I'm sorry it's taken me so long to even get started on the rest of the comics.


» 22Oct03

I finally got sick of the 60+ e-mails I get daily at my address telling me how to get discounted pharmacy medication and how to please my wife in bed (*AHEM* I'm a straight single female, thankyouverymuch :P), so I'm changing my e-mail address to podw(at)ecomancer(dot)net. (Please go through the "contact" link at the bottom of the page if you've never e-mailed me before, just in case. O:o) ) I'll be setting up an alternate personal address too; those of you who've e-mailed me more than a couple of times, I'll be e-mailing you with the new address at some point. I'll add it to the contact page whenever I set it up, too.


» 20Oct03

It looks like Boomerang's taken PoDW off the unless it's on some obscure satellite animation channel I don't know about, it's gone. Again. :P

(Other than that, I updated the FAQ and credits. If you should be on the credits page and aren't, please let me know...sorry! ^^; Also, I think I'll be creating a separate e-mail address just for messages related to this site, because I get upwards of 60-70 spam messages a day at my main address, and I've accidentally deleted a couple of site-related e-mails in the past. I'll post the address if I do change it.)


» 14Oct03

Sorry for the lack of updates; my job is making sure that "work" lives up to its name. :P I've got a couple--2 new fan registry entries, and a newly submitted blurb on the SNES game on the Merchandise section. Somebody has a fanfic in the works that should hopefully be up soon...and I feel like there's more I'm forgetting. Please remind me if you sent me something that I haven't put up here and/or haven't gotten back to you about--thanks!


» 23Sep03

(previous melodrama and hopeful/uncertain second-guessing has all been removed.)

The comic isn't real. *resigned shrug* I've been directly asking my "contact" for hard evidence that it's real, and he keeps making trumped-up excuses and evading my requests and just refuses to give me anything. So yeah. I've still commented out my previous gushy apology, but I really am very sorry for raising people's hopes and misleading you all over the past 5 months with this false news. I know I'm disappointed, to say the least.

No other updates--just the above. I've been absolutely swamped with work and school and have had no time to do anything for this site lately.


» 19Sep03

Happy Talk Like A Pirate Day! Arrr. ;o)


» 15Sep03

Attention LiveJournal users! Check out the community. ;o)

And...some pretty bad news.

The comic IS NOT real.

I'm feeling like a completely gullible fool right now. But I called 4 different comic stores in the Atlanta area (for metro area folks: Titan Games & Comics, Oxford Comics, Dr. No's, and Great Escape), and none of them have it listed as coming in, and none of them have it in their databases, and none of them have even HEARD of it. Even the ones who went to the Comic-Con this summer (I personally asked the guys at the store closest to my house a few weeks ago). That should've been my first clue.

I always held onto a bit of doubt until the person I'd been in touch with gave me concrete evidence (i.e., something other than just his word) about it. I asked him point-blank last week whether he could actually give me some proof other than his word, and he just insisted that I trust him and that it's coming out this week. He also has allegedly sent me a preview edition released this summer at Comic-Con (did any of you go to Comic-Con? If so, did you see this preview issue?), but that was over a week ago, and nothing's come yet.

I finally called the stores this afternoon and nothing came up. I then checked with my supervisor at work, who's got connections to people in the comic industry that work for these companies, and they confirmed it. Marvel Epic IS NOT doing a Pirates of Dark Water comic. Wildstorm is part of DC, which owns the rights to PoDW, so they might be doing one, but he hasn't heard anything for sure.

I am so, so sorry. I feel like such a gullible, foolish idiot for misleading all of you, and for not demanding concrete proof much sooner. I even have found a few links via my referral logs to threads at messageboards that people had started to talk about this new comic, too, which makes me feel even worse. I've always tried to provide the most accurate and up-to-date news with regards to anything PoDW-related, so I feel really guilty about goofing up on something as potentially huge as this.

But I'll say this, though - if you actually have found proof of an upcoming comic (there apparently was a mention in a back issue of Wizard Magazine about Wildstorm possibly doing one...?), PLEASE send it to me. Or if you've heard a rumor that it's real and you want to pass it on, GIVE ME PROOF. I'm honestly angry that somebody was audacious and CHILDISH enough to pull such an immature prank on somebody who obviously loves this show very much. To this person: Get a life and GROW UP. This really wasn't funny.


» 14Sep03

It's still a little rough in terms of organization, but I've created and put up a section devoted to Dark Water Merchandise. I still have a few more images and bits of info to add before what I have is complete. If you have any information on any merchandise not listed, or can elaborate on anything listed (like what company produced the product, if you have images, anything like that), please please please let me know! Everything I have up is based on what I've dug up or what people have told me about.


» 02Sep03

Dragon*Con was a blast--I did my best to mention PoDW everywhere I could (for example, the Evolution of Women in SF panel, which frankly was pretty ridiculous and dismissed everything but Farscape as trivializing women, but I brought Tula up and plenty of people knew who I was talking about), and I wore my shirt Saturday and Monday, and got people coming up to me and chatting with me about the show (as well as people in the dealer's and art rooms manning stalls commenting on it as I passed by), and heard a guy comment, "Dude, COOL, she's got on a Pirates of Dark Water shirt!" on my way into the Regency room in the Hyatt Saturday morning. *grins* (I got a photo of me in the shirt; I'll put it up today or tomorrow.) It got great reception among a lot of my friends on campus when I wore it to class a couple of weeks ago, too--who knew that so many of them were closet PoDW fans? I'm dead serious when I say that I can find them anywhere I go. *grin*

Anyway...for those of you in the market for fan DVDs: I've read several complaints and gotten an e-mail about one of the DVD sellers, the one operating from he's been corresponding with people, and then after they send him their money, they just stop hearing from him and get nothing. DON'T buy your fan-made DVDs from him, because it looks like he's just ripping people off. To anybody who found his link via this site and lost money--I really, really am sorry. I honestly didn't know. And it's seriously rotten that somebody would take advantage of people's interest in an old show and use it to steal from them.

Oh! And an actual update: the Elfwood "Dark Water in the Woods" tour is up! Stop by the Tours page--it's near the bottom of the August 30 tours, 3 up from the 29th. ;o) 9 pieces right now, with more to come hopefully--as before, and as always, if you're an Elfwood member with PoDW-related art, please submit it!


» 28Aug03

Not an update, but a (probably too late, since it starts tomorrow) heads-up, those of you going to Dragon*Con--I'll be there all 4 days (tomorrow through Monday). Look for a tall Indian girl with shoulder-length hair (it shouldn't be hard, there are very few Indians that go ;o) ), wearing a white shirt with a grey PoDW logo on it Saturday or Sunday...and come up and say hi if you do see me--I'd love to stop and talk. :o)


» 21Aug03

I've forgotten to add this for the past 2 updates--there's a fan registry update. And a friend sent me a link to an 8-Bit Theatre comic strip from July with a PoDW reference...check it out. :o)

And speaking of the registry...I'm going to start cracking down on submissions. The whole point is for fans to describe themselves so that people with common interests can start talking, right? But some people don't even leave an e-mail address or any way to be contacted, and others just put "I love PoDW and want to see it back on TV!" for their bios, and nothing about themselves. Even if you don't want to say too much, you can at least list a few basic interests and hobbies, right?

Anyway, right now I've got 3 people's entries "on probation" (all for not having good enough profiles)--if you've listed your info at the registry, go check the page, and if it isn't there, then just resubmit it, and if it's okay, I'll re-add it. (All you really need is a line or two about yourself.)

And on that note...I'm going to add a field to the submit form to specify whether you're submitting a new entry or an edit to an existing one. That might come in handy--I've had a couple of people resubmit their info and I almost added a second entry for them by mistake. ;o)


» 20Aug03

A bunch of new images, including some that some people have been asking about for a while. :o) My scans of my cels (no, people haven't been asking about those :P), and a set of scans of schematics of the interior of the Maelstrom! Check the cels out under Cels in the Images section, and check the schematics out under Buried Treasure.


» 14Aug03

A new fanfic by Laura and a new poem by Zunidoll (I somehow also managed to botch up the fanfic site before and deleted links to 3 of the 5 poems that are up, but they're all back up now), 40 new Niddler screenshots also by Zunidoll, new fanart by Laura, and a link to an HTML version of Vin's RPG. And there's more on the way, hopefully next week (when I'm back at work and have constant internet access again, woo!).


» 01Aug03

*does the 4-weeks-till-my-birthday dance* O:o) Anyway--this is kind of neat, it looks like someone's tried to create an RSS syndication feed of this site: check it out if you're interested. And I have more comic news, with still more to come--keep checking back!


» 19Jul03

Just a quick note (I'm still on vacation, this is the first time I've had internet access since we left--I'm checking in from an internet cafe, I'm in Rome, Italy with my family, and it ROCKS *grin*)...I checked my ecomancer(dot)net e-mail today, and it's ALL been erased. I don't know what happened--I need to talk with my host and see if there's any way to salvage it, since I've had messages get erased for no reason before. But if you've sent me ANYTHING, please resend it, but please do so after July 23rd--I'll be back (and will most likely drive to campus and spend a few hours at the library catching up on everything and getting some breathing room, as spending every waking minute with my family's getting to be a bit, er, taxing ^^; ) and will get it then. This includes Laura's fanfic and other e-mails related to the site. Sorry, and thanks for your understanding!!


» 11Jul03

One really quick update--new Unexplored entry. And a quick note on fan registry and Unexplored submissions...guys, please put some effort into them or they won't be accepted. (I don't mean this latest update; I don't mean to insult that person at all. I've wanted to mention this for a while.) I've gotten several really pathetic excuses for updates to both...for "Unexplored," submitting something like, "I love PoDW! I wish it were still on!" doesn't fit the purpose of that section at all; it's about fan speculation about what you wish happened to the show, in terms of plot or production. The registry's worse, though; the whole point is to have a listing of people so that you all have the option of contacting other fans online if you want to talk about the show. So why submit ONLY your name, with no information about you or way to reach you? Come on, folks, think about it.

Also--just to let you all know, I'm going to be on vacation with my family for roughly the next 2 weeks, and will have no online access while I'm gone. You're welcome to e-mail me, but please don't send any attachments till I get back, and know that you won't get an immediate response if you send me any messages. I'm also hoping to have a major update by the time I get back...if all goes according to plan, there may be more official news about the comic that comes about during my absence, since the San Diego Comic-Con takes place next weekend. *grins excitedly* I'll put up anything I hear once I get back--and if you're able to attend and you hear anything, definitely let me know, via e-mail or at the forum or by some other means!

Thanks for your patience! See you all in a couple of weeks. :o)


» 03Jul03 (midnight)

*bangs head on desk* Why didn't I code this site in PHP again? :P It'd have made it MUCH easier to make an update spanning all 50+ HTML files...I think I may recode it, when I have a whole weekend to spend online (since it's server-side and I can't just code it on my computer and view the results), which isn't going to happen for a really, really long time...anyway, sorry. O:o)

If you'll notice, there's a new section, titled "Buried Treasure." (I spent about a half-hour consulting several friends for ideas for names, because I completely and utterly stink at naming anything--they, being all male, of course had to make "booty" jokes, but anyway. ;o) They also reminded me of a really bad pirate joke a friend once told me (it's best if you say it out loud): "Did you hear about the new pirate movie? It's rated arrr..." *cue the groans of the readers*) This section contains official, rare content pertaining to and expanding on the show--right now it's got the Series Bible (written during the show's development), as well as the World Book from the D&D module by Mindgames (I finished handcoding it this weekend--those of you who've e-mailed me about it over the past few months, I apologize profusely for the wait!). Now that I'm done with finals and have some time off *cue cheering*, I'm hoping I can spend time at the library figuring out the multimedia section, and see if I can work with the video capture station--and if I can, I'll try and include content related to The Saga Begins and the Dark Water miniseries, both of which are also very rare.

Oh--and today's my last full day with a dedicated connection for quite some time. I honestly have no real idea of how much net access I'll have till mid-August (I know I'll have none for 2 weeks in mid-late July while I'm on vacation, and till I get a new tower and we get a new router, it'll be limited), so updates MAY be scarce.


» 02Jul03 (midnight, roughly)

If you e-mailed me anything to my podw(at)ecomancer(dot)net account in June, could you please resend it? Especially if you feel it was important or if I haven't gotten back to you. My account just spontaneously ate all my received messages from June this evening (which is about 30 out of the 105 or so I had in there, so a pretty big chunk). Thanks!


» 27Jun03

I added (I think) 7 new links (I'm pretty sure that's all of them for now, anyway), and fixed Tula's Kabalarians name-meaning blurb on her profile page (I had Ren's there by accident; thanks to Eric for letting me know!), and I've (FINALLY) finished "Desperate Times," my PoDW fanfic I've had going for well over 2 years now, and put the final segment up on the fanfic section.

It also turns out that my computer's not as out-of-commission as I thought (though the network settings and sound hardware apparently are completely shot), so I'm going to try working on the web format of the RPG world book again--but I'm finishing up final exams this coming week and am moving back home, and I'm going on vacation for 2 weeks in mid-July, so I'm going to have very sporadic online access till mid-August, when I go back to work. I'll definitely be getting a new tower in the next few weeks, but we've got this "situation" with networking our home DSL connection that still really limits what I can access and how often I can get online.

On a side note...speaking of August--are any of you planning on attending Dragon*Con? I'll be there for my 3rd year running--I'd love to meet up with any of you who'll be there (I'm hoping to run by Kinkos and make a PoDW t-shirt actually). Let me know!


» 20Jun03

An announcement--if you have an art gallery at Elfwood, check out our proposed PoDW art challenge--our way of spreading PoDW's presence in the woods. :o) Oh, and I also corrected the Boomerang air times--I had them wrong; the episodes come on Sundays and Mondays, not 3 times on Sunday.


» 08Jun03

Warning: groveling and excuse-making to follow. Again. (This is becoming far too regular for my own liking. :P) My home pretty much out of commission. Those network issues from before--I finally tried reinstalling Windows this weekend, but it wouldn't do a clean install, no matter WHAT I tried, and it made things worse (the sound's completely gone, installing drivers doesn't do anything, and it just runs really, really slowly). So...I'll be getting a new tower for certain now, but probably not till the term's over (which is the start of July--about 3-4 weeks). And after that, my access will be sporadic because I'll be at home and won't have online access during the day (I'll spare you all the long story about our router melo-freaking-drama).

Basically, major updates are, for now, on hiatus. I'll see how doing major updates (i.e., more than Unexplored and the Fan Registry) from the library goes; I usually do everything on my machine, save it to a zip disk (where this site's stored), and bring it here to upload. I'll definitely do what I can--as it is, I'm already pretty disappointed that I haven't had the chance to do everything I'd hoped I would this summer, and the loss of my computer isn't helping things at all, in terms of my site and schoolwork.

<requisite groveling>
I'm really, really sorry about this! Please forgive meeeeee!
</requisite groveling>

*sheepish grin* Anyway...yeah, that's where it stands right now. With any luck, things'll change for the better sooner rather than later. *kicks something*


» 03Jun03

Fan Registry and Unexplored updates. The RPG module images are scanned; I'll be piecing it all together over the next couple of days. Oh, and I went back and watched The Saga Begins this afternoon while running errands at home, and I noticed a lot of things I either missed, never could figure out, or possibly have had wrong for years (I wasn't looking for discrepancies between TSB and the actual series--I mean other things). I'll be posting those in my weblog momentarily if you're interested. ;o)


» 27/28May03 (right around midnight EDT, again)

Nothing huge--the guestbook was filling up (I set my Dreambooks to have a 50-entry max) so I created a new one and changed the links accordingly. (And the World Book is completely typed up, and I'm working on scanning the images in so I can piece it all together and put it up in web format. It shouldn't be much longer.)


» 21/22May03 (right around midnight EDT)

In case you missed it (check the updates section if you'd like), I currently don't have a network connection from my dorm due to issues with my computer, so I can only update from the library. It's not as bad as I initially thought; I keep this site saved on a zip disk and not my hard drive, so it's easily portable--I just do all my major updates on my computer and bring them here and upload it. I hope I can make some headway on this computer issue by next week, though...I need to get something from home over the long weekend to test out.

Anyway, I do have several updates--a new Fan Registry submission (I'm trying to think of community-ish activities for registry people, or something, to give it more of a purpose and have it be more than just a stagnant list of fans--any ideas?), a new Unexplored entry, a pretty massive dictionary update (vocab from 4 episodes..."Betrayal," "A Drop of Darkness," "The Beast and the Bell," and "King Niddler," as well as other random terms that really should've already been there (like Mer and Primus, to name a few!), and edits of some existing entries), updated the FAQ, credits, and "about" pages, fixed a bunch of broken fanart links (and realized there are a few more older sketches of mine I can put up with the next update, ooh...) and updated the outdated messageboard link on several other pages.

(24May03: Okay, so I felt self-conscious about having such a huge thing on the main page, so I'm posting it to my weblog for anyone who's interested in me apologizing (again) and explaining my current summer situation and reading about what I'm working towards and would like to get done and such.)


» 18May03

No luck. It's more convoluted than we initially realized (we spent 3 1/2 hours trying everything we could think of)--it isn't the network card, but we still aren't totally sure what it is, though we have our suspicions. At any rate, until I can get hold of some stuff that's at home and test some things out, I'm stuck with updating from the library. I'll try and update at some point this week, though...sorry again!


» 15May03

Not an update, but an "fyi"...I'm back on campus as of Sunday afternoon, but my computer's network card's dead, so I've only got sporadic online access from the library till that's fixed, which I'm hoping will be tomorrow, if one of my friends can come over and help me out. It's possible for me to update from the library without too much fuss (which is what I'm doing now), but I won't resort to that unless I run into more complications with replacing the card. With any luck I'll be back online by next week from my apartment, and I'll update as soon as I can; I've been working on a few offline updates and have a few other things I need to get started on again. Sorry for the inconvenience. ^^;


» 01May03

New fan registry entry, and some bad news (bad, but not totally unexpected)--it's going back off Cartoon Network. (Thanks to Eckstaski for pointing it out and making me realize I was making a kind of stupid assumption.) Check out News for a little bit more on it.

On a lighter note, I finished my last final exam this morning (which was why there wasn't an update last weekend, sorry about that), and am (FINALLY) done with the semester (I'm also finally officially a senior by hours, after 4 years at this stupid school--just 1 1/2 more to go and I'm free! ;o) ). My net access for the next week will be limited, but I only have classes 3 days a week this summer, and I'll be back on our campus network, so I'll definitely have a lot more time to work on more content (episode summaries, dictionary, new sections, etc.). Got any suggestions for what you'd like to see? Please let me know. :o)


» 19Apr03

A new link (to the new DVD seller, and I've got a few more at work to add, too) and 3 new Fan Registry listings. Plans are developing for a fanfic-style round-robin story/RPG at the forums; stop by if you're interested. :o) Oh, and there's also a minor, inconsequential little piece of news about a new PoDW comic in production. Check out the news site for more info!


» 14Apr03

A new fanfic by Red Pickle Duck and a new piece of fanart by me...and a sort of anti-update. I had to take episode 6 down, and can't host any more episodes for the remainder of the month at the very least, because I just can't handle the bandwidth usage. I'm really, really sorry about this. I'm hoping to set up a webserver or something over the summer, but that's still some time away...I'll definitely post an update if anything progresses, though.


» 13Apr03

Episode 6 (and just 6) is up on the movies page. I also finally was able to scan and piece together the HUGE map from the PoDW D&D RPG module, and I've got 3 separate scans of varying sizes of that on the merchandise page. I'd also have added a fanfic if weren't down...sorry, Leia. ^^; I also got this message in my inbox today...

I just thought i would let you know that i will be selling copies of all 21 PODW Eps. as a 5 DVD set for $30.00 (including shipping, more for international). All of my DVD's come in clamshell cases with cover art, episode blurbs and the first disc will have a color booklet somewhere around 10-15 pages with character and story info. I will be remastering my own dvd's which will be for sale in about a week. I would greatly appreciate it if you could drop this info and my email into your next update. I will also have a site up and running in about a week at[this site is a scam page, DO NOT USE THEM]. Again i would appreciate it greatly if you could stick this somwhere on your site.

That's all for this update. :o)


» 11Apr03

Not exactly an update, but I just wanted to bring up a couple of things I came across this week.

1. Copying other people's fan fiction and fanart is BAD. Even though there's so little of it online, I found a case of PoDW fanart theft this week (and e-mailed the thief, though I have yet to hear back from her), and apparently there have been cases of PoDW fanfic theft in the past. WHY? Geez, look around--there's so little of each online, and you have the gall to be uncreative and rip off the few people who did put effort into remembering and recreating the show? Geez--if you're a true fan, if you really like or respect the show (and this applies to any fandom), you should want to put effort into making something yourself, right? Tracing somebody's art and coloring it in is NOT original, and neither is stealing somebody's fanfiction. Not only is it pathetic, it's very illegal in terms of copyright law. Grow up--if you can't do it yourself, then don't do it at all.

2. Please don't directly link to any multimedia on this site. My bandwidth usage has skyrocketed this month--I have 10 gigs allotted per month, and have already used 5.4 gigs, and it's not even halfway through the month. I've found a couple of people who've posted links directly to the weekly episode files on their sites or journals, and contacted them asking them to stop, because it's totally eating up my resources. Tomorrow I'm just going to put up episode 6, and I'll keep an eye on my resources for the week and see what happens. (If it ends up not really being affected by the direct-linking, then I'm mildly screwed, because it means I have to upgrade my hosting plan to get more bandwidth.) I hope you understand; thanks!

I'll actually do a physical update tomorrow. Sorry for the false alarm; both of those just really needed to be said. ^^;


» 05Apr03

Episodes 5 and 13 are up. I'm sorry I haven't had much else to update with--give it a few weeks, I'll have time and energy again for more content in May for sure (my last final exam for the semester is May 1st at 8 AM, so I mean that quite literally *grins*), and I'll do what I can till then. I'm just really, really stressed and overwhelmed with all the end-of-term stuff right now.

(By the way, if you're setting your VCR or staying up late to catch tonight's episode, don't forget to set your clock forward an hour or you might miss it. ;o) )


» 01Apr03

(Holy crap, April? I'm still stuck in a February-ish mindset...this year's flying by!) Anyway. :o) Not so much of an update as an observation: PoDW is the featured cartoon over at Animated Lust. I don't know how often the spotlight's updated, but it's at least today's feature. :o)


» 30Mar03

(It's about 12:30 AM EST, so I kind of narrowly missed Saturday, dang.) 4 new Fan Registry entries, and 2 new Unexplored ones, as well as an Unexplored update. And episodes 4 and 12 are up for download. I used over 7 gigs of bandwidth last month (as opposed to my usual 1 or 2), with all the traffic coming from this site, but my "counter" reset itself this week, oddly I'll continue to host 2 episodes until something drastic happens.

And I (still) have a favor to ask of all of you. If you've seen any PoDW merchandise at all over the years, could you help add to my list at the forum? Or if you have any photos, could you possibly e-mail them to me? Someone suggested some time back that I start a section on merchandise, and it's about time I've done a more major update--I seriously could use all the help I can get with this. :o) Thanks!


» 23Mar03

My apparent new ditz "thing" has resurfaced. I totally didn't realize that I only changed the names on the movie download section to episodes 3 and 11, but not the links themselves. *smacks self* Many thanks to the guy who posted at my forum pointing it out to's fixed now, I swear. *sheepish grin*


» 22Mar03

Sorry for the lack of's getting to be that time of the semester (yet again, me and my excuses--I think I just took too much on this semester, though). But I've rotated the episodes, and Break-Up (3) and The Collection (11) are up now. There's also a new Fan Registry entry, and two new poems by Zunidoll under Fanfiction.

And I have a favor to ask of all of you. If you've seen any PoDW merchandise at all over the years, could you help add to my list at the forum? Or if you have any photos, could you possibly e-mail them to me? Someone suggested some time back that I start a section on merchandise, and it's about time I've done a more major update--I seriously could use all the help I can get with this. :o) Thanks!


» 15Mar03

I had an idea this morning *cue the light bulb*. ;o) So I'm going to attempt to host 2 episodes at a time--I'm currently uploading Episode 2 (Dishonor), as well as episode 10 (King Niddler). That way, I'll have the episodes from the beginning rotating, as well as putting up the episode that's being shown tonight/early tomorrow. But please read this first: it's 11:45 AM EST, and I have a lot to get done today, so I can't stay here and watch the episodes upload all the way. Please wait until around 1 PM to try viewing them, just in case. Thanks!


» 10Mar03

So...I messed some things up yesterday with the forum, and had to start from scratch. (It happened while importing a template a friend designed for me.) If you've posted or registered there, it's all gone. :o( (Luckily, there wasn't a lot there just yet...) So if you don't mind reregistering--this kind of thing shouldn't happen again. Gah, I'm a ditz sometimes...


» 08Mar03

Sorry for the delay in updating and in answering e-mails; I was out of town this past week since it was our spring break. (Florida, home of wonderful 70-degree days and beautiful beaches and far enough from work and was wonderfully relaxing. *grin*) Several updates...two new Unexplored entries, a new Fan Registry entry, a new poem (with a slightly more mature bent to it, be warned), and I'm starting to rotate the episodes weekly in movie format--The Quest is currently up.


» 26Feb03

Two new fan registry submissions. And happy belated 12th birthday to the show--it was yesterday. ;o)


» 24Feb03

Holy crap. Why didn't any of you let me know that I had part of the wording from the opening sequence wrong?? (Then again, it's taken me this long to notice, so...) It's not a big deal, I had "pirate king" instead of "pirate lord"...but it's fixed now. Gah, oops! ^^;

And the 12th anniversary of the show's premiere (or its birthday, whichever you prefer) is tomorrow. :o)


» 22Feb03

A minor miracle has just occurred. I updated the dictionary. All the terms I could find from "The Soul Stealer" and "Andorus" are up, as well as other miscellaneous ones related to those that I for some reason hadn't put up or had gotten deleted somehow. But yeah. DICTIONARY UPDATE! Expect the next one, oh, sometime next year or so. ;o) I may get more work done on it, or elsewhere on the site, tonight...I honestly don't know though. It's been fun devoting a day to predominantly updating, though. ;o) (yeah, I'm a geek.)

(earlier today:) New images--4 by RedPickleDuck (assorted images), 21 by Zunidoll (all involving Niddler somehow, all from the episode "Andorus")--and a new Unexplored entry, and a minor FAQ update (downloadable PoDW episodes are down for the moment). I'm giving myself today off to recuperate from my kind of stressful weeks (it's getting to be that "getting burned out" period in the term), so I'm hoping to also update some sections that have needed updating for some time now.


» 20Feb03

A new fan registry entry and a new Unexplored entry. I had new images, too, but I accidentally deleted the e-mail with the links to them. *cough* ^^; Hopefully the person who sent them can take pity on my poor, scatterbrained self and send them again...


» 09Feb03

A new Fan Registry entry, 2 new poems under Fanfiction, and a few minor changes to several other things. I've got more images to get up, too, but that probably won't happen today.


» 31Jan03

3 new Fan Listing entries, 2 new Unexplored entries, and a new link, to an Elfwood gallery with Dark Water fanart.


» 23Jan03

49 new images, courtesy of Red Pickle Duck (nice moniker *grin*). 47 are screencaps and 2 are Hanna-Barbera lineart pieces. I know there are a few more Unexplored/Fan Listing submissions I need to get up; maybe I'll get them up tonight. If not, then check back--they'll be up soon, promise!


» 17Jan03

New Registry and Unexplored entries--and a pretty unique submission, the first draft of an actual RPG written for younger children, by Vincent Diakuw, written specifically for his niece and nephew. :o) You can find it under Fanfiction and Miscellaneous (partly by his request and partly because I'm not sure which of the two to put it in); it's in .pdf format.


» 15Jan03

Checked Cartoon Network's international websites' TV schedules (to the best of my ability), and posted my findings under News.


» 14Jan03

Wow, this is becoming daily again. *grin* New entries in Registry and Unexplored, and a minor FAQ update.


» 13Jan03

The Sega Genesis emulator and rom (2 parts, in WinRAR format) are up under Video Games, and there are new Unexplored and Fan Registry submissions. There's also a new link and a new guest wallpaper, and I've finally opened the new forums to the public, so to speak, and have basically shut off the old EzBoard (it's still there if you want to read old posts, though).


» 12Jan03

A little elaboration on the show and the animation block it's part of is in the news section.


» 10Jan03

PoDW is back on Cartoon Network! However, it's playing at a fairly awkward timeslot (in the US at least--if you're not in the US, if you could check your listings and e-mail me with the timeslot so I can put it up here, that would be excellent, thank you!). Check the news site for more details!

I updated my weblog last week with random stuff about the site and stuff, if anyone's interested in reading. I've got several things I want to put up; with any luck, I can add some of them later today.