The merchandise produced for the show. This will be constantly under construction, because I know I don't have it all covered, and I'm going to need help from all of you, with making sure this section keeps growing and has accurate information.

If you know anything about any of the Dark Water merchandise, even something you might think is silly and inconsequential...if you've seen something not mentioned here, or you want to clarify something, or you own PoDW items, please e-mail me! I would really, really appreciate it if you send me any information you have on any products--date of release, company that made it, where you found it, descriptions, photos (especially if you own merchandise and wouldn't mind taking a photo to send me), anything. It'll all help me a whole lot. :o) Thanks!

Last updated: April 2010 (new photos: Wraith toy, Hungarian and Russian VHS)

» Bedding

Pillowcase, with Bloth, Konk on a dagron, and the Maelstrom. Spotted on eBay.
» image

» Clothing

T-SHIRT: black, children's shirt, with (possible) glow-in-the-dark green PoDW logo, with the Fox and Hanna-Barbera logos on the right sleeve. Contributed by Leeloo, who owns two.
» image 1 | image 2

More (high-quality) t-shirt photos by Samuel, who owns an identical shirt that doesn't glow in the dark.
» image 1 | image 2 | image 3

UNDERWEAR: heard about it via word of mouth.

» Comics

9 in all. Two story arcs: the first 6 cover the starting 5-episode miniseries (with issues 1 and 2 covering episode 1), the last 3 tell a side story. Bought the first 6 via eBay and the last 3 via Yahoo! auctions.
» Comics page

» Cups

Pizza Hut issued a series of Pirates of Dark Water cups around the time of the show's release. Due to the generosity of a person needing to get rid of extra items due to moving, I now own an unused cup of the Maelstrom, with the Compass on the lid. The white portion of the Compass glows in the dark, and there's a hole in the top of the lid so that you can wear the Compass around your neck! The colors are slightly inaccurate; I'll try to get better photos soon.
» cup 1 | 2 | 3 | lid

» Gift wrap paper

Ren, Ioz, Tula, and the logo set against a wavy blue background. Spotted on eBay (?). Unsure of how many different kinds there were; this is the only one I've seen.
» image

» Halloween Costumes

Ren, Niddler, and maybe others. Collegeville brand, and reportedly flame-retardant. Year: 1991.
(Image coming eventually--I won the Ren costume off eBay while living in Japan and had it shipped to my parents' house in Atlanta. I couldn't stop laughing once I finally saw it when I went home for winter break, but I didn't get a chance to snap a photo.)

REN: A face mask and a one-piece costume. The Ren mask is a little creepy to behold, and the torso has a picture of Ren posing with his sword and the PoDW logo. The pants are bright blue. It's truly an awful costume, but amazing in its awfulness.

NIDDLER: Spotted on eBay (the following images come from that auction)--it's similar to the Ren costume, but with a Niddler mask, and a picture of Niddler and red pants on the body costume. Same "so bad it's good" verdict goes.
» image 1 | image 2

» Kite

Found on eBay. I don't know many details about this.
» image

» Laserdisc

A digital audio laserdisc version of the 90-minute "The Saga Begins" movie, by Hanna-Barbera Home Video and distributed by Image Entertainment. Spotted on eBay.
» front | back

» Lunch boxes

At least one design: blue, with an image of Ren, Niddler, Bloth, and the constrictus aboard the Maelstrom. Spotted on eBay.
» image

» Posters and artwork

POSTER: Ren, Ioz, Tula, and Niddler in the foreground with logo, with Bloth's face set into a reddish sky in the background. Caption at the bottom: "Now available on videocassette." I found and bought this via's zShops.
» image (taken from eBay, hence the watermark--will try to take a photo of my poster soon)

POSTER: Ren, Ioz, Tula, and Niddler in the foreground with logo, with Bloth looming in the background against a multicolored sky. Caption at the bottom: "For your Emmy consideration for Outstanding Animated Program."
» image

ART PRINT: Print of the blue-hued painting used in the background of the title screens of the first 13 episodes. Stylized Ren, Ioz, and Tula to the right, with Bloth's head. Seen on eBay in 2000-01 sometime--it went for close to $100, if I remember correctly.
» image

» Role-Playing Games

Put out by Mindgames, Inc. An RPG module with a 64-page World Book, 105 hole-punched creature sheets, and an 8-page fold-out full-color map. This is the same RPG that's featured (for the most part) in the Buried Treasure section of this site.

» Toys

ACTION FIGURES: Produced by Hasbro. 8 made in all, plus a Wraith ship to go with them. Ren, Ioz, Niddler, Zoolie, Bloth, Konk, Mantus, and Joat. Spotted on eBay as well as several action figure collecting sites.
» Ren | Ioz | Niddler | Zoolie | Konk | Joat | Mantus | Bloth |
  Wraith [ packaging | catapult | + action figures | + action figures (2) | sails apart ]

NIDDLER PLUSH: Comes in 2 sizes, 9" and 13" tall. Spotted on eBay, and I now own the 13".

» Valentines

Produced by Cleo. At least two different boxes--one with 38 valentines, one with 32. Comes with 9 varieties of individual student cards, plus 1 teacher card. Seen on eBay, and I now own a set of the student valentines thanks to Sare, who very kindly offered to send me one of her sets of 9 from her box of valentines. :o)
» box cover | 32 | 38 | individual student cards | 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6 | 7 | 8 | 9

» Video Games

SEGA GENESIS: Released in 1994. Choose to play as either Ren, Ioz, or Tula, and navigate through about 8 or 9 levels that take you around Mer (a treetop Pandawa monkey-bird village and the Pandawa port, a haunted Citadel, Janda-Town, Mobo Island, Andorus, a mysterious sunken bridge (where you can find the other half of Ren's sword), the Maelstrom, and the Dark Dweller's lair). Pick up 6 Treasures of Rule along the way (usually by fighting a boss that has one), and place them in their proper seals in the heart of the Dark Dweller's lair to win the game.
» map of Mer | start screen | Ren in Pandawa 1 | Ren in Pandawa 2 (image 1 found on KaZaA; images 2-4 taken from the Genesis EMU Center)

SUPER NINTENDO: A single or multi-player fighting game.
» Basic gameplay description by SteelQueen (thanks!)
» Ioz fighting pirates | Ren fighting pirates | Ren fighting pirates in a town | Ioz vs. the Lugg Brothers (thanks, Kooshmeister!)

SystemA: A handheld PoDW game. I don't know anything about this.
» Handheld Games Museum - image

» Videos

THE SAGA BEGINS: NTSC and PAL formet VHS video released in the US and UK (possibly elsewhere?) by Hanna Barbera Home Video. I received this as a 21st birthday present from a friend who found an older copy at a bookstore. ;o) Caption on the back reads:

Sail alien seas on a voyage into unearthly adventure in this feature-length swashbuckling sci-fi fantasy from the creator of the animated hit AN AMERICAN TAIL.

On the ocean covered planet of MER, the once glorious KINGDOM of OCTOPON is under siege by a vile pirate-giant named BLOTH and his crew of inhuman marauders. Only the dashing PRINCE REN can save his ravaged realm from BLOTH'S attacks. But to regain his throne, REN must embark on a danger-filled quest to gather thirteen legendary treasures. Assisting the young hero--for their own secret reasons--are the ravishing adventuress TULA, the warrior IOZ and NIDDLER, a friendly monkey-bird. Guided by a mystical compass, REN and his allies journey through a world of pitched sea-battles, alien intrigues and incredible sea-going exploits. Set your course for adventures beyond your wildest imagings--in THE PIRATES OF DARK WATER!

» link

ANDORUS: PAL format VHS video released in the UK by Hanna Barbera/Turner Home Entertainment. Spotted on eBay.
» image

THE BEAST AND THE BELL: PAL format VHS video released in the UK by Hanna Barbera/Turner Home Entertainment, with the episodes "The Beast and the Bell" and "The Little Leviathan." Caption on the back reads (thanks to hoodedman for typing this up):

In the fierce waters of another world, a young boy named REN must save a kingdom from an evil pirate lord, BLOTH, by finding the fabled 13 treasures of Rule.

Join REN, TULA, IOZ and NIDDLER, the Monkey Bird, as they battle to save their once noble kingdom of OCTOPON from the steadily growing threat of the Dark Waters grasp on the planet of Mer, the home of their dying crystal island.

Leviathan: Our heroes befriend a baby leviathan (an alien whale) which Bloth and his men seek to capture and use for their experimental submarine.

» image

HUNGARIAN VHS: At least 4 were released in PAL format, with episodes 1-13. (Thanks to Dávid Márk for sending this in!)
» image

RUSSIAN VHS: Five were released/distributed in PAL format by Ekaterinburg Art Home Video (EAHV), with episodes 1-5 on one VHS and 6-13 on the rest. (Thanks to Rodder and VegaMan for sending these in! Check out the international info section for more on the translated names.)

The Saga Begins (episodes 1-5) | The Beast and the Bell - The Beast and the Bell, The Little Leviathan | Andorus - Andorus, Panacaya Panacea | King Niddler - King Niddler, The Collection | The Darkdweller - The Darkdweller, A Drop of Darkness

» Watches

Three in all. I found one at Target in 1994 and still own it (after wearing it religiously for about a year in 8th grade). Black band, black face with image of the Wraith's deck on it. Ren and Niddler on one strap, Tula on the other, Ren/Niddler/Bloth on the face.