Summary: PoDW Super Nintendo video game

     I *loved* this game!

     The playable characters were Ren, Tula, and Ioz (of course). You could play one player, or two player as a pair. Playing alone, Ren was your best bet, because his strength and speed were average. I know that souns a bit weird. Ioz was very strong, but not fast enough to avoidhits, and Tula was very fast but had to hit more often to do great damage. But Tula was my favourite to play, because you could zap people with her magic. Ioz and Tula together were a kick-butt combo.

     The way the game worked, you had to fight your way through levels. This meant a slew of minion baddies, a sub-boss, and a boss. At each level I think you collected a Treasure, but I won't swear to it; it's been a while. The minion baddies came in a few different varieties, multiples of which would attack you. They had different colour schemes per level, and each colour variant had a different name. My best friend and I had our own names for them. There was the "pee-pee dancer", a skinny knife-thower with a mohawk, who looked like he really needed to find a bathroom. The "mambo man" was short and stocky, and looked a bit like a pimp. The "bitch" was a female pirate, and they had nasty kicks. Those are the ones I remember.

     The screen scrolled left to right in this game, and you could only advance or retreat if both characters were on the move. They had to both be in the screen. If there was going to be a (sub)boss fight, you had no choice; once you hit that point you were forced into the limited screen area of the fight, and couldn't leave those bounds until you won. The graphics were pretty good for the time period, but not outstanding.

     You could see your life as a bar at the top of the screen, which diminished as you were hit. Tula also, I think, had a seperate barfor when she could use her ecomancy. One level, in a cavern, had places were a drip would be falling from the ceiling, and by standing so it fellon your head, you could replenish your life bar. It made a neat sound. :) I kept getting stuck at a level in a marketplace, where the sub-boss was Konk, and the boss was a very impresive dragon that flew in as the battle began.

     So, that's what I remember. Actually, I remember more about the game than I generally doabout the show, since Iplayed it so often. It was a lot of fun.


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