Below are links to other PoDW-related sites on the web, organized into sites offering episode copies for sale or download, fan-related sites, general/merchandise sites, and links to pages by/about the show's cast and crew. Links that tie in specifically with one of the sections on this site (fanart/fanfic, video clips, etc.) will be listed in that section. Am I missing one? Let me know!

By the way--links that are in bold are for sites that have updated recently...and by recently, I mean within the past year. There are quite a few static and stagnant sites that have been up for years, so it's a way of pointing out fresh content.

Last updated: August 2009


Episodes For Sale

» Dalton and Kevin Collectibles

Offering a bare-bones discounted set, and a set with frills (full-screen DVD+R, cases, cover art, episode lists) for more. It makes mention of DW vs. PoDW and the different voice actors for Niddler, but doesn't specify which version's on the DVD set.

» Collector Trading

Offers all 21 episodes on 5 DVDs.

» On The Run Video

Two volumes of two DVDs each, covering all 21 episodes AND The Saga Begins, "all in one neat little package." (I've seen these folks at Dragon*Con in Atlanta annually and bought some of their other DVDs.)


All 21 episodes on two region-free DVDs.


All 21 episodes on 5 region-free DVD-R DVDs. (The cover art, though, looks to have used this image, presumably without permission...also, the site owner is having serious medical issues, but DVD orders should still go out in a timely fashion.)


Episodes For Download (via BitTorrent)

» The Pirate Bay

» Torrentz

» BitTorrent Monster (BTMon)

» TorrentReactor

» Fenopy

» Demonoid (login required)



Fan-related Sites

» Ending for Pirates of Dark Water (SNES)

Screenshots from the SNES game's ending.

» Facebook - PoDW Fan Page

Probably the most active PoDW community on the web right now. Photos, video clips, and discussion topics.

» - Pirates of Dark Water

PoDW fan fiction.

» Half-bakery

The part of Vin Diakuw's personal site that contains his RPG projects, including his beginner's PoDW RPG (which is also hosted on this site).

» Noijitat!

Sam's fanlisting (officially approved by for the show.

» "The Pirates of Dark Water" -- An AD&D Campaign Setting

An AD&D campaign that continues the Dark Water story with a new generation of Treasure-seekers. It also has a lot of really good general information about the show itself, and the stories related to the campaign are a nice read.

» Shadowlord, Inc. & Dragoniade - Show Clips

Part of an anthropomorphic site--this is a section that will eventually have movie clips up that relate to the nonhuman species of the show, specifically scenes and transformations. CAUTION: this section is safe, but other sections of this site do have adult content, so surf at your own risk.

» Shiiden Online: Pirates of Darkwater

A new PoDW fansite, with some basic info on the show, and possibly more to come.



General Information/Merchandise

» The Big Cartoon DataBase - The Pirates of Dark Water

A page that lets you rate and review each episode of the series.

Cartoon Scrapbook - Pirates of Dark Water

A general PoDW profile on a website with information on countless dozens of animated series.

» Don Markstein's Toonopedia: The Pirates of Darkwater

A good general overview of the show, its place in the Hanna-Barbera "universe," the merchandise, and even the fans.

» EOFFTV - Pirates of Dark Water (1991)

Part of the Encyclopedia of Fantastic Film and Television website, with general information about the show.

» Guide du Roliste Galactique

An in-depth description of the RPG module in French.

<>» Heritage Auctions - PoDW cels and animation art

Heritage Auctions occasionally features various random cels and cel drawings for auction on their website. Definitely worth checking out. At the time of writing, there is a selection available!

» IMDb - "Pirates of Darkwater" (1991)

The Internet Movie Database entry for the show--has a listing of voice actors and some other general information.

» Pen & Paper :: RPG Database > Pirates of Dark Water, The (1994)

Part of the RPG Database at, with information about the RPG module.

» Pirates of Dark Water Voice Actors and View Dates

Part of George Fergus's extensive site. The episode list, in the order it was originally slated to air (as compared to Cartoon Network's order, which switched around 2 episodes), and a list of voice actors.

» Project 2612 - Pirates of Dark Water Sega Genesis music

Project 2612 is devoted to making music from Sega Genesis and Sega Mega Drive games available for download. They're in a special format, but you can instlal a simple plugin to make them playable by your audio software.

» Superhero Database - Pirates of Dark Water

Contains the episode titles and some pictures from the series. One of the very first pages to display PoDW content of any kind, and the only other one from the mid-1990s, besides mine, that's still up and occasionally updating. ;)

» Super Toy Archive Collectible Store: Pirates of Dark Water

Offers some of the action figures for sale, and has images of them. Here are some rarer items, too.

» SystemA Pirates of Dark Water

An image of the handheld SystemA game, part of the Handheld Games Museum site.

» - The Pirates of Dark Water

A rapidly growing general resource on the show, with an episode list, cast and crew listings, brief episode summaries, and even a goofs guide. :)

» Tourbillon noir (le) - Association Animez Vois

A nice overview of the series in French. This is part of a French animation association, "Association de promotion du cinema d'animation et des dessins animes" (Association for the Promotion of Animated Films and Drawings). There's multimedia on the page, but you unfortunately have to pay to view it (movie clips and large versions of the small screenshots shown there).

» - Pirates of Dark Water

Something different than the norm--a listing of the various "tropes," or themes/elements/symbols, present throughout the show.

» Virtual Toy Chest - Pirates of Dark Water

Has images of all 8 action figures and the Wraith.

» Wikipedia: The Pirates of Dark Water

The Wikipedia PoDW entry, free for anybody to edit to add more information about the show.



Cast and Crew

» Lazarino Baarde

An animator for Fil-Cartoons who worked on PoDW, among (many) other series, such as the 1980s Scooby-Doo and Yogi Bear series, the 1990 Jonny Quest series, and Where in the World is Carmen Sandiego?. His site doesn't have any PoDW-related work that I've been able to find, though, but it's still cool to check it out.

» Jodi Benson: IMDb profile

The voice actress who portrayed Tula. Also a Broadway trained actress and singer, she's most well-known for her voice acting, and voiced Ariel from The Little Mermaid, possibly her best-known role. More recently, her work includes video game voiceovers and guest voices for several of Disney/Pixar's movies, such as the Barbie dolls in Toy Story 2.

» Floro Dery: Comics Illustrations blog

Floro is a Filipino artist who's done extensive conceptual and production work on a variety of series, including the Dark Water miniseries. His original site with some stunning original artwork from the series has been taken down, but he maintains a very detailed and educational blog about the animation process, and occasionally incorporates PoDW into his examples.

» Hector Elizondo: IMDb profile

The voice actor who portrayed Ioz. Probably best-known from his role alongside Julia Roberts and Richard Gere in Pretty Woman, he has a distinctively debonair and suave voice and demeanor that can be seen (or heard) in all his TV, film, and voiceover work. Recently, he's starred in the Princess Diaries films and did a voice on several recent Batman animated releases.

» David Kirschner: IMDb profile

The creator and executive producer of the show, and the head of Hanna-Barbera Studios during the show's production. Some of his other works are the Child's Play movies, Hocus Pocus, Titan A.E., and the recent Sci-Fi Channel miniseries Five Days Till Midnight.

» Roddy McDowall: A Tribute to Roddy McDowall

The voice actor who portrayed Niddler in the Dark Water miniseries; however, due to monetary disputes, he left the show after the first 5 episodes. In his lifetime, he performed hundreds of film and TV roles of all genres and produced several films. He began to do more voiceover work in the later part of his life, and passed away in 1998.

» George Newbern: IMDb profile

The voice actor who portrayed Ren. Around the time he was voicing PoDW, he acted in Father of the Bride as George MacKenzie (the groom), and has played many guest and recurring TV roles. His most recent major role has been as the voice actor of Superman in the Justice League series on Cartoon Network, and he even appeared in several "making-of" commercials around the show's debut, providing commentary.

» Lane Raichert: Raichert Media

One of the main writers for the show. He's also a storyboard artist, editor, and producer, with a large list of clients and specific projects he's worked on over the years.

» Armand Serrano

Layout artist for Fil-Cartoons while PoDW was in production. No PoDW work on his site, unfortunately, but it's a really impressive portfolio.

» Frank Welker: The Frank Welker Homepage

The voice actor who portrayed Niddler in the Pirates of Dark Water series (his voice was dubbed over Roddy MacDowall's for the first 5 episodes). He's by far the most well-known voice actor in Hollywood history, with hundreds upon hundreds of credits to his name from the past 35 years, with good reason: his talent in versatile and expressive voice acting, and his ability to create so many distinct and memorable characters, is virtually unmatched.

» Jake Yago

A Fil-Cartoons trainee who worked on the show. This is his sketchblog, and he did a sketch from the show and provided a blurb about his experiences there.