Last updated: February 2010.

» Movie Clips

Clips in .avi and .mpeg format from the series (mostly from The Quest, episode 1), captured by Alomar and Dan. 19 total.

» Audio Clips

Audio clips of the opening and closing themes (from Dark Water and Pirates of Dark Water), as well as several from "King Niddler" that I captured...they're kind of bad, and I apologize, but I like the quotes. *grin* 11 total.

» Desktop/Misc Goodies

Wallpapers, Windows icons, and DVD packaging; the wallpapers were made by the webmaster and me, the icons were by Alomar and me, and the DVD packaging is by Myrmior. 8 wallpapers, 3 .zip files of icons.

» Video Games

Emulators and roms for the SNES and Sega Genesis Pirates of Dark Water video games.