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» 20Dec04

Not an update--I just wanted to say hi to the Ohio University "I want to be a Pirate of Dark Water" group on TheFaceBook, even though I know none of you (though I know someone who used to go there). :D I found you guys via my referral logs, and if people could join groups from other schools I'd have joined already. ;o) Yay FaceBook!


» 09Dec04

I'm alive...I've just finished my last set of final exams at Georgia Tech, ever. After over 5 years, I'm graduating this Saturday morning, with honors, with a BS in Media Studies and a minor in Japanese. And it feels spectacular.

One piece of advice to those of you in college: don't overload yourself your final semester. I did, and I wish I'd stayed an extra term just so I had more time to look for a job, because I didn't get time to start till about a month ago. I'm not in a big hurry since I'm eventually going back for my masters, but if you're going straight into the work force, you need to be able to set aside 2-3 months MINIMUM to search.

Okay, enough for Smitha's Advice Column On Life After College. :P

All I've got this time are Fan Registry updates. (There were 2 Unexplored submissions...but that section is supposed to be for hypothetical continuations/endings that take place in the universe--not, "They should have finished the show!" If you're still confused, read through the entries there.) I know there's more I need to add, but I've been so preoccupied with school that I forgot. If you sent me anything, or had asked me about putting something up, PLEASE contact me to remind me! I'll try my hardest to get some major work done over the next few weeks, especially with regards to the RPG module character sheets.


» 01Nov04

Due to a DNS error on my host's side, was down all day (today AND yesterday, according to my referral logs...crap!), but as you can see, it's back up again. Sorry for the inconvenience!


» 23Oct04

And after an eternity of waiting and reloading and hoping she won't start off her update blurbs with "Not an update, but...", SHE UPDATES. ;o)

- Two new ads, out of Disney Magazine. (Thanks, Kame!)
- Actually converted the (still incomplete) Dark Water vs. Pirates of Dark Water page into HTML.
- Fixed an error in Comics 8 and 9, so now you can use the previous/next links to click through all 22 pages on each.
- Three new Fan Registry updates (welcome to Rainswept/Vin, Kooshmeister/Bill, and Aqua).
- Linked to Kooshmeister's really detailed and insightful transcripts of episodes 1 and 2 on the episodes and fan "fiction" pages.
- Updated the FAQ (please glance over this before e-mailing me...if I haven't replied to your e-mail, it's because your answer's here.)
- Updated the links page. I deleted so many broken links's really sad that the PoDW content online is going down and not up...

And a few non-updates, but questions and other things I'd like to mention:
- I'd like to propose a PoDW-themed autumn creative challenge. I hope some of you consider participating!
- I'm very ignorant about RPGs, unfortunately. Could you all tell me what system the PoDW RPG module is for, or if it's generic?
- Is PoDW still on Boomerang in the USA? I know it's on in Brazil (thanks, Claudio!), but it hasn't shown up on the US schedule recently...
- As far as I know, Jenny's still looking for someone to adopt the PoDW fanlisting. Are you interested?

(In other news, I graduate from Georgia Tech in less than 2 months, so this may be my last major update until after then--I'm keeping busy with classes and trying to find a job here in Atlanta. Wish me luck!)


» 09Oct04

I'll hopefully get some sort of update done this weekend, now that midterms are done...but in the meantime, I have a bit of relevant advertising first.

Jenny, the founder of the Pirates of Dark Water fanlisting (that's what that image below the navigation to the left is), is putting it up for adoption--meaning, she'd like to give it to somebody else to continue maintaining on their own webspace. These are her requirements:

- Be a TRUE fan.
- Have the FL up within 2 weeks.
- Keep ALL the members, the affiliates and preferably the name of the FL.
- You can keep the codes, but make your own layout.
- If you EVER give the FL up, let her have first dibs.
- Credit her as the original owner.
- Mail the members about the move.
- Find a new home for the fanlisting.

Are you interested? Let her know! If you're a webmaster/webmistress with a pretty solid site and you really love the show, then I'd encourage you to contact her--fanlistings never take much time to maintain, and at this point, the most time-consuming parts would be designing a layout and e-mailing all the members.

This is the perfect opportunity to add to the very meager amount of PoDW content on the web, and if you've wanted to have something PoDW-related on your site but could never think of anything in particular--this is your chance, so go for it! ;o) Please direct all questions to sanity.lost[at]gmail[dot]com (and not to me--I'm just advertising for her). Thanks!


» 29Sep04

Argh, I'm sorry I haven't been updating...but those of you who've been visiting for a while know how it is--I'll have spurts of time where I get some really good stuff up, and spurts of time where I make excuses. Like now. But I really have been a lot busier than I thought...taking a full load of classes, plus extracurriculars, plus trying to find job is really wearing me thin.

Anyway, this is to announce that Mike of Mer now has the episodes back up (the small, 15-meg versions that DarkWaterFan captured--which is all of them, except 16 and 21). You can snag them here. ToonGeek is continuing to rotate his remastered, larger versions here, so you now have a choice between the two. :o) Enjoy!

I'm also falling behind on answering e-mails again...I've got a huge test next Thursday, but I'll be free after that.

(And a shameless plug, for Atlanta folks--the Georgia Tech Symphony Orchestra and GT Jazz Ensemble are having a joint concert this Friday at the Ferst Center for the Arts on Tech's campus, at 7:30 PM. Tickets are $10 in advance or $12 at the door. You really should come--it's going to be awesome!)


» 16Sep04

And yet again, not a real update. I'm pulling an all-nighter and allowing myself a few minutes of slack time.

For those of you who are going to be hit by Hurricane Ivan--good luck! Seriously, don't go outside if you don't have to...even if your school hasn't canceled classes, chances are your profs don't want to be there any more than you do. (Unless you go to Georgia Tech. *COUGH*)

Anyway--don't forget that September 19th is Talk Like A Pirate Day. Not completely related, but talking like a Dark Water pirate is, in my book, just as valid as the "Arrr, mateys, swab the deck!" variety, especially since they work in a few typical pirate-ish phrases into the show anyway. And if you do happen to spout PoDW phrases at any point during the day, let me know! ;o) It sucks that it's a Sunday, though...I'd have loved to see all the weird looks I'd have gotten by blurting, "Chongo-longo!" really loudly (and totally mortifying whoever I'd have been with, mwahaha) while surrounded by people during class changes. *grin*


» 06Sep04 is live! Please update your links and bookmarks accordingly. :D


» 04Sep04

The Dragon*Con Classic Cartoons and Women in Animation panels went fairly well this afternoon (I was especially happy with the first)--thanks to those of you who attended! I really enjoyed talking with you all during and after the panels, about this show and many other classic ones. If I'm back at Dragon*Con next year, I'll totally be an animation panelist again--this was a lot of fun. :o)

Anyway, as those of you at the panels found out today, I intend to register for this site in the next couple of weeks. Getting this site its own domain has been something I've debated about doing for a while, but I'm pretty confident that this will work out for the best--it's such a huge part of my "web presence" (and the site I'm the fondest of), and I think it's finally grown and evolved to a point that I feel that it deserves its own domain. I'll let you know when it goes through--just stick with the regular URLs for now.

Oh--and thanks to Troy for letting me know that on the Comics section, if you tried to view the issue 9 pages, you saw the issue 8 ones by accident. It's fixed now. :o)


» 31Aug04

Pardon the confusion with the changing update blurbs...all of is now hosted with my new host, JaguarLLC, who have so far proven themselves to be really, really awesome (they responded to my problem tickets in TEN MINUTES!).

Speaking of problem may have noticed that hasn't been working (though has)--it should hopefully be working soon, now that I've got the subdomains configured properly. And if you tried to e-mail me at all in the last few days, could you send your message again? My address was down during the move. Thanks!

[10:10 PM EST - edit] The forums are back up. My friend Andy ROCKS.


» 29Aug04

(happy 23rd birthday to me. ;o))

If you saw a message up for several hours yesterday about this site being down, ignore it--the site should be up for the next few days, with maybe some downtime when actually switches to point to the new host. Sorry for any confusion.

Also, another update--I'm going to be on two animation panels at Dragon*Con now. Both are Saturday in the Vinings room in the Hyatt--I'm still doing the 2:30 Classic Cartoons panel, and I'm now doing a 4:00 panel on Women in Animation. On that second panel are going to be 3 women who work in the animation industry--animator/actress Deborah Abbott, anime voice actor Juliet Cesario (Ah! My Goddess, You're Under Arrest), and voice actress Debi Derryberry (Jimmy Neutron, Crash Bandicoot, Kiki's Delivery Service...). If you're attending the con, please do consider stopping by one or the other, and definitely say hi. :o)

Anyway, real updates...2 new fan registry updates (Fate Star and Angelamii), 3 new Unexplored entries (Dill, Jip, and Anonymous), a new movie clip (rapid screencaps of the Sega game intro in .wmv format) by Dan, a new audio clip (the theme to Dark Water, the original miniseries), and a few links to sites or IMDb profiles of cast and crew members (that section will keep growing, definitely).

And now I sleep. ;o)


» 14Aug04

Not an update...this is just to warn you all that I'm currently in the process of switching hosts. I've signed up for my second account and am slowly transferring files over, and the site may temporarily be down when the domain name switches from this host to my new one. If that's the case, just keep checking back--I think a DNS change like that can take up to 24 hours to propagate.

Also, if anybody's going to Dragon*Con 2004 this Labor Day weekend (September 3-6) in Atlanta, I'm going to be a panelist on the Classic Cartoons panel, on the Anime/Animation track. The panel is Saturday, September 4, at 2:30 PM in the Vinings room. I'm really excited about this! :D If you're going to be at the con, please come check it out and say hi, and if you want, drop me an e-mail so I can keep an eye out for you. :o)

And now, back to packing...I'm moving back onto campus this weekend. Later. ;o)


» 27Jul04

Done with summer semester! (Just one more to go before I'm out of college...geez...) Just a few updates, fixing broken links and screwed up images, and tying up some loose ends--if anybody cares, most of the links to my fanart (just mine and nobody else's) are broken. I'll remedy that soon. I also added as many artist e-mail addresses to that page as I could (I don't know why I never did before)--if you've done fanart that's on this site, please e-mail me so I can add your address to the page, if you don't mind. Thank you!


» 30Jun04

I really should be studying, but...that's okay. *cough* There's a new piece of fanart of Tula and Niddler, by SwiftRat. And 6 new Unexplored entries (some dating back to April--I'm really, really sorry about that! Oh--and there's a chauvinistic one in this update that I thought was hilarious--because, you know, women only care about marrying to get power and prestige, and not because they want to marry men with integrity, right? *snicker* Someone's a bit bitter, I think), and 2 Fan Registry entries too.

And, as usual, this is an incomplete update. Back to work now...


» 23Jun04

Still incomplete, but hopefully complete soon. *crosses fingers* :P Transcripts for episodes 18 and 19 are up (I'll try my best to start formatting them in HTML and get them up in the episodes section for the next update).

And I forgot to mention last time that PoDW is being shown in Australia--it's on at midnight, AEST (Australia Eastern Time +10, I think), 7 nights a week, on Cartoon Network. (Thanks, SwiftRat!) And PoDW is definitely off the British Toonami channel. (If it's on TV anywhere else, please let me know!)

Also--I have no idea why I didn't get started on this before...I'd like to start a section with information on international versions of the show. I know that there are quite a few of you that are in non-English speaking countries that have seen the show dubbed in other languages. Could you please e-mail me with any information on your language's version (the language, the title, names if they were different, maybe even names of voice actors if you know them)? I've got pretty much all I know here, and I would love to learn more. Thank you! :o)


» 15Jun04

An (incomplete) update! The comics are up in their entirety--all 9 issues, completely done. (Finally! It only took me like 3 years to do it. ;o)) Also, the screenplay for episode 17 is up in the temp folder.

Some bad news...Mike of Mer, who'd been hosting some of the episodes, is no longer able to because the friend's server he was hosting them on has gone down permanently. But there are episodes on SoulSeek (a filesharing service--thanks, Sammy!) and BitTorrent (another filesharing service--thanks, Derek!). ToonGeek may start rotating the episodes in the near future, so be sure to check there--and here, as I'll post any updates I hear.

Also--British viewers, is PoDW still showing on the Toonami channel? Someone let me know (thanks, Terrig!) that it hasn't been on recently--if someone could confirm this either way, I'd really appreciate it. :o)

A couple more small updates yet to come, like Fan Registry and Unexplored updates, and new fanart. Also--if I go for long stretches without updating, I may update the weblog and not mention it on this page, and I'll mention goings-on with the site, things I'd like to add, and so forth, so if you want some sort of update, check in there every now and then. :o) But I'd better go home (I'm at the campus library)--I'll try and get the rest up really soon.


» 04May04

Screenplays for episodes 10-13 are up (again, sorry for them just being text files, and for the horizontal scrolling). I also found a CD with scans of pages 1-12 from comic #8, so I'll try and get those up ASAP. To summarize the previous updates:

- Mike of Mer is hosting the episode video files on his website. Currently episodes 1-5 are up, but he'll be getting more up soon, in .asf and .rm formats. I currently don't have dedicated online access, but if you do have any video files of the episodes in any other formats (.avi, .mpeg, .rm), please send me an e-mail.

- If you've got a few minutes, I'd really appreciate it if you could send me an e-mail with your feedback about the site's strengths and weaknesses. (Click here.)

Thanks! :o)


» 30Apr04

THE EPISODES ARE AVAILABLE FOR DOWNLOAD. Mike of Mer has very graciously offered to host them on his server space (which he's got plenty of, and hopefully bandwidth too!). Check them out here. Currently, only episodes 1-5 are up (in low-quality .asf format), but he'll be uploading a few more at a time.

To accompany these, since the sound quality's a bit bad on these files, I've been working on typing up screenplays for the episodes in the past couple of days. You can find screenplays in .txt format for episodes 1-9 here for now. (If you find any typos/errors, please let me know. And sorry for the horizontal scrolling--I just wanted to get them up ASAP. I'll put them in .html format eventually. Saving them and turning on Word Wrap in Notepad will fix that for you, though.)

There will also be a few much better RealVideo-quality files, too. If you've got any high-quality files of the episodes (in .rm, .avi, or .mpg format), please contact me, and hopefully we can work out a way for you to transfer them to me, so I can get them to him. :o)


» 26Apr04

I finally gave in and did it--those of you registered on Orkut, come join the PoDW community. ;o)


» 24Apr04

Sorry for the "temper tantrum" a few days ago--but I'm really, really stressed out, and it's just a bit of a pet peeve of mine since it happens so often.

Anyway...not an update (I've got final exams till Wednesday, but I'll be free for a bit after that, so I'll definitely start working on another update then), but this is a bit of a "spring cleaning" request. This site wouldn't exist in its current form if not for a lot of content very generously donated by you all, so it's only fair that I turn to you for feedback on what I do with this site. If you could, please take a look around, and drop me an e-mail with your feedback on any (or all!) of the following:

- What do you like best about this site?
- What do you like least?
- What would you like to see on the site in the future?
- Is there anything that should be removed or should be done differently?
- What do you think of the layout, navigation, and organization of information?
- Are there any broken links, internal (to files on the site) or external (to other pages)?
- What would you suggest to make the site more interactive and user-friendly? How can people be more involved?
- Do you have any general thoughts or other suggestions you'd like to share with me?

If you've got a few minutes, I really, really would appreciate any suggestions you have. This is a fan site, and it exists because of you and for you, so please tell me what you want and I'll do my best to work towards it. Thanks!


» 21Apr04

Updated the FAQ.

And...I really don't want to be rude about this--but PLEASE, PLEASE READ THE FAQ BEFORE CONTACTING ME. I definitely want to help you out in any way that I can, and I know that many of the people who contact me (especially regarding where they can find copies of the episodes) only just rediscovered the show for the first time in years...but if you're new to this site, chances are that your question will be answered on the FAQ.

I apologize for sounding rude--but I don't have time to respond at length to my e-mails these days, especially ones that my site already answers, and this is as much to help me out as it is to make things easier for you. Thank you.


» 10Apr04

Okay, just to to files is bad. Linking to 5-meg movie files and setting them as background music on your website is worse. (Yes, background music. As in, you can't even SEE the MOVIE file playing!) Don't do it. It just pisses me off, especially when you ignore the e-mail I sent you and link to the file after I renamed it specifically to keep you from linking to it.


» 09Apr04

Holy crap, it's an ACTUAL UPDATE!

I've apologized a lot before, but I'll do it again--I'm so sorry it's taken... *consults the updates page*...oh, man, 4 months to update again, but I think this is everything? Here's a list to make it easier...
- new fanart
- a bunch of new links (and the page has been reorganized, so there's now a section for links to where you can buy or download episodes)
- new fan registry entry (READ THE RULES, PLEASE--I do appreciate being flattered but if you don't include a bio I'm not going to add you)
- couple of new sections under Miscellaneous:
   - advertisements people have found
   - a basic list of differences between PoDW and Dark Water
- linked to the D&D RPG module map from the Buried Treasure page (I don't know why I never did before, I'm sorry about that!)

I actually had typed up a transcript of all the lines to "The Quest" too (it seems like that's much easier for me to do than full-detail episode summaries), but I lost it somehow. :( If you sent me something and I haven't put it up or contacted you explaining why it isn't up, please, please let me know! I didn't exclude you intentionally and I'm sorry I didn't include you already.

But this is almost definitely the last update for this month. I've just got way too much coursework and fall/post-graduation planning to worry about (I'm graduating from Georgia Tech with a BS in Media Studies and a minor in Japanese in December--man...I started this site the summer before 10th grade, when I was 14, and I'll be a 23-year-old college graduate before long)...and I'm going to stop rambling so I can go to sleep. ;o)


» 02Apr04

If you stopped by between 11:00 AM on April 1 and 12:00 AM today (EST, or GMT-5)...April Fools. ;o) The site's completely up, there was no tragic host/computer crash that wiped everything out. (For international people who may not celebrate it, April 1 is a day to play pranks and tricks on your friends. And my best friend totally fell for it--I had to call her to set her straight. Jenn, I'm not letting you live that down for a while. :D)


» 18Mar04

New link, to the rapidly growing PoDW section at TVTome.


» 14Mar04

I've spent all weekend reorganizing the screenshot galleries (so the images are, for the most part, arranged by content and then contributor, to make it all easier to navigate), and adding a bunch of new images I've since received. I had no idea that there are almost 400 screenshots on this site. *falls over* Anyway, that's up. And it's a very partial update--there's a lot of other stuff that needs updating...I don't know if I'll get to do any of it tonight, though...and this may be my last update till the end of the semester, but we'll see. :o)

(If you've linked to any of my screenshots in your journal or at a messageboard, the links are ALL broken now. Oh, and the same policy as before applies--these images are free to post on journals and messageboards, but if you want to use them as your messageboard avatars or on your websites, DON'T direct-link them. Save them and upload them to your own webspace. Thanks!)

I also have 5 new fan registry entries up (Hecate, GEEK_CORE, bluefaierie, Kyoko Higashi, and morrodox), and...oh yeah. I also updated the "contact" page just a bit, to add in a bit of a warning (it's really, really pathetic that this has gotten to the point that I have to make a PSA, but the number of desperate guys IMing/e-mailing me has shot up during the past month and the majority found me through this site)--if you intend to flirt with me or try to ask me out via e-mail/IM, just don't bother contacting me at all. Thanks. :P


» 12Mar04

So I was going to attempt an update, since it's spring break, but my host picks this week to migrate the server my site's on, and in the process, it screws up quite a few of my files site-wide. This site's been mildly affected too--the "misc" section isn't up right now (but the only thing there is my weblog, so there you go :P), so I'm sorry about that--it's their fault, not mine. ^^;

Speaking of which--I'm hosting with Myacen currently, and I definitely intend to move my site to a new host as soon as I get some time. (They used to be excellent, but they've gotten so big that their service has really gone downhill and it's really tough to even contact tech support. So if you're considering them, I definitely don't recommend them.) Those of you who are familiar with web hosting--my site,, is right around 400 MB and uses around 8 GB of bandwidth monthly, and requires at least 1 MySQL database to run the forum, and PHP for several of my sites (this one included, for the comics section). Subdomains are also a plus. O:o) I'm also hoping to expand, so maybe one day I can start rotating the episodes again, or something like that. I've got 2 hosts in mind to research, 1and1 and phpwebhosting. Have any of you come across any hosts that could handle a site as big as mine? Please let me know if you have--I'd really appreciate it, thanks!

And Heidi Bosch, a former Hanna-Barbera employee, has asked me to mention that she's selling another character lineup--this time from Yo Yogi, and not PoDW. It's in very good condition--click here for an image and more information on it. She's asking for $200. If you're interested, please contact her.


» 11Feb04

Damn. And I was doing so well with updating regularly, too...I haven't updated with new content in over 2 months! I'm really sorry. I'm just so busy this much reading, project and lab work, and thinking about the senior thesis I'll be doing this hit me out of nowhere and my workload's only piling higher and higher. Plus, all the time I do have (that isn't spent on studying or getting out of my dorm to relax) is currently going towards overhauling another site, which has been in dire need of this overhaul for at least a year.

Oh yeah--and when I got slammed by the hybrid-virus-worm-thing that hit me within a week of moving back on campus in January, when I reformatted, I lost all my scans of comics 8 and 9--and I'd finished scanning them over Christmas break. *sob* There are other things that need updating, too...those of you who sent in fan registry entries, I did get them. :o) Plus, I've got a bunch of new images to add, and once I get the other site finished and am able to rescan the comics and put this new stuff up, I really hope I can start tending to the rest of the site again (like the episode summaries *COUGH*).

I'll stop making excuses, except that's all I can offer at this point. I hope to be back to updating soon--thanks so much for your patience and support. :o)


» 12Jan04

(Not an update, just a comment.) It's so fun to go through my referral logs and find these little gems every now and this case, silly little high school guys who bash stuff just to try to act cool. *grin* Like a few guys at this one messageboard who're having a field day bashing PoDW, and even me--"okay, someone had way too much time on their hands," (pot, kettle, black--you all are posting this at an internet messageboard devoted to gaming--no offense meant to actual normal-geeky gamers, since I'm friends with quite a few, but these guys are making you look bad) and "holy shit, she's female, she's most likely fat." Uh-huh, 'cause, y'know, we girls can't run websites or be fans of science fiction or fantasy without being thought of as pimple-faced, antisocial, overweight nerds with no life away from the internet. And how old are you all now? It's so cute that you think you're so badass because you know how to curse! ;o) Maybe you should get away from the computer for a couple of hours, since you think that taking inane potshots at stuff and people by throwing around the word "shitty" makes you more, I dunno, manly or something. Sheesh.


» 07Jan04

Happy (belated) holiday season! Sorry for the lack of updates--I had very little internet access over the break, and now that I'm back on campus, my classes are proving to be pretty intensive (2 are crosslisted as undergrad/graduate classes, which is really cool but really intimidating, in a way) and my computer's having problems. AGAIN. I do have stuff lined up for an update (the rest of the comics and some other stuff)--it's just a matter of getting time and decent computer access to put it together. I'll be back soon. :o)

Oh--and on a much more "wow!" note, as of today, this site has crossed 25,000 hits since I added the SiteMeter tracker on August 7, 2002. Thank you all so, so much for visiting--it really means a lot to me that I've gotten this many hits (and e-mails with kind/encouraging words and helpful feedback/advice) from people who actually are interested in what I'm doing with this site. :o)