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» 30Jan06

Happy New Year! (Belatedly so, heh.)

Yet again, this is not a sitewide update, but this is an update with regards to the BitTorrent files. I've gotten quite a few messages letting me know that they weren't working--it turns out that I screwed up (I thought I'd uploaded the new torrent files, except I hadn't--huge thanks to Cuyler for catching that!). Now, as some of you have already discovered, they're back up, and people are downloading and seeding as we speak. If you've had problems, please do give them a try, as they're definitely working.

I've just been swamped lately...I took my laptop to work one day and actually got a lot done on the CSS "back-end" revamp. I'm toying with the idea of doing a visual redesign as well...I do love this one, but it's kind of antiquated. Anyway, we'll see. (This site is coming up on its 10th anniversary this summer! I'd like to do something to celebrate that, if I can.)